Friday, February 24, 2017

Sandy Hook Truther Extradited to CT - Facing three warrants for harassment

Jonathan Reich EXTRADITED and in Court 


Sandy Hook Truther with three warrants for harassment!
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Hartford, Connecticut:  Law enforcement, on the condition of anonymity, provided the following information to this journalist:

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorist arrested in May 2013 for alleged Sandy Hook related harassment
faces court and two new harassment cases!

Connecticut Notifcation of Reich's Arrest

Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorist Jonathan Reich was in court today for his warrant related to allegations he made harassing calls to the home of Dr. Wayne Carver in Avon, CT.  

Reich has avoided trial after failing diversion. A warrant was issued for his arrest in December, 2015 after failing to appear in court. Encouraged by his hoaxer "friends" to not face the charges, Reich has been a fugitive from justice until  he was arrested in New York.
See a history here:

Jonathan Reich booking photo 2013, Avon Police

You can also listen to the Sandy Hook Justice crew plotting, including plotting Reich's "strategy" here:

Reich desperately attempted to avoid extradition to Connecticut and ended up doing about 100 days in Rikers Island in the attempt. 

Sandy Hook Justice personnel previously stated that Reich would attempt to use extradition to "expose Sandy Hook"; however, it does not appear they did anything other than abandon Reich.   Not surprising since, to date, Sandy Hook hoaxers have been unable to provide even a single piece of evidence of hoax, despite Halbig's claims to "have proof" in his home office.

Reich will not receive custody credits for his voluntary time fighting extradition in Rikers Island.

Sandy Hook Hoaxer accused of harassing the family of a Sandy Hook survivor!

The prosecutor stated  in open court JONATHAN REICH HAS TWO NEW ARREST WARRANTS OUT OF DANBURY for allegedly making "phone calls to the family of a girl who survived the Sandy Hook shooting.

Was the victim  one of the families targeted by Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead operated Sandy Hook Justice?

Jonathan Reich works closely with Wolfgang Halbig and the Sandy Hook Justice crew. Was he acting on their behalf?  There could be some liability there.

Jonathan Reich appeared today at Hartford SUPERIOR COURT, led into the court, a prisoner in jump suit and shackles.  He was appointed a public defender (since once again, Wolfgang is not helping with the $100,000 he raised using Reich's name).

The court considered Reich a flight risk and declined to change the $100,000 bail.
Information will be posted as I get it and this article may be updated.

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