Friday, March 3, 2017

Sandy Hook Hoax: Irrefutable Proof of Death has been a huge critic of Sandy Hook Hoaxers because they have no evidence to support their premise (not to mention many of them stalk women and children on a daily basis).

But what about Sandy Hook Facts? Do I have court admissible evidence of the tragedy at Sandy Hook?

In this video, I show irrefutable proof of death at the school.

Several hoaxers have offered rewards for this proof. hereby claims  all rewards including:
Side Thorn $100,000
Joe Jones  $25,000

As an intro in this video, presents the latest fake document pushed by Sandy Hook Hoax Group, Wolfgang Halbig, and Maureen Louise Crowley.


Anonymous said...

Wade, PLEASE hold SideThorn accountable to his claim/challenge. Take him up, contact we can display his blatant dishonesty with regards to "evidence" of deaths.

Anonymous said...

Side Thorn's $100,000 real name is Robert Mikell Ussery out of Lockhart, TX and you should sue his ass off. He is a crisis actor who was basically a glorified extra in NBS's "Revolution". I have had quite a few problems with him. His girl friend is Jodi Mann.

Anonymous said...

Side Boob is a scumbag.