Friday, February 24, 2017

Fugitive Jonathan Reich In Custody

Jonathan Reich is in custody.  Online rumor is that he is to be in court in Hartford today at 10:00 am; however, court records have not been updated to reflect that info.

I did confirm that yesterday, 2/23/17, Reich was finally in custody by Avon Police Department. Reich has been fighting extradition by willingly sitting in Rikers Island prison for about 100 days.  Sandy Hook Justice agents/personnel had bragged they would use extradition to "expose Sandy Hook"; however, that obviously failed as nothing was done on Jonathan Reich's case. Sandy Hook Justice raised a large portion of $100,000 using the Reich case and so far appear to be doing nothing to assist him.

Here are two latest videos published on this matter:

Wolfgang Halbig, Jon Reich, Justin Hess, FisherofMen CASE UPDATES 
Here are a few case updates of high profile hoaxer cases
Wolfgang Halbig - Crushing Ruling by the FOI Commission
Lenny Pozner vs Wolfgang Halbig - Case Continued
Jonathan Reich - Report: NEW Charges pending
Justin Wooley Hess - Hearing Next Week
Bryce Cuellar aka FisherofMen Back in Jail FELONY Violation of Probation
Peter Kuznir aka Peekay Truth - Restraining Order

Avon Police confirm fugitive Jonathan Reich captured and in custody!

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