Saturday, July 30, 2016

Legal Updates: Wolfgang's hearing, Wolfgang's newest WHOPPER, and William Shanley's Appeal gets dismissed.

FOIA Hearing - Dash Cams and Officer statements
Wolfgang Halbig's FOI hearing has been reopened. There are a couple of stories in the works on that hearing as that hearing featured several WHOPPERS told by Wolfgang Halbig and his Attorney L. Kay Wilson.  It's important we document these WHOPPERS, as these individuals use these false statements to bolster Halbig's fundraising activities.  Those funds are then used to squash the free speech of bloggers covering the Sandy Hook hoaxer story.

Wolfgang is seeking Dash Cams and signed Newtown officer statements related to 12-14-12. Connecticut State Police has refused to release these documents claiming they are exempt.  
The hearing can be seen here:

Sandy Hook Facts is on record as to supporting the merits of some of Halbig's arguments on these requests.  These two requests are intelligible and request documents that arguably should be released; unlike most of Halbig's other requests.  In fact, Sandy Hook Facts has requested many of the same documents as Halbig requested here, and been similarly denied access; so it would be hippocritical not to at least give a nod to the merits of Halbig's claim.

L. Kay Wilson's Whopper
Sandy Hook Facts believes these requests could be handled in a honest and forthright manner and the merits the valid transparency .  False claims, such as L. Kay Wilson's claim "We have not received Sinko's Dash Cam", need not be made.

Sandy Hook Facts has an exact copy of Lt. Sinko's Dash Cam, and L. Kay Wilson has a copy of Sinko's Dash Cam featuring Sinko himself.  A document from the final report, made public in December, 2013.

Sandy Hook Facts has much more to say about L. Kay Wilson's Whopper, at another time.

Now to Halbig's newest WHOPPER.

Wolfgang falsely claims to be a Licensed Insurance Adjuster
After the hearing, Wolfgang made a trip to the Newtown School Board.  NY Magazine Reporters accompanied Wolfgang Halbig.    We saw Wolfgang Halbig tell a huge WHOPPER about his status as a "Licensed Insurance Adjuster". 

In maintaining the fairness of this blog, Wolfgang's newest WHOPPER was dissimilar from his blatantly false claim to have been Martin Luther King's Driver and his false claim to have been a Certified Fire Inspector in that there was at least a shred of truth underlying his WHOPPER.

"This is my license from state of Florida. I am a licensed insurance adjuster. I'm licensed in all lines, property insurance, casualty insurance, auto insurance. I am an adjuster, I just never told them that I'm an adjuster." Wolfgang proudly declared showing his alleged  adjuster's license to NY Magazine Reporters.

What Wolfgang Halbig forgot to tell his donor cache is that his license expired about a decade ago.  He, is, in fact, not a licensed insurance adjuster.    He cannot legally work as an Insurance adjuster.  At some point in his long past history he was an adjuster, but he is not any more.  In fact, he expired so long ago, he's not even on the Florida Licensing website.

Knowing Wolfgang as we do, one can only imagine why Wolfgang got an adjuster's license lo those many years ago; but I won't speculate as to shadiness in motive.

Contact Florida if Wolfgang impersonates a Licensed Insurance Adjuster
The state of Florida is seeking information as to whether Wolfgang is presently engaging in ANY UNLICENSED activity.  The state of Florida had this to say about Wolfgang Halbig:

So if you see Wolfgang running around Florida impersonating a real Licensed Insurance Adjuster, please file a report. Such activity by Wolfgang would be a CRIME.

The entire video can be seen on Mert Melfa's channel:

William Shanley's Appeal Dismissed

The U.S. Court of Appeals in Connecticut has dismissed William Shanley's ridiculous lawsuit against the Newtown Bee as untimely.  Shanley has one more pending ridiculous appeal that will certainly be dismissed soon.


Unknown said...

More lies from Wolfgang in this clip, at the 13:06 mark (Wolfgang goes to Sandy Hook with media). Apparently he had a $5 million business that "they totally destroyed".

Unknown said...

Im dubious as to whether NY magazine really are involved with Halbig. To me that photographer looked like he was acting for the most part. Anyone know if they are genuine?What possible interest for a magazine?

Anonymous said...

This is a never ending story, I am curious who pays him the money to continue his annoying crusade. The donation of 100000 dollars cant be enough to cover his expenses.