About Sandy Hook Facts

Sandy Hook Facts is an independent research and journalistic blog dedicated to the study of the Sandy Hook Massacre and the subsequent hoax perpetrated on the Youtube Community, "Sandy Hook Hoax".

On December  14, 2012, twenty first grade students and six teachers, including the Principal and the Lead teacher, were shot and killed by a disturbed twenty year old man armed with an Bushmaster AR style rifle, among other weapons.

Subsequent to the shooting, a group of individuals began carefully splicing and editing video and photos into a narrative along the lines of "Sandy Hook was a FEMA Capstone drill.  Many hoaxers fabricated evidence and intentionally lied and misrepresented facts to weave their hoaxer tale.

As the hoaxers have continued on, a much darker element of the hoaxer has surfaced. These are the stalkers. Those hoaxers who are stalking men, women, children, wildly believing them to be "government agents in on it".  Many hoaxers threaten to kill, hang, and torture anyone affiliated with the Sandy Hook Shooting.  Many are heavily armed anti-government alt-right extremists.  Hoaxers do not differentiate between a real, perceived, or fabricated relationship to the Sandy Hook and anyone could literally be their next victim.  Some have been arrested and prosecuted.

Since Feb, 2014, Sandy Hook Facts has dedicated itself to factual research of the Sandy Hook shooting, the exposure of the fraud and a thorough debunking of the hoaxer, and the following of the legal actions and documents of the Sandy Hook shooting.

Sandy Hook Facts is a pseudonymously  run journalistic endeavor and is not affiliated with any individual, group, corporation, or agency, private or governmental. Sandy Hook Facts does not accept nor seek donations. Sandy Hook Facts receives no compensation or advertising revenue.

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