About Sandy Hook Facts

Sandy Hook Facts is the independent research journal of CW Wade.

Email: wadesvideo at gmail.com
Twitter: @cwwades
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sandyhookfacts

Research includes:

    Since Feb, 2014, CW Wade (a pseudonym), through his channel, Sandy Hook Facts, has dedicated himself to factual research of the Sandy Hook shooting and the aftermath. 
  1. The Sandy Hook shooting as detailed in the several official reports on the Sandy Hook Shooting.
  2. Researching the Lanza family; in particular Adam (the shooter) and Nancy Lanza (his mother) to ascertain shooter's motive and environmental variable in his life via reports and his online footprint.
  3. Debunking and holding Mass Shooting truther/hoaxers accountable for the pain they intentionally inflict on families hoaxing weak minded people into thinking the shooting was a hoax with lies, gimmicks, and faked, photoshopped "evidence".
  4. Keeping updated on the various civil legal battles surrounding the shooting itself and the criminal cases of hoaxers. 
    Sandy Hook Facts does not accept nor seek donations. Sandy Hook Facts receives no compensation or advertising revenue and is not monetized. Any advertising you see has nothing to do with me.

    CW Wade's work has been reviewed by Sandy Hook first responders who have attested to the accuracy of my findings.

    CW Wade is the first and only person to fully recreate the steps the shooter took to kill 20 first graders and 6 teachers in about 5 minutes, including using the AR-15 to slaughter an entire classroom in about 60 seconds; hence CW Wade's research title: Sandy Hook: The Deadliest Minute in mass shooting history.

Mainstream Features and Accomplishments related to Sandy Hook:

Named consultant and quoted researcher in Elizabeth Williams' upcoming book on Sandy Hook:
Her wiki  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liz_Williams

Vice interview about Hoaxers
(at about 4 min in) -

Behind the scenes consultant to Reeves Weiderman on Sandy Hook haoxers for this article
in New York Mag.

Referenced by Snopes.com:

Behind the scenes consultant to the attorneys for the families in Sandy Hook lawsuits versus Alex Jones (and other hoaxers). I am mentioned in the deposition of Alex Jones himself.

Set Legal Precedent in California Defeating Wolfgang Halbig in Court
My legal strategy was used by my attorneys to set published legal precedent in California and obtain a legal judgment of  $342,893.19 plus interest against hoaxer 
Wolfgang Halbig. I am the John Roe and my Sandy Hook Facts blog is named in the documents.  Halbig attempted to violate my free speech rights in regards to my Sandy Hook research. He failed to stop my blog.
I prevailed against Halbig at the trial court.
Halbig appealed.
I prevailed on appeal .


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Please be aware that rabid sandyhook and Boston hoaxer , white supremacist and neonazi known as "Plasmaburns" aka saviorselves33 aka intwademala is Richmond Texas resident William Joseph Parks . He is heavily armed ,uses explosives and is fanatically racist and arrogant and publishes delusional videos on Bitchute and Youtube