Thursday, July 8, 2021

Wolfgang Halbig settles with Sandy Hook Families in Alex Jones Lawsuit

Wolfgang Halbig settles with Sandy Hook Families in Alex Jones Lawsuit
Terms are undisclosed!

 For years we heard Wolfgang Halbig's bluster:  Wolfgang promised he would get Sandy Hook families into court and get them to "raise their right hand".  

Dan Bidondi of Infowars and Wolfgang Halbig

Wolfgang raised tens of thousands of dollars on just that promise.  Contrary to every promise he made to donors for every dollar he pocketed:

1. Wolfgang never filed a lawsuit against any Sandy Hook family.
2. Wolfgang's only lawsuit, filed against several bloggers, including Sandy Hook Facts, resulted in a dismissal of his case and  judgement against Wolfgang in the amount of $342,893.19 for Attorney fees (laugh).  No one "raised a right hand".

When several Sandy Hook families sued Alex Jones, Wolfgang Halbig, and Wolfgang's Connecticut boy, Cory Sklanka, you would think Halbig would finally come through for his donors; however,  Wolfgang was suddenly dismissed from the case in April, 2021.  Sklanka was previously dismissed and that leaves Alex Jones as the only Defendant.  

Later we learned from other court documents that in fact there was a settlement of undisclosed terms.  In fact, plaintiff's object to Alex Jones asking any questions of Wolfgang Halbig about the settlement at  Wolfgang's deposition.

Wolfgang Halbig has settled and those terms are secret!   Wolfgang's donors have no right to know! Alex Jones, who promoted Wolfgang, is not even allowed to ask!

Interestingly, Wolfgang Halbig recently mortgaged his home for $427,502.00.  He also received a settlement of nearly $100,000 from his hoaxer attorney Cynthia Conlin's malpractice insurance. 

Wolfgang obviously had the means to make a good offer; however, we will have to wait and see if any of the terms come to light.

Wolfgang's Mortgage

Order: Wolfgang owes $342K to Sandy Hook Facts

Court document discussing Wolfgang's settlement

Wolfgang dismissed from Alex Jones lawsuit

See original documents:

Entire case:


Anonymous said...

Fabulous report! Your long-time efforts and investigative abilities provide the proof that should even convince the conspiracy theorists of their claims. Thanks so much! Deanna Spingola

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

You may know this already, but a YouTube channel possibly belonging to AL has been discovered by a Reddit user.

Here is a link to the Reddit post, including a link to the channel:

The tone of voice, topics discussed and timing of the videos all add up to the person speaking being Lanza.

I would love to see you make a video on this discovery.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Sandy hook was fake.
Just Google and you will see how outrageously one-sided the results are.

Anonymous said...

I am just curious as to how someone with half a mind would even listen to these two sick idiots? Are there really that stupid of people that think the Sandyhook killings were fake and or a conspiracy theory prompted bytheFBI? Bunch of dumbass'

Anonymous said...

Done with stupid people

Fission micro-nukes = "Nuke Cancer" from 9/11 said...

Alex Jones: Coming soon... "Polygraph Justice"