Monday, January 27, 2020

Wolfgang Halbig finally arrested!

Wolfgang Halbig finally arrested!


Words cannot express how happy I am to report that Wolfgang Halbig has been arrested.

Wolfgang Halbig was arrested by Lake County Sheriff's Office Jan 27 at 1:27 am and released by $5,000 cash bond at 4:52 .

Every victim of Wolfgang Halbig and his online gang can rejoice because today, Wolfgang Halbig was in handcuffs.

Details that can be released are scarce; however, this is what I can tell you.

On Thursday, Jan. 23, I was advised a warrant had been issued for Wolfgang Halbig. I was asked to keep the information secret until the arrest was made.

In order to verify the information, I checked the Circuit Court of Lake County Website and found the case.  I took two screen captures.  There were two counts of felony 817.568(5B) and it showed a bench warrant had been issued 1/23/20.  Before I could take more than two screen captures, the case disappeared from the website.

Since I pre-wrote most this post, I'm not sure if it is back online yet because the site has not been checked.

Here are the two screen captures

The limited backstory I can discuss.

Wolfgang Halbig is accused of illegally handling the detailed background report of a Sandy Hook parent.  This was a report obtained by Wolfgang's attorney, Caleb Payne.

Lake County Sheriff's Office shows one third degree felony count:


Charge Category:
Doc. Type:

COURT DATE 2/24/20 at 8:30

My case speculation:

As with other hoaxers, Wolfgang Halbig's sanity will be questioned by the court and Wolfgang is going to be sent to a state hospital for treatment until he is sane enough to stand trial.

I personally hope he does quite a bit of time in the state hospital and then prison...if he is convicted.


Anonymous said...

It is about time. It is about time that these Sandy Hook deniers should have the full weight of the law come down on them. The first amendment does not protect willful lies, defamation, deceit, slander, distortion, prevarication, harassment, or stalking.

It is about time we see that fatso in handcuffs. What a great day. Next, in my opinion, the authorities should round up the remaining Sandy Hook deniers, confiscate their computers, and take their down their websites. I believe that we already have full legal justification to do so and I can argue that in a future post. They no longer have any first amendment protection. They are willfully conspiring to defraud the public. Sandy Hook deniers are promoting a theory that, if true, requires every single member of the Newtown PD and Connecticut State Police to have willfully filed false police reports. Because, if "nobody died" at Sandy Hook Elementary School, then all the police reports that discuss the "crime scene" and the "victims", and then later signed by actual on-duty police officers, are actual false documents, they are false police reports.

Make no mistake about it: Sandy Hook deniers, in a back-handed way, are accusing all the law enforcment officers of perpetrating FRAUD on the American public. They believe that either the police reports were faked, or the officers knowingly put their signatures on reports that were full of lies. Hundreds and hundreds of police reports, according to Sandy Hook deniers, are false police reports, which is a crime. Sandy Hook deniers are accusing law enforcement officers OF COMMITTING A CRIME.

I think that if anyone, anyone, is seriously going to claim that the Newtown PD and CSP KNOWINGLY FILED FALSE POLICE REPORTS, every single one of you sons of bitches should be challenged in a court of law. How dare you. How dare you make such a ridiculous, outlandish claim. What proof do you have to even make that assertion? I want to see you call one Newtown Police Officer to the stand and I want to see you in court cross examine him and prove to the judge and jury how he willfully knowingly filed a false police report. C'mon Halbig, you have had YEARS to assemble your case, bring your evidence you wacko, you have NOTHING.

As a bible-believing Christian, I know I am supposed to have empathy towards these stupid deniers, lost in their delusion, lost in their sins. I know that I should turn the other cheek and forgive them. But after seven years you would think that by now these clowns would wake up.

It is so refreshing to see Halbig in handcuffs. Fetzer and Tracy, hopefully you are next.

- Jack in Florida

eahilf said...

As with other hoaxers, ...

Let me try to help you with your terminology, which is wrong.

Sandy Hook (SH) is an event -- we all know the conventional story: Adam Lanza killed his mother, then more than two dozen kids and adults at a nearby school.

SH skeptics claim this event was a hoax -- that it was planned and orchestrated by authorities in order to serve as emotional propaganda for the promotion of gun control.

Halbig (among many others) is a SH skeptic -- he asserts that the SH event was a hoax -- he is not a "hoaxer" -- in fact, he is claiming the authorities who planned and orchestrated this event for use as gun control propaganda are the "hoaxers".

You should really make a note of this. said...

Wrong, hoaxer.
Hoaxers have no evidence of hoax and they never have. Not a single peice of evidence; not a single witness out of 25,000 townies and 8 years.. So they lie (like claiming no paramedics were allowed in the building, claiming no internet activity), they fabric evidence (like their fake FEMA manual), and they photoshop and loop videos (like walking in circles, blurry christmas trees.
They do so for fundraising, money, and trollish fame.

The hoaxer is the hoaxer, hoaxer.

Jake said...

I saw his interview with another hoaxer LONESTAR1776 after the arrest. The man is a huge embarrassment. He still asking the same dumb questions! He believe Donald Trump will expose Sandy Hook. That is a laugh because JT Lewis is one of his biggest supporters! He also straight out lie about Lenny Pozner's SNN. He said he did not know his SS number. BULLSHIT! said...

Yes, Wolfgang cannot speak without lying. I personally received an email from Wolf with Lennys full report including ssn. BUT if Wolfgang was REALLY led across a field at 1 am... that's awesome and I hope he gets more and worse.