Monday, September 18, 2017

Wolfgang Halbig's $55 million dollar hoax becomes Alt Right fake news

Flat Earth Hoaxer Marty Leeds (yes, many hoaxers insanely believe earth is flat) interview of Sandy Hook Hoaxer leader Wolfgang Halbig is essentially a hoaxporn compilation of debunked Halbigism.

One Halbigism appears to have gained some steam. In fact, it appears to be on the verge of becoming Alt-Right fake news.   Halbig continues to hoax his followers with the claim Lenny Pozner is suing him "for 55 million dollars".

Halbig's claim is slanderous and obviously completely false.

The fake news article:
"Sandy Hook researcher getting sued for $55m by father of victim "Noah Pozner Update"

The author, hoaxer Shepard Ambellas, obviously does not fact check and enjoys spreading Halbig's fake news.

The $55m hoax is old
Halbig has made the false claim many times before during his fund raising tours and in his spam emails. He continues to spread the false claim despite the fact he cannot show a single document that asks for $55 million dollars.  While it takes very little research to  verify Halbig's claim; we are not dealing with researchers. We are dealing with hoaxers; and their job is to sell the hoax, lies, and misinformation.

No money in lawsuit
Lenny's complaint seeks no monetary compensation at all, not even a dollar, let alone $55 million dollars.  The only monetary relief only court costs and attorney fees. Lenny Pozner's original complaint seeks an injunction.

Screen shot of Lenny's relief prayer (link to court file below):

Lenny Pozner is now seeking a restraining order as well as covered here:

There is no court filing by Lenny Pozner asking for  "55 million dollars". In fact, it seeks no  damage compensation at all.

You may view the complaint here:

Incidentally, Halbig claims in the Leeds interview that Lenny is claiming "Halbig intercepted documents". That is, of course, untrue.

Instigating the Hoaxer Hoard
Why would Halbig and Leeds lie about such an easily debunked claim?  Arguably, the hoaxers are using false information to flame and instigate their cult-like followers to violence against Lenny Pozner by making outrageous claim after outrageous claim; claims that have no basis in fact.  If you can think of another reason he would lie about that, I'm all ears.

More and more disinfo
Wolfgang and Leeds didn't stop there; a few more lies (of many):

"Sandy Hook Bio Cleanup"
Wolfgang again cries, "Who cleaned up the blood?" and "I can't get the documents from Newtown, they won't give them to me, wahhh".

You could chalk it up to Halbig's ineptness as to why he was never able to get the documents.  Halbig and Leeds blame Newtown; however, Newtown never had the documents or the responsibility for the clean up since it was a state declared "Mass Casualty Incident".  But Halbig knows that I published the blood clean up documents, so now it is just misinformation.  I'll give Leeds the benefit of the doubt that he is just gullible.

"threw little girl"
Halbig claimed that Lt (now Capt) Venghele "grabbed a little girl and threw her into room 8". He further claimed that the report states that.  Both claims by Halbig are completely false and have been debunked.

"No lawsuits"
Amazingly, Halbig and Marty Leeds both lied claiming "no lawsuits have been filed" by Sandy Hook families.  It takes little research to debunk that claim.  It is blatant intentional deception by Leeds and Halbig.

"Only a doctor can declare people dead"
Debunked long ago, and Halbig knows it.

At some point a full debunking of Marty Leeds Halbig program is due (frankly, most of it has been debunked ad nauseum); however, that is all for now.

"Paralegal represented Pozner"
An after thought debunking- The fake news article in "intellihub" claims a "paralegal" represented Lenny Pozner at the hearing. That would obviously be illegal. A paralegal cannot represent someone in any court in the United States.  The fake news is repeating a false claim made by "We are change, Orlando".  While it is true the gentleman WAS a paralegal; he has now passed the Bar exam and is an attorney and may represent clients in court.

"Pozner Fails to Appear In Court"
Many hoaxers claim Lenny Pozner is failing to appear in court. Lenny Pozner has appeared at every hearing through counsel.  Pozner has no obligation to appear in the pretrial phases of a Civil Lawsuit, unless specifically ordered present by the judge.  It is more than common common for attorneys to appear for their clients in courts coast to coast.

Wolfgang's researcher called me a "globetard"
When you are dealing with people that think the every government and scientist on earth is conspiring to make them believe earth is a "globe when it's really flat"and "no mass shooting is real", this is what you get.   A man Wolfgang considers "a great researcher" actually called me a "Globetard".

Meanwhile, Wolfgang keeps on hoaxing people about the Sandy Hook shooting, Boston Bombing, and the Orlando Pulse shooting, while lining his pockets with donations.

Next Court date:
The next court date is Nov. 12.  Lenny Pozner is seeking a restraining order against Wolfgang Halbig. Several other motions will also be heard.  Lenny Pozner need not appear as long as counsel is present.

Responses requested

Wolfgang Halbig, Marty Leeds, and Shepard Ambellas have all been asked to tell me why they are telling a lie so easily debunked.  It's mind boggling they would be launching a full court press of lies?


More alt right news picking it up:


Steverino said...

HoaxTurds never let facts get in the way. "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?..."

Forget it, he's rolling.....

colgam01 said...

hi wade,
in case you didn't know, yesterday the FBI released a bunch of documents related to the case. enjoy.