Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hoaxer Pete Santilli in the Psychiatric Ward

'The voices in your head are a government program'
- Pete Santilli to other psychiatric patients.

Hoaxer Pete Santilli, the paranoid conspiracy theorist that served as Bundy Ranch head shill and spokesman, has been placed in the psychiatric ward to "get him out of his cell".  The judge had ordered him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation as a condition of his release.  Pete Santilli has been incarcerated as a 'danger to society' since Santilli's arrests for his leadership role in the Oregon Standoff and Bundy Ranch Standoff.

Prior to his incarceration, Santilli promised to march his militia "Bundy Ranch style" on Newtown over his belief the Sandy Hook shooting was a "FEMA Hoax".

According to Santilli's good friend, Kenny "orange hat man" Rhoades (who could benefit from psychiatric care himself), Pete instantly began educating the other psychiatric inmate-patients that the voices in their heads were a "government program".

According to Ken Rhoades, this was what Pete Santilli had to say:
"I got along with them guys just fine. A lot of them were hearing the voices so I told them 'this is a government program, it has nothing to do with you being crazy' so I was in there educating them about targetted individuals."

Quite a few Sandy Hook Hoaxers could use time in a Psych Ward.

Watch "Pete Santilli Forced Medicated" here:


Unknown said...

Where are you seeing this? I looked on kenny's site and FB page, i do not see it.

SandyHookFacts.com said...

Its in the Gianlucca interview in the blog. thanks for stopping by Cheri!

SandyHookFacts.com said...

to "censorednewsnow".. obviously your phish link is not going to be clicked or make it through moderation.. and not just because your post was otherwise idiotic.