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Sandy Hook Justice - State Filings Reveal Unlicensed Operations and Odd Practices

Expenditure: "$5,000 - pay informants"
Just one of the oddities in Wolfgang Halbig's state application
Filed August 2014.

An investigation has been launched into Wolfgang Halbig's Sandy Hook Justice after it was learned that he was registered as an "Under $25,000" charity, despite claiming revenues in excess of $32,000 and learning that Sandy Hook Justice was raising funds for several months prior to licensing.

The original blog post is here:

Sandy Hook Facts can now reveal the information it has ascertained through a Freedom of Information Act request through the State of Florida.  First a word of praise.  Florida responded very quickly to this request. In fact, the only organizations we have had respond quicker than Florida was the Newtown Police Chief Kehoe and Town Attorney Monte Frank.

By way of background information, Wolfgang Halbig claimed Sandy Hook Justice was licensed to operate during an interview published July 11, 2014.

At the forty minute mark of the interview "Where did Wolfgang Go" Halbig stated:   "I had to go to the state of Florida to make sure we were licensed properly that way no one can ever say we were trying to scam somebody."

According to official state records, Halbig's statement was not true. Sandy Hook Justice did not have a license to solicit donations  as required by the State of Florida.  In fact they had no license at all, as far as we can ascertain.

On July 16, 2014, just a few days after that interview, and acting on a tip from a concerned citizen through the the State Attorney General's Office, Halbig was notified by Florida that Sandy Hook Justice was not in compliance with the law and warning him that if he did not respond and get in compliance, he would be subject to legal action.

While it appears GoFundMe continued operating in earnest collecting donations; Wolfgang Halbig did not respond  to the State's notice until he applied, marked as received August 13, 2014 by State Regulators.  Therefore, the earliest date for which Halbig could conceivably be considered licensed is August 13, 2014. This benefit of the doubt granted despite the fact that in reality, Halbig's first application was rejected for incompleteness.  This was corrected by Halbig and finally, on September 17, 2014, Florida granted the license. 

Financial Disclosure Oddities

Prior to this investigation, the only accounting of funds known to Sandy Hook Facts of Halbig's financial status was when he called his cult like followers "idiots" for daring question him. Therefore, this is the only document we have to compare with his official disclosures to the state.

These are Wolfgang Halbig's financial disclosures to the state of Florida as part of his eight page application packet (plus a page with his Banking information). The application appears to be written in Halbig's own handwriting:

The first thing one notices about Halbig's official declaration under penalty of perjury is that the numbers are very round. Simply listing  "$32,000 in alleged revenue", "$26,000" in alleged expenditures, and an alleged balance of "$6,000".  That is some very clean accounting, and Halbig is lucky his income and expenses added up so handily just in time for his application. One wonders if he  really could provide receipts that add up to those number for his followers, or as he calls them, his "idiots".

Halbig's itemized statement of expenses gets a little more odd:

Beginning from the top - the first item listed is $10,000 in legal fees.

Halbig's May disclosure to his members listed $9,000 in legal fees. A discrepancy  $1,000.

Halbig listed $1,200 under "Video Equipment Rental".
The comparable entry in Halbig's May 2014 disclosure lists "Film Crew $1,200".
There is obviously a difference between "crew", which implies people, and "rental" which implies equipment.
Then we note $3,500 "Film Production".     Halbig has not produced a film from this  $4,700 allegedly spent in donations for "Film Crew/Rental/Production" expenses, as far as Sandy Hook Facts has been able to determine.

$5,880 in travel expenses seems excessive considering Halbig only listed $4,916 in his May disclosure.  This is a discrepancy of $964.

Even the most hard core mesmerized Halbig cult member might question the next "other" expense - $5,000 to pay informants.

Sandy Hook Facts will not engage in speculation as to what that is supposed to mean; however, a part of all us can nod knowingly at such a ridiculous claim. No rational person here was born yesterday.

Finally, it is notable that the balances of expenditures from page 7 do not jive by the time Halbig gets to page 8; yet both pages show a balance of exactly $6,000. We could all be so lucky to have such round numbers work out no matter what expenses are listed.

While Halbig claims on page 7 to have expenditures of $26,000, by the time Halbig gets to page 8, those expenditures have beefed up to yet another $1,000 discrepancy, $27,055 in expenses.  Of course the balance at the bottom did not change.

Sandy Hook Facts is continuing the investigation to attempt to ascertain why Florida lists Sandy Hook Justice as a "Under $25K" charity when Halbig's own filings indicate revenue of $32,000 (in August and alternatively $32,007 in October).

Continuing on, if we add up the "weird stuff" from the above expenditures  comparing to the May 2014 disclosures, we come up with the following numbers:

$1,000 legal fee discrepancy
$4,700 in film crew fees for a non-existent film
$964 travel expense discrepancy
$5,000 in "paid informants" (lol)
$1,055 random discrepancy in balance from page 7 to page 8
$12,719 Total weirdness, or a weirdness ratio of 40% of Halbig's alleged income of  $32,000. It is not sure if Halbig "Total Revenue" includes checks, Paypal, and cash he receives or if it is only GoFundMe. It's possible the numbers outside of GoFundMe are set aside as "skim"; no full accounting of Halbig's income has ever been provided.  This investigation continues as well.

I hear Hillary Clinton is looking to hire a campaign finance manager and I think I know just the guy with the right "accounting talent".

Weird accounting aside, the fact remains that state documents show that Halbig was operating Sandy Hook Justice and soliciting donations without state mandated licensing during periods Halbig is alleging in his personal libel lawsuit and despite a interview where he claimed he had obtained license. That interview clearly indicates Halbig was aware he needed to be licensed and willfully choose not to.  That libel lawsuit has nothing to do with Sandy Hook and instead persecutes small bloggers that disagree with Halbig and the intent is to intimidate bloggers and Youtubers from their Free Speech rights.  Because Halbig raised funds without the required license, Halbig's hands will likely be considered "Unclean" by the courts; thus this information has been passed to attorney's for review.  That investigation and review by attorney's and investigators could be very expensive for Mr. Halbig, in the event he chooses to pursue the action. 



$5,000 in paid informants, huh? That makes me laugh out loud at you hoaxers.


Anonymous said...

Who taught this moron how to write? These application look like they were filled out by a 5 y.o. ...and this is the guy hoaxers are banking their money with!

Anonymous said...

Wolfgang claimed that he had two state troopers as sources. Are these the alleged "informants" that he allegedly paid $5000?
If memory serves, these supposed troopers are the ones that gave him the "Sandy Hook script" which was an obvious fake, adapted from the narrative provided by CSP.
Was that "script" falsified to cover for the 5,000 in funds?
I do not know, but I would like Mr. Halbig to address these very serious concerns.

Anonymous said...

Halbig is LYING when he claims CT State Troopers came to him and exposed the shooting as a hoax. If he wasn't and he could produce those trooper or their names, that would have been his lead-off hit. He wouldn't have needed to go to FOIA because the investigation would have taken place based solely on the media attention it would have received.

Does it really make sense, given the weight those two statement, he wouldn't have been contacting the media left and right like a giggling, drooling idiot just to say. "I told you so!"

Anonymous said...

lol ha ha! is this for real? if you werent sure wolf was scamming before this post... wake up. disinfo agent here to make truthers look stupid. when wolf is done making truthers look bad in public and courts there will be no alternative investigation left

Anonymous said...

He's naming two DHS employees in this interview:
(Skip to 43:40)
Also he reads on the air the letter he sent to DHS making these false claims, demanding documents because he can't tell the difference between bald men. He actually sent these baseless accusations directly to them. How embarrassing.
Also he repeats the "morning of the shooting" lie re: the check-in sign
it's a BS grand slam!

Anonymous said...

He's going to find himself on the wrong end of a Defamation suit. Can't come quit enough.

Anonymous said...

Got any explanations? I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

Wolf was operating without a license and he is suing???