Sunday, April 6, 2014

A look at a Youtube Video: "I Am Adam Lanza s Therapist"

I am bringing up this Youtube video because there is some irony in this. I doubt the producer knew that Adam Lanza discussed one of the very videos that the producer used.  In my "deleted Adam Lanza" smiggles video, I had included the song as part of a track I did.  .. so when i saw the song in this youtube video, it kind of struck me as odd.

The original video is here:
Referenced in the Jan 2013 video here:

Adam joked about it as smiggles stating:
" at least these columbine kids wont shoot everyone. they'll just interpretive dance at us until we die."

The thread:

Nothing ground breaking.. just one of them things that make you go.. hmmm...

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