Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sandy Hook The Deadliest Minute - Hoax, Details, and Evidence - 2nd Ed...

"Sandy Hook - The Deadliest Minute" is a ground breaking look at the physical evidence that was released detailing the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

The evidence shows how seventeen of the victims were killed in about sixty seconds; the deadliest part of the killing spree and the deadliest minutes in mass shooting history.

Ballistics evidence reveals how Jesse Lewis could have saved lives that day and confirms information relayed from the children very soon after the event.  How could children under fire react and escape? That has a been a fair question, and can be answered by evidence.

Did you know ballistics show the shooter entered Room 10 TWICE?  Room 10 was first.  Room 8 was next.  He was headed towards Room 6, when he suffered  a weapons malfunction and inexplicably, or perhaps in retreat, returns to Room 10, suffering temporary
weapon failures.

Getting the rifle functioning, he fires 15 more rounds out the windows as officers are arriving (perhaps emulating Columbine?).  He the struggles to get his pistol into operation; when successful, he commits suicide.

This documentary trails numerous amateur looks at Sandy Hook, including Sandy Hook Hoax theories; all attempting to decipher the cryptic misinformation and coverup that has surrounded this event since the very beginning. The police report itself does not plainly explain how the shooting was carried out.

Whether you believe this event was a hoax, believe the shooter was a mind controlled assassin, or believe the shooter worked alone in this tragedy; this video will provide you with new insight to the government's evidence.  What does the government evidence show happened that day? Does it match up with what we think we know?

For the first time, the details of the weapons used, the preparation, and the shootings are dissected, compared to what has previously been released, and then presented.

It is reported that on December 14, 2012, twenty children and six teachers were killed and two teachers were wounded when Adam Lanza shot them at Sandy Hook Elementary School,  a killing spree that was less that 10 minutes.

Completely new information includes a look at Nancy Lanza, an alleged survivalist, and her  trail of weapons purchases that ultimately armed the shooter and exact detail of what the evidence shows went on inside the walls of the school that fateful morning.

Is it physically possible for a 6' tall, 113 pound, 20 year old young man with developmental issues to carry hundreds of rounds of ammunition and several firearms into a secure school and kill so many, while leaving very few wounded, in mere minutes?

There can never be a good answer to "why".... The answer to "how" is here.

Graphic content. Not recommended for anyone with emotional scars from Sandy Hook.

First released Feb. 2, 2014 - This 2nd edition is published to smooth some of the edges of the first recording; many of the corrections made based on feedback from those who have viewed my video.


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