Thursday, June 25, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig Responds to Sandy Hook Facts

Wolfgang Halbig went on a Aaron Wilson's pod cast to respond to Sandy Hook recent articles addressing the Florida Licensed Charity Sandy Hook Justice, the odd state financial filings, and the odd expenditures.  It also appears he is using his charity to persecute bloggers and their First Amendment by using charitable funds for a personal vindictive lawsuit.

Wolfgang responds to Sandy Hook Facts:

Original SandyHookFacts Articles:

Wolfgang's Lawsuit against bloggers (not the "U.S. Government") can be viewed here:

Florida's Business License Look-up

Aaron Wilson's Interview:

Lake County Blog "Wolfgang Becomes Unhinged"

Sign in Sign Debunked

Region 1 Director Debunked 


Anonymous said...

Lumpy Failbig can't open his mouth without stepping on his own tongue! ...and this guy is a "Safety Expert"? In what world?

Anonymous said...

"Lumpy Failbig can't open his mouth without stepping on his own tongue!"

This is precisely what the Doe Bloggers Defendant Attorneys will feast on; Halbig's own words discredits him every time he speaks in a public forum.

My prediction: Halbig's civil suit will never see a court room. Dismissed with prejudice or withdrawn.

Realistically, Halbig's lap dogs will continue to hail him as a hero until he does get torn to shreds in a courtroom. Should this ever happen, there will likely still be embers of a faction that will follow him.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Photoshopping someone's image as PARODY IS PROTECTED SPEECH. Plus, he cannot and will not be able to prove he has suffered any type of financial harm.

I'm hoping he finds himself in a counter suit for filing frivolous law suits