Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hoaxer Misinformation and Fundraising at a Feverish Pace

There are two prongs to the latest campaign of ongoing misinformation related to Wolfgang's  fundraising.

As reported, German born Wolfgang Halbig is raising funds for his lawsuit where he is attempting to chill the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and of United States citizens by using our courts to silence bloggers who would dare speak out against the Sandy Hook Hoax sham.  The fund raising is done using misinformation.

This news report clearly shows that "Check In" Corner on 12-14-12
The first prong of the misinformation is reviving the long ago debunked myth that the "Everyone Must Check in" sign was in place on 12-14-12.  Despite the fact that this has been long ago debunked, the Hoaxer sheep accept this contention without question. That is being addressed in a future video, as it was addressed by Sandy Hook Facts in April, 2014.

Robert Kenny
CT EMS Region 1 Coordinator
The next disinformation campaign involves an even more absurd notion and the accusations of crime.

In an interview on Max Resistance on June 9, 2015, Wolfgang Halbig declared a Connecticut State Trooper Detective that appeared on CSP Dash Cam to be Connecticut Department of Emergency Services Region 1 Coordinator, Robert Kenny.

It should be noted that Mr. Kenny's position is an Administrative supervisory position within Connecticut's Emergency Management Department.  Sandy Hook Facts verified that Mr. Kenny's position is neither sworn nor are they armed.   In other words, it would be illegal for Robert Kenny to wear a gun in his official capacity and it would be illegal for him to impersonate a State Trooper, wear a badge, or represent himself as a peace officer, as alleged by hoaxers.  That baseless accusation of crime impugning this official by Halbig and tge hoax groups shocked even this long time watcher of Hoaxers.

 From Hoaxer's invented narrative and Halbig's accusations of crimes committed by Mr. Kenny to reality:

 The State Trooper in the Dash Cam is clearly wearing a State Police jacket, a "Raid Vest" (bullet proof vest), a badge, and a gun and is obviously a sworn peace officer.

So how do the hoaxers get around the fact this is obviously a State Police trooper?

Wolfgang Halbig, during that internationally broadcast interview stated  Mr. Kenny was "dressed up as a trooper".

And what evidence have Halbig and the hoaxers presented that Mr. Kenny has committed the crime of impersonating a State Trooper?

None.  Merely an invented narrative; fabricated from whole cloth.  Much like the "Check-In Sign"; all they need is a photo and they can invent any narrative they want to fit their agenda and compliment their fund raising shows.

  It is clear the disconnect with reality by these hoaxers is growing wider by the day as they fill their accounts with hoaxer money.

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