Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig falsely accuses SHF of crimes was shocked and dismayed to watch Wolfgang Halbig, during a international video broadcast, falsely accuse of the crime of threatening his life.  This deplorable accusation is categorically false.  During the Truth Radio/Infowars broadcast of the  FOI hearing, Halbig stated, while pointing at our logo and screenshot of our exclusive video: "Sandy Hook these are the people coming after me....these people threatened my life. These people threatened my life".  These false, wrongful, and disgusting  defamatory  accusations demonstrate the lengths Halbig will go to during his money raising campaigns. demands an immediate retraction and apology from Halbig and his SandyHookJustice organization. 

Halbig further went on to falsely accuse Newtown PD of providing tampered with Dash Cam DVD's.  SandyHookFacts has proven all Halbig needs to do is toggle closed captions "on" to see timestamps on his DVD as shown here:

 SandyHookFacts remains committed to factual research into the Sandy Hook tragedy and the subsequently invented "hoax" that is used as cover to bully, threaten, and harass victims of violent crime.


Anonymous said...

It's all part of Halbig's delusion and his need to make himself the victim so his sheep will rally around his pseudo-reality.

Halbig is big on making claims he just can't back up...threatened by state troopers, state troopers admitting the shooting was a hoax, being threatened by those with a contrary opinion...

He's a bully who doesn't like being shown for what he is.

Anonymous said...

Of course, this really should come as no surprise. Halbig and his group of morons have accused everyone of being dishonest, part of a hoax and worse...lying about the deaths of their loved ones.

Halbig deserves neither sympathy or understanding. He only deserves what he asks for, to be openly shamed and made a fool of. To be exposed as the dishonest, morally bankrupt individual that he is.