Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Teaser – Everyone Must Check In Sign – Disclosed!

Teaser – Everyone Must Check In Sign – Disclosed
Sandy Hook Facts.com is pleased to announce yet another World Wide Scoop!
Sandy Hook Facts was FIRST to mathematically prove the order in which the shooter attacked the Sandy Hook Elementary School, first to demonstrate how the attack was accomplished by that lone gun man in the time frame provided, first to release the Death Certificate for the shooter, first to provide a photo of the shooters home being demolished; FIRST to provide Seabrook and Sinko’s dash cams to the public, first to debunk Halbig and his claims that there are no times stamps on the videos, and first to announce the retirement of a gentleman whom we hold in very high regard, Chief Kehoe.
And now, Sandy Hook Facts, through diligent research has in fact located the agency personnel reasonable for and is preparing to provide proof of who placed the “Everyone Must Check In” and when it was placed; thanks to yet another successful Freedom of Information request.

Sandy Hook Facts remains committed to factual research of the Sandy Hook massacre. We are not distracted by Hoaxers and their lies and scams and rabbit holes. Currently the Hoaxers big lie is reviving the already debunked information that the “Everyone Must Check In Sign” Gene Rosen interview occurred 12-14. That is provably and demonstrably false, even by the date of the interview itself. That is simply a lie told by hoaxer leaders to raise money; i.e. FRAUD.

So who put the sign at Sandy Hook Elementary School and when?

Well that information is coming soon…

Debunked in April 2014


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Anonymous said...

The sign was also there in the early evening of the 15th; http://pictures.reuters.com/archive/GM1E8CG0LTB01.html