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Sandy Hook Dash Cam Time Stamps - Attorney L. Kay Wilson Debunked

*Another Sandy Hook Facts Exclusive*
Newtown Dash Cam Specs
with Technical Research by Michael Flagg

Sandy Hook Facts is pleased to reveal the technical specifications of the Dash Cams exclusively released to as part of our continuing investigation into the Sandy Hook Tragedy.

Background Information:

Wolfgang Halbig claimed the Dash Cams released by Newtown Police were "tampered with" claiming they did not contain time stamps.  Halbig subsequently made the false  claim on numerous radio and video appearance.

Sandy Hook Facts released the actual videos on May 22, 2015 proving that the videos did in fact contain the embedded time stamps; however, since the cameras use a Closed Captioning Technology, rendering them to Youtube showing the times stamps is a continuing challenge.

On May 23, 2015, Sandy Hook Tragedy: Focus on Facts published information on WatchGuard In- Car Video systems and discussed the embedded video close caption time stamp system. 
The new information proves that amazing research to have been 100% accurate.

Several Sandy Hook hoaxers published absurd videos with wild claims attempting to "Debunk" our Dash Cam videos; from claiming we faked it in studio with CGI to claiming they were faked with overlays, each failed miserably.

On June 2, 2015, before the FOi Commission, Wolfgang Halbig and his attorney L. Kay Wilson again attempted to claim the videos were "tampered with". By this date, there had been enough online discussion with Halbig's minions that both were very likely aware the video did in fact contain embedded closed captions.  Halbig and Wilson were likely putting on a show for their donors at the expense of honesty and integrity and their sworn oaths.

No Video Expert by L. Kay Wilson at FOI Hearing
It is notable that at the FOI Hearing Halbig and L. Kay Wilson did not call a video expert to support their claims the DVD's had been tampered with; all they brought were their wild-eyed hoaxer conspiracy theorist claims and a printed screenshot of's video.  From a legal point of view, this is laughable and inept evidence presentation.

 Why would Halbig and L. Kay Wilson not bring an expert if they truly believed the videos were tampered with?  Surely, that would have been remarkable testimony.  The answer seems obvious.  It is very likely Wilson and Halbig were intentionally misleading the Freedom of Information Commission fully aware, exactly as testified by Chief Michael Kehoe, that the videos contained embedded closed captions.    As an officer of the court, L. Kay Wilson should issue an apology to the FOI Commission for her TomFoolery.

Wolfgang Halbig Demonstrating the Closed Caption
Time Stamps on screenshots
while claiming they don't exist.

SandyHookFacts demonstrated exactly how to enable the closed captions on Dash Cam DVD's in this video, also published June 2.

Despite the thoroughness of the debunking and the fact that L Kay Wilson has not diligently obtained expert advise or presented any rational evidence as to the dash cams, as any reasonable attorney would do, Wilson continues to maintain the time stamps do not exist. Most recently L.  Kay Wilson spread her misinformation in an interview with conspiracy theorist fanatic Jim Fetzer.

The Straight Scoop - Setting Aside L. Kay Wilson's Hoaxer Misinformation needed the  technical information to the Dash Cams to complete the debunking of Halbig's and Wilson's absurd claims.  We needed the exact make and model of the Dash Cams in order to examine the technical specifications of the units.  The final nail in the coffin of Wilson and her wild claims came when we received the invoices of the Dash Cams in use on 12-14-12 via the Newtown Police Department. is pleased to announce the release of the technical specs of the Dash Cams along with the extensive research conducted by Michael Flagg into those units and published to his research page Sandy Hook Tragedy: Focus on Facts.

WatchGuard Video Systems

These are the WatchGuard Video invoices for the dash cam video equipment purchased by and in use by Newtown Police Department prior to 12-14-12.

Other similar invoices can be seen here.

Invoice STDINV0009012:
Invoice STDINV0012595:
Invoice STDINV0012706:

Invoice STDINV0008494 (8/4/2010) and invoice STDINV0009012 (9/14/2010) include DV-1C, Overhead Console, GPS, 3rd Generation. Invoice STDINV0012595 (6/30/2011) and invoice STDINV0012706 (7/8/2011) include DV-1D, Overhead Console, GPS, 4th Generation.

DV-1 is WatchGuard's direct-to-DVD in-car video system (the dash cam recording system Newtown Police Department uses). An overview of DV-1: (Archive:

A video about how DV-1 works:

The user manual for DV-1: (Archive:

From page 103, "Closed-Captioning Text – All of the DV-1's textual information (metadata)
such as time, date, officer name, etc."

Page 52 of the user manual further proves what I have said before: "All of the DV-1's textual information (metadata) is saved on the DVD in a format called the Closed-Captioning Layer." Also, "The advantages of using the Closed-Captioning Layer for displaying this information are:
Text display is crisp and readable
Text can be turned on or off during playback so the video image is not permanently obscured"

"The Fleet Manager Utility is a Windows XP/Vista-based application used to create configuration files that can be burned to a CD. This CD can then be loaded into the DV-1, and all the settings in the configuration file can be loaded into one or multiple vehicles. Settings include Department Name, Officer Names, Vehicle ID’s, Pre- and Post-Event Times, etc."

The getting started guide for Fleet Manager Utility: (Archive:

Settings from the Fleet Manager Utility, page 35, include: Record to DVD - Officer Name, Record to DVD - Patrol Vehicle ID, Record to DVD - Time and Date, Record to DVD - Brakes Status, and Record to DVD - Lights and Siren Status:

Playing VTS_01_1.VOB in VLC media player (disc 1 from Officer Seabrook's dash cam video), I see officer name: OFF. CHAPMAN (see note below), patrol vehicle ID: CAR 13, time and date: 09:40:09 for instance and 12/14/12, B for when brakes are on, L for when lights are on, and S for when siren is on:

Note: "09:36:06 This is Officer Seabrook, Newtown Police Department on a traffic stop in Newtown. He will hear the broadcast and respond. Notice that the dash cam is in the name of Officer Chapman which led to some confusion."

Screen shot from Security Academy of Connecticut

CFS 1200704559\Book 4\00079318.pdf also states: "During the recording of the video, Officer Seabrook was parked in the parking lot of the SHES, facing the northwest (front) side of the school, between the second and third row of cars from the front. The video is a forward facing view from the cruiser. During the play of the video, it displays the title of "Car 13 Off Chapman 098.""
clone this paste RAW Paste Data

Open Email that was sent to L. Kay Wilson; we'll update you if she is brave enough to respond.

Since you are continuing spread misinformation, I have obtained the technical specifications of the Dash Cams from the Newtown Police Department and WatchGuard, the manufacturers of the Dash Cams.
I have published an article about those specs and  your mininformation here:

Hopefully being around hoaxers has not removed all pretense of integrity that I suppose its possible you possess and you stop your hurtful lies.
Thank you
CW Wade

*UPDATE* Kay Wilson Responded!  Did she take the information and learn or did she act like the hoaxer she is?

Answer: In the face of overwheling evidence,   she still absurdly claims to have received DVD's with no time stamps and claims that is irrefutable truth!  Hoaxer style "irrefutable truths"!

Is there an honest bone in her body somewhere?

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kay Wilson
Date: Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 4:53 AM
Subject: Re: Dash Cam Technical SPecs
To: WadesVideo

I am not sure what "misinformation" you are referring to.  I have only asked questions, questions which should have answers.  It is not misinformation to report that we did not receive video with time/date stamps.  That is the irrefutable truth.  Why did we not receive what we requested?  By acting squirrely and deflecting, the Town's actions regarding our simple FOIA requests makes for suspicion.  Why not simply give us the information if there is nothing to hide?

L. Kay Wilson, Esq.


Anonymous said...

wow! this trailer park hussy caught lying her fat ass off LOL! where can we send in complaints?

Anonymous said...

What a sad sack Kay Wilson is. She is perfect for Wolfgang.

Anonymous said...

Well then, she should be willing to produce the DVD's she was sent and prove they were not enabled for time date stamp.

Think she will do that?

Anonymous said...

"Why not simply give us the information if there is nothing to hide?"

Is she STILL claiming they haven't received something? Frank has exposed their "didn't receive" claims as nothing more than ignorance and stupidity on Halbig's part. She need to cut her loses before she finds herself in front of an Ethics Board.

Anonymous said...

"Well then, she should be willing to produce the DVD's she was sent and prove they were not enabled for time date stamp.

Think she will do that?"

Not likely; But if Team Failbig did even consider this, the discs will probably have an "unfortunate encounter" with an angle grinder just prior to being submitted.

Since the discs were not offered as evidence of their claim at FOIA hearings, there is zero percent chance of these discs ever being seen again by anyone outside of the hoaxer group.

Anonymous said...

The Sandy Hook Hoax group is now arguing vehemently that the dashcams DO show children at SHES. They have come full circle and are now eating their own diseased brains.

Tony Mead‎Sandy Hook Hoax Group
1 hr · Cooper City, FL ·
We need some help here!! Can we can get a couple of people to volunteer to watch the dash cam videos that are out there, and notate every time those videos show a child on the screen? I know that kind of sounds like a lot but I am working on preparing a strong rebuttal to the FOIA denial I got from Kehoe regarding the Bahamonde dash cam video which was DENIED because it has "images of Children".
These also have images of children and we want to show that to Kehoe, so we need timestamps and screenshots of the kids.
There are some at 42:00 in this one:
and more at 17:40 of this one: said...

They wont get it. It faces the NE Door of the school where 90% of the kids go out (you can hear them walking past the cruiser in my video).. doesnt hurt to try though.. I already tried to get that video and was also denied and would certainly go after it again if something come up to where it could be released. As it is, it shows kids, they wont release it. It is FOI exempt. I'm not sure if the FOI commission would order it edited or something like that but I'm not inclined to take it to that level. Going after FOI is good.. stalking kids .. bad. Glad to see them laying off the kids for a bit.

Anonymous said...

This all boils down to their claim the school was closed, not functioning...therefor all they need to do is find just one parent, of just one child in Newtown who claims, "My child never attended Sandy Hook school because it was closed!"

They won't do this because not finding that one parent destroys their argument completely.

Anonymous said...

Attorney L. Kay Wilson has been provided enough potential evidence that she needs to conduct a reasonable investigation before she continues accusing Newtown of the worst crimes imaginable; not to mention degrading the memories of the children. As a Connecticut Lawyer, I will soon be taking this up with the State Bar if she continuous to act in such a unscrupulous manner. Please keep us updated and thank you!

Anonymous said...

If you are still working on prosecuting these autohoaxers please consider the delusional rantings of truther "plasmaburns" of texas and his insane videos denying the event occurred.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the 2019 reference above to SandyHook and Boston autohoaxer and white supremacist "plasmaburns" aka "Intwademala" aka "undebunkable" aka "saviorselves33" aka "Saiyve Yhursilves", that individual's real name is William Joseph Parks of Richmond Texas. He is a talentless graphic designer who works for his family's grocery graphics company and is an obsessive computer gamer with the avatar saviorselves33 on steam and email
He is seen in this image on the far right