Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Why Wolfgang Halbig's FOI Requests are Destined to Fail

     On April 1 (appropriately), Sandy Hook Hoax cajoled their membership for a rapid burst of donations claiming that Wolfgang Halbig had retained another attorney and a $5,000 retainer for the alleged lawyer to attend the April 24, 2015 hearing was needed.  Conspiracy Theorist James Tracy's blog later claimed the attorney's name is Kay Wilson. - http://www.kaywilsoncoaching.com/

     On April 2, Sandy Hook Hoax leadership embarrassingly announced only eight people had actually donated to Wolfgang Halbig, despite the fact that dozens of hoaxers had claimed they  donated.  It is possible that the announcement of only eight actual donors was yet another ruse to spur further donations.

On April 3, Halbig's minions spread a rumor that Halbig's attorney quit over fears for her safety.  This rumor spread like wild fire garnering more press for Halbig's incessant fundraising endeavor.

Predictably, that rumor was soon retracted. Halbig's attorney had decided to take the case despite her alleged fears of hoaxers.

The Freedom of Information Requests -

    Let's take a factual look at Wolfgang Halbig's FOI requests as listed in a rambling diatribe of a  document he recently posted:

The lack of factual basis is why most, if not all, of Halbig's FOI request will fail.

Halbig FOI request - The School Security System

1. Sandy Hook Elementary School Security System
a. The name and address of the contractor who installed the security System in operation at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012;
b. The total cost of installation of the security system in operation at The Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012;
c. A breakdown of the costs of the security system in operation at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012 as follows:
1. Total labor cost;
2. Cost and description of each component part;
3. The identity of the entity which paid the cost of the Security system in operation at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012;
4. Copy of the contract for installation of the security System in operation at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.
In the real world...

The request is based on Hoaxer videos that have twisted the words of newspaper imply that new security equipment was installed.  Therefore, the FOI request is based on a false premise.  Halbig's false premise was address long ago in this video:

Halbig has claimed Hochsprung stated the school installed "New High Tech Security System" as posted on the front page of the Newtown Bee.  The installation documents of this mythical "High Tech Security System" are the documents Halbig is requesting.

The headline was not in the Bee; but rather, was in the Courant and the headline stated "New Security Procedures"; there was no mention of "new high tech system". Procedures, not equipment.      Halbig is simply misstating fact.

The article is still online:


The system in use on December 14, 2012 was installed in 2006 and Halbig has already received those responsive documents from the school district as he admits here.

Wolfgang admits in that interview that the system described in the documents he received also matches the Official Report:

     Is it Connecticut's job to coddle hoaxers who are unable to correctly state facts?  Must tax payer paid officials take Halbig by the hand like a young child and read the article to him: "The article never said 'high  tech security' system, you made that up."  Apparently Wolfgang Halbig and his attorney believe it is Connecticut's job to read to them.

    Wolfgang's FOI  regarding the "high tech security system" is disingenuous and based on misstatement fact and hoaxer lies; ie it is a false premise. Since Halbig already received the correct documents confirming the information in the report, it is also therefore harassing request.

Prediction: The FOI Commission will shut him and his soon to be red faced attorney down on this request because it is irrational and based on false premise.

Halbig FOI Request - Work Orders and Emails

1. Copies of all maintenance work orders submitted by the School Principal Dawn Hochsprung or her designee to the school district maintenance department (facilities) for any repairs, new classroom doors or painting starting March 1, 2012, through Dec 13, 2012 and copies signed by principal
or designee showing date of completion of the repairs with appropriate time stamps when job is completed. 

2. Copies of all e-mails to and from the School Principal Dawn Hochsprung and her assistant school principal to the following school district departments:
a. human resources
b. finance department
c. maintenance department
d. staff development
e. assistant school superintendent
d. school superintendent
e. food services provider
f. school district transportation provider
g. curriculum department
     As to #1, on March 2, 2015 Newtown advised Halbig that the Town had assembled documents responsive to his request and were available for the statutory nominal fee.  I would think these are still available to Halbig even after his impending hearing.

     As to #2, The Town objected as the request overly broad and unduly burdensome. Must the town educators go through thousands of emails (if they are even still available from archives some where) from numerous employees and departments, to review them just to try to take a wild guess as to the documents Halbig MIGHT want as he indicates in his vague request.  That is not a reasonable use of the time of educators of Connecticut's children. These people have better things to do and the tax payers of Connecticut deserve more from their tax dollars.

Prediction: Halbig will be granted access to the first set proffered by the Town and the commission will deny his access to the emails as unduly burdensome and overly broad and unreasonable.

FOI Request Wolfgang Halbig wants the Sign-In Log from December 14, 2012
Here, Wolfgang Halbig resurrects a long-ago debunked hoaxer lie, that a "Everyone Must Check-In" sign was present outside the Newtown Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.  Halbig requests a copy of the “Sign-In” log referred to above.

As many are aware, the entire request is based on a falsity invented by hoaxers who intentionally cut a news interview to remove the date of interview reference.

The above screen shot referenced by Halbig is from a Gene Rosen interview that was several days after the shooting. 

Debunking video:

Again, is it Newtown's job to coddle Wolfgang Halbig and his attorney like children and placate their whimsical fantasy?  Is that the best use of Connecticut's Tax Payer funds? I think not. Applying the reasonable person standard to this request, it is harassing in nature and based on wild hoaxer hallucination.

Incidentally, there is a sign-in log in the report that is readily available for the Sandy Hook School itself; however, Halbig's request seeks a document that doesn't exist because the "Everyone Check-In" sign was NOT there on December 14, 2012.  There has never been evidence presented to show the sign was there on December 14, 2012.

Prediction: Denied - irrational and unreasonable. Newtown will not have these responsive documents because they do not exist.

FOI Request - Documents related to the children who sang at the February, 2013 superbowl.

    This request is based on Hoaxer hallucination that these children are actually government agents who pretend to have been murdered then have the gal to go on the world wide.  Of course the fact that these children are obviously much older than the six year-olds that were murdered does not mitigate the hoaxer belief system.  These government agent children are that good, and Halbig is on to their tricks and he is going to expose these children with a mere FOIA request!

It's literally a disgusting premise.

     First, Halbig wonders why these children's names were not printed?  Having observed Halbig's hoaxer colleagues relentlessly stalk anyone remotely associated with the Sandy Hook shooting, the answer seems obvious.  Those in charge knew of the stalking by conspiracy theorists and they took action to protect these children from theseconspiracy  theorists.

    Halbig, despite 30 years in the school system, somehow believes the school records of these minor children are public record fit to be distributed to the Sandy Hook Hoaxer groups.

     Imagine if any random predator could simply walk into a school with a FOIA request and demand your child's personal information? That is not happening.  That is not part of any FOI statute and in fact states have statutes baring the release of minor children's information for GOOD reason.  Halbig's disgusting FOI request are prime examples of GOOD reason to keep minor's records confidential.

Prediction: This request as to any information concerning the identity of these children will be denied.  Halbig has already been provided the relevant minutes from the school board meeting.  Moreover, it is doubtful Newtown has any other documents discoverable related to the chorus.

   At the hearing set for April, 2015.  Halbig should be prepared to lose in a very big and embarrassing manner.  A $15,000 slap to his unreasonable requests.  Monte Frank will have Kay Wilson and Wolfgang Halbig for lunch.


Unknown said...

Hi Wade good work as usual,but who in the Town advised Halbig documents were available to view for a fee

Unknown said...

I suspect that you will be surprised by the results from the FOIA hearings. I watched the process and Halbig & lawyer did a good job. Representatives from Newton tried to dodge direct answers and looked to their lawyer on how to answer some questions. Will be an interesting next session!