Saturday, April 4, 2015

Keith Johnson - Forensic DNA Expert Clarifies Sandy Hook Evidence

The DNA field is an area because left for experts because the layman generally does not possess the training and education to interpret DNA results.

This is never more evident that when hoaxers stumble their way through the Sandy Hook DNA Evidence.  Sandy Hook hoaxers have even suggested that if shooter had been captured, he could not have been convicted.

The DNA evidence was clear.  The shooter's clothing and weapons were splattered with DNA from victims caused by the close range shooting.   Lanza's DNA was also present on the weapons.
Every bullet casing matched the rifle, therefore we know the Bushmaster AR-15 fired the rounds inside the school.  The rifle also that bore his DNA and was kept in his bedroom. Not to mention the fact the shooter was there, geared up up with weapons, and ammunition, with a years long obsession with mass murder; having just murdered his mother while she slept in her bed.
The shooter's conviction is a no-brainer.

In this video Keith interviews Dr. Alan Friedman, a forensic DNA Consultant. Dr. Friedman tackles the issues and clears up the water that has been muddied by amateur hoaxers.

For further study, here are the documents Dr. Friedman provided to Keith:

TRACE DNA: A Review, Discussion of Theory, and Application of the Transfer of Trace Quantities of DNA through skin contact:

Touch DNA Collection versus Firearm Fingerprinting: Comparing Evidence Production and Identification Outcomes

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Unknown said...

It really is interesting to be able to learn all the different things that can be done to ensure that someone is getting the most out of their understanding of Sandy Hook. Something that really stands out is that you mentioned the evidence that is being assessed. To be able to get a better understanding, though it's an obvious culprit, is nice overall. Hopefully this will be helpful to those parents who are struggling with getting past the attack. Thank you for sharing.