Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Sandy Hook Justice Hit with another Copyright Strike

Just in case Sandy Hook Hoaxers missed it, violating copyright is a FEDERAL OFFENSE.

As Wolfgang Halbig continues to threaten everyone within earshot with lawsuits, it appears his official channel has been again slapped with a copyright strike.

This means Wolfgang Halbig's official channel is likely teetering on a LIFE TIME ban from the worlds largest video host service.

This type of activity is nothing new for the Sandy Hook Justice website; if you recall, I reported their previous copyright strikes here:

In that case, the owner of the intellectual property fumed:

"I am getting f-ing sick and tired of people stealing my work.   Why is it necessary for them to download it and put their name on it when all they have to do is share this one if they want to get out the information??" --Mert Melfa

Thomas Lapp, Halbig's associate, became unhinged fuming back at the property owner:

Thomas LappThe youtube user Mert Melfa filed a copyright complaint against WolfgangHalbig's youtube channel for....tWhat side is he on? Is he on the side of truth? Or his he just looking to gain the spotlight? My message to him was this:
What is your problem man? I thought David Weiss got this sorted out with you. You filed a copyright strike against the official channel of WolfgangHalbig himself! 

Apparently, Lapp believes that since it's "Wolfgang", the channel has an innate right other peoples stuff.

Moreover, it appears Wolfgang's Channel did not learn the lesson from the strike since the channel is again accused uploading videos containing the intellectual property of other companies.

About one month has passed since Halbig promised his lawsuit; it appears the only thing he has produced is the possibility of getting sued himself... or worse, carried away by federal marshals in a black SUV for violating very serious federal laws.


Unknown said...

If anything happens to Wolfgang a lot of us are going to know why? We are behind him all the sway we want to know the truth. Its :-) out there and we want to know, You can't fool all the people, Know that he has hundreds of backers if not thousands. Lying has never benefitted anyone yet and it has done immeasurable damage to Connecticuttand to the federal government.

Unknown said...
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