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HONR Network - Protecting the Rights of Victims

HONR Network
Protecting the Rights of Victims

I am proud to present a very worthwhile organization that is already making a positive impact.

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HONR Network is a group of concerned volunteers serving to protect the privacy rights and intellectual property of HONR Networks as victim advocates.  For the most part, HONR Network advocates for victims and collateral victims (family members, friends, responders) of high profile crimes.

Since the member list for HONR Network has been quietly growing and the funding is starting to become available, it is time to talk about HONR Network.

Online Predation

Did you know that innocent family photos and videos are stolen from social media accounts and used, without permission, in video productions and blog posts?  These blogs and videos are put together by cretins, perverts, and wide-eyed conspiracy theorists. After stealing families photos and videos, these online predators package them, photoshop them, twist them, and then present them as part of sociopathic conspiracy theory, replete with running nonsensical commentary. These predators also publish these videos and photos in secret online gang stalking groups where they hold secret sessions and plot their next victims.

Further, these online predators monetize their videos, sell DVDs, and fund raise using innocent peoples unauthorized and stolen material. Some amateur documentarians make thousands of dollars stealing your property as they push "Hoax!"

Your photos are your intellectual property.
 Your videos are your intellectual property. 

 You have a right to privacy.

And you do not need to be a victim
 of online gangs of the mentally disturbed.

Let's take a few examples, such as what I present in my "Sandy Hook Hoax Grave Stalkers" video.

For example, one well published public figure and film maker of numerous amateur documentaries on several wacky conspiracy theories, including "Boston Bombing hoax" and "Sandy Hook hoax". As an example, here, she appears to have snagged nearly the ENTIRETY of an Facebook account of an innocent person with screen capture software and begains comparing the person to a deceased child. The goal is quite sick: prove the deceased child is alive and is this random person.  The maker  claims her "recognition skills"enable her to find the dead, alive.  The film maker alsowent so far as to create a series called "The Not So Dead" where she repeats this behavior over and over, even with minor children.

Obviously, these conspiracy theorist will not not seek your permission if  they decide to use the photos or videos of your child to support some preposterous delusion.
HONR Network has banded together with dedicated friends and allies to help monitor the hateful groups violating peoples rights and stalking victims of high profile crime.

Invading Privacy:

One example, of many, of Kozak victimizing innocent people.
Many Youtubers no problem invading your privacy and posting you and your entire families address, phone numbers, children's school location, and your place of employment and putting this information in videos and publishing that content to their internet groups and on the internet. 

You can bet that you would not  want your home and child's school information published to Youtubers.
Theft of Intellectual Property

You do NOT have to stand by and allow these people to steal your stuff and you especially do not have to allow them to profit off of them.

You have rights!  They can be exercised.

Why is HONR Network here?

Victims of high profile crimes, such as the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, suffer horrific loss.  After the crime, they are subject to press, exaggeration, and misreporting.

The victims are then subject to conspiracy theorists. Many are mentally ill with criminal records.  The conspiracy theorists stalk, harass, intimidate, threaten, and bully the crime victims relentlessly.  

As a recipient of hack attacks, death threats, bully attempts, and harassment on a daily basis, I know exactly how intimidating these conspiracy theorists can be.

HONR Network is here to help victims stand up to online bullies!

What does HONR Network do?

Many victims are intimidated and cannot risk standing up to the online conspiracy theorists.  HONR Network acts on the victim's behalf using HONR Networks name and network. YOUR ally to stand up to these online stalking groups. You remain undisclosed. This keeps your name and your family from becoming further targets of internet predators, harassers, and conspiracy theorists.

Legal Action

HONR Network is currently assembling a legal team of volunteer lawyers and paralegals. HONR Network is also accepting donations to take action to the next level. HONR Network is presently assembling legal teams in the USA and Canada.  Please contact HONR Network if you would like to help the cause!

TOS Action

While some forms of conspiracy theory harassment may not be legally actionable (or legal action may not be feasible), it may still violate the "Terms of Service" of the social media site itself.  HONR Network formally makes contact with the social media site to make sure the social media is aware of the violation.  Often, this results in removal of the material and of the entire account of the offender.

Copyright Complaints

Youtube Conspiracy Theorists believe they can steal your photos and videos and slap a "fair use" label on it and, viola, instant product for their wacky ideals, fundraising, and monetized videos.

HONR Network fights back filing Copyright violations with the host sites.  Often, a formal Copyright complaint is enough to get the host site to remove the offending material, thus mitigating the damage caused by their theft.

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