Saturday, March 4, 2017

Justin Hess shot mother 17 times before killing innocent teacher

Sandy Hook Hoaxer conspiracy theorist Justin Hess aka Justin Wooley, CounterTyrannyOp shot his mother with a pistol 17 times before he drove to Sandy Springs and stabbed to death an innocent school teacher, Willaim Haynes.

Justin Hess was held on the murder charge by Cobb County Magistrate Judge Gerald Moore and the case advanced to Superior Court. A Cobb County Grand Jury will take up the matter for his indictment there.

Justin Hess was jobless and owned thousands of dollars of weapons; weapons he regularly displayed in his videos. Hess' AR-15 rifles were enabled with devices to allow them to fire like automatic weapons, as can be seen in the intro to this Justin Hess video:

It is obvious that he was mentally ill.  Sandy Hook Facts believes that it will come out that, just like Adam Lanza, his mother purchased the weapons for her future murderer.  Carol Hess very likely bought the pistol Justin shot her to death with.

Justin Hess had stalked a woman to a day care center the day before the murders. The tragedy could have been much worse had this hoaxer decided to open fire with his automatic AR-15 at the day care center.

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Credit: Action 2 News

This is a photo posted by Bill Haynes of his red Audi after the Audi was vandalized a few months before Haynes was murdered.  Justin Hess killed this innocent and loved family man just to get this car.

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