Thursday, March 31, 2016

Video - Wolfgang Halbig and his Martin Luther King, Jr. Claim

New video out covers the previous blog post concerning Wolfgang Halbig's claim to have been Martin Luther King's driver 'keeping him safe'.

In this video, we look at Wolfgang Halbig's email to the Greater Hartford NAACP.  Wolfgang Halbig is a well known public figure, leader, and hero to hundreds of Sandy Hook Truthers.  Using national and international appearance, as well as broadcasting his own program, Wolfgang wow's his starry-eyed cult-like followers with tales of glory from his past. In doing so, he has solicited nearly $100,000 in donations from his followers.  How much of his past is fiction gleamed from Youtube and TV?  That is for the viewer to decide.  In this video, one Wolfgang's heroic claims are looked at.


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Anonymous said...

Halbig need to start wearing his Depends on his....THATS the end the crap is coming out of!