Friday, April 8, 2016

Tony Mead stalks Wyatt family Online

Tony Mead, of Hollywood, Florida, is the   leader of a group of wild-eyed conspiracy trolls and cyber predators called "Sandy Hook Hoaxers". Mead leads his cult-like followers by example. And the example he sets is shocking.  Mead's target of the day was the Wyatt family. 

"We were friends in high school and he has gone missing I thought - as a relative - you would know where to reach him..."  Here, Tony Mead, is using lies attempting to trick a Wyatt Family member into giving out personal information on the parents of Sandy Hook victim, Allison Wyatt. Six year old Allison Wyatt was killed during the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012.  

Obviously Mead is not a high school friend of the Wyatt family.  Lies snd ruse, such as that employed by Mead here, is but one tool in the stalker group's tool kit.

Once Tony Mead obtains that information, he distributes it widely online via his network of Hoaxer group predators.

We have seen Tony Mead engage in these disgusting tactics before and the police are aware of Tony's online activities; however, thus far, they have not arrested him.

Here is an example of what Tony Mead does once he is able to trick his unsuspecting prey into revealing personal information:

Newtown should be extremely careful, especially when dealing with Tony Mead or any of his online gang of predators.

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