Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hoaxer Pete Santilli declared a shill by United States Government

It is ironic that the confirmed shill in the Sandy Hook "truth" movement is a Sandy Hook Hoaxer, Pete Santilli.

Pete Santilli has long been suspected of being a shill and not just because  Santilli videos are serving as the corner stone for the government prosecution of Bundy's and of Santilli himself.

Now, the United States Goverment, via the United States Attorney General, has formally declared Pete Santilli a shill in official court documents.

The Government's Memorandum in Support of It's Motion for Pretrial Detention can be viewed here:

The document lays out a near irrefutable case as to why Santilli must be kept in pretrial detention; especially considering the danger he represents to the public.

I think we all watched the "tazing" of Ammon Bundy during the Bundy Standoff; but did you know Pete Santilli started that by using his car to initially stop the convoy?  Neither did I. That is because Santilli edited his video to cut out anything damning; according to the Government's memorandum; however, another Bundy Video revealed the truth.

This is an overt physical act in direct support of illegal actions of the Bundy's.  The Government memo also described Santilli's threats to the SAC, "drum beating", and recruiting of gunmen for the Bundy standoff.

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Anonymous said...

"Hoisted by his own petard"

Santilli is an IDIOT. His video documentation of his own participation, claims and action to whip up the faithful, will be his undoing.