Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hoaxer William Shanley back in Jail - $25,000 Bail

Sandy Hook Hoaxer William Shanley, best known for his absurd lawsuits against random news for "Hoax Fraud", is back in jail for allegedly violating his probation.  Shanley is on probation following convictions for criminal trespass and resisting arrest. 

Shanley has filed a total of three lawsuits against news organizations seeking nearly TEN TRILLION dollars.  As evidence, Shanley laughably cites Jim Fetzer's blog posts. Shanley's filings claim he  intends to call on "expert", Wolfgang Halbig.  Shanley has also been cited by James Tracy.  The Federal Court has been completely unimpressed with this cadre of bumbling conspiracy theorists, dismissing Shanley's ridiculous lawsuits declaring them -  "Frivolous and without plausible grounds for relief".

Shanley is presently a resident of New Haven Correctional Center. Correspondence may be addressed to inmate # 305720.

It has been observed that Sandy Hook Hoaxers tend to degrade mentally as they delve further into the "everything is a hoax" wild eyed madness and hysteria; which could, in part, help explain Shanley's current troubles.


Anonymous said...

Shanley is bat-shit crazy...combined with his ignorance will only get him into more trouble.

Eliseo Weinstein said...

I guess the big question here is why is this guy not in jail already? How many times do you file a frivolous lawsuit before some type of punishment is handed down? The amount of money that is wasted to entertain these cases much be astronomical, and he appears to not have learned a lesson as his suits keep getting filed and entertained.