Saturday, September 19, 2015

Tony and Jonathan lie about Wolfgang $23,000 Court Judgment

Wolfgang's closest confidants, Tony Mead and Jonathan, are finally admitting to a select few hoaxers that the court loss and judgment against Wolfgang Halbig is TRUE.  Halbig is being held responsible for his part in violating free speech of bloggers is TRUE related to Halbig's attempt to chill free speech against anyone who opposes his conspiracy theorist point of view.  The Halbig clan has been actively attempting to hide this from their followers and in fact, Sandy Hook Hoax group is not being permitted to discuss the matter at all.

This was reported here:

Wolfgang Halbig violates Free Speech,
 loses court battle, $23K Judgment

As a latest update, Wolfgang's attorney's have approved the order that has been submitted to the Judge for signature.

While admitting the judgment, Tony and Jonathan cannot help themselves and must tell blatant lies in an attempt to white wash facts to their followers.

In an amazing feat that would even impress Wolfgang, Tony's lies 3 times in one short paragraph

As to Tony  Lie #1 "No judgment awarded": There already has been a court order verbally issued; there will be a judgment awarded.  The orders  made by the judge are only awaiting written order of the court.   In fact, Wolfgang's lawyers have approved the orders and the order is on the Judge's desk for her signature at this very moment.  An order will be signed and a court judgement formally issued AGAINST Wolfgang for $22,495.  That is fact.

Not only will there be a judgment, the case will collect interest at the stated rate that is in the order, and interest accrues even if Wolfgang appeals.  IF Wolfgang decides to waste his donors money on an appeal, he will lose that appeal and it will cost Wolfgang more money, because in CA, costs on appeal involving Free Speech get added to the judgment; mandatory by.

California is very Free Speech.  California laws lead the nation in Free Speech protection. Goolgle "Anti-SLAPP Judgment California Appeal" for a clue.

  For Wolfgang to think he is going to bully Californian's out of Free Speech is laughable nonsense.  No Hoaxer should support this.  Even hoaxers should believe in Free Speech.

Hoaxers should tell Wolfgang to go after Connecticut or Freedom of Information or some other worthwhile use of donor money; not attempting a free speech action that has no chance in California and has nothing to do with Sandy Hook.

As to Tony Lie #2: "Even the judge [admitted it would lose on appeal]  The judge DID NOT admit that the case will lose on appeal; obviously. What Judge does that?  Of course, Hoaxers are dumb enough to believe everything their cult leader tells them.

The Judge said she would be interested in seeing the appeal. It is obvious by the transcript, that the judge is LOOKING FORWARD to a possible appeal; in my opinion, because she knows she will be in a likely published decision as to a new California law and of course she believes her judgment will be upheld.  Obviously, the judge believes in her own ruling.

 Wolfgang's lawyer is idiotically  trying to use OLD case law that is irreverent to the NEW LAW that is very clearly worded. The judge stated on the record, the new law was very clearly worded. Further, the OLD CASE Wolfgang's lawyer has tricked him into using applies to a completely different code section; it does not even apply to the new code section.

In other words, Wolfgang's lawyer is arguing apples and oranges and the judge didn't buy Wolfgang's argument.

Further, Wolfgang is attempting to use case law involving a DIVORCE to influence case law involving his attempt to infringe on FREE SPEECH on the internet. Does that make any sense?

Likely, Wolfgang's attorney's are just milking him for fees. Its a no-brainer that this is a loser, especially the way the new law is written.  Some lawyers will lie to get their clients to pay fees to pursue useless cases. Is that being done here?  I don't know for sure, but I, or any lawyer that has reviewed this case (no less than six attorneys, not counting Wolfgang's exceptions) and not counting a ruling by a judge, agrees with Wolfgang.

Wolfgang has no chance of prevailing arguing old, irrelevant, divorce case law against a newly passed California Free Speech Law that falls within the umbrella of very powerful California Anti-SLAPP law; it will be a costly lesson if Wolfgang appeals.

The appeals court MUST award all fees to the prevailing party here. That will be bloggers.

As to Tony Lie #3  "He lost a decision but didn't lose $30,000"
Wolfgang DID lose about $30,000.  His attorney fees were about $5,000 and the judgment against him is exactly $22,495, as of today.  He lost this action and the judge made a monetary award against Wolfgang Halbig.

Jonathan's Lie

Jonathan is lying by saying the judgment is not collectible because no "legal entity information" has as been provided [to Wolfgang]. This is untrue and absurd. Wolfgang's attorney signed off on who is to be paid the money. Wolfgang's attorney AGREED.   The name is in the the court judgment and this will be FULLY COLLECTIBLE judgment and it WILL BE COLLECTED.

Will Tony and Jonathan stop lying to their followers about this issue? That is doubtful.

God Bless America and Free Speech
Lastly, the Pro-Free Speech lawyers that won this case are CERTIFIED APPEALS COURT SPECIALISTS. That is what they do.   I estimate Wolfgang will end up owing about $50,000-$100,000 by the time this is done, if he does not leave the bloggers alone.  I can almost guarantee the bloggers, if appealed, will be asking for around  $100,000. What will bloggers get? Who knows. But that is what I estimate the blogger award should fairly be.

California has awarded in excess of  $100,000 in Anti-SLAPP cases countless times.

I would urge and ask, again, that Wolfgang LEAVE BLOGGERS ALONE. He should take his donor money and not use it to try to chill free speech, but use it to go after Connecticut, FOIA, Watchguard, NFL, whoever; FREE SPEECH alone. We have a right to speak.  We have  a right to speak on the same issues you are speaking on.  We have a right to speak about Wolfgang.  Wolf is all over the press, obviously a public figure. Just because Wolfgang does not like our free speech doesn't mean Wolfgang gets to chill it by bullying us with lawyers. Also, as you found out, your bullying wont work.

 If you continue to chill Free speech, this blog PROMISES you,  you will lose and you will be paying much more.  The bloggers will never back down to your anti-free speech bullying and the courts will not tolerate it either... in case you haven't noticed.

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Just more proof, Hoaxers ARE NOT INTERESTED IN THE TRUTH...they are concerned with nothing more than attempting to shut the conversation down through intimidation...concerned with nothing more than people perceiving them to be smart or correct.

LOSERS, all of them.