Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Wolfgang Halbig violates Free Speech, loses court battle, $23K Judgment

Sunny California - Today, Wolfgang Halbig lost an epic court battle that has been quietly waged in the Superior Court of California for the past several months.

The court  awarded a court's judgment in favor of this blog for just under $23,000 to compensate for damages and costs related to Halbig's attempt to abuse our Constitutionally protected free speech!

The court specifically found that Halbig was attempting to infringe on free speech and specifically found that we PREVAILED and were thus entitled to recovery.

A moment of real satisfaction was had, early in the hearing, when Halbig's attorney meekly requested a little scratch for himself, "I'm not awarding you anything." the Judge reportedly responded, shutting down Halbig's side right on the spot.  Halbig must (obviously) pay his own attorney fees.  Today's loss, including fees to Halbig's own attorneys in California and Florida, is estimated to be around $30,000!

SLAPP - When people file meritless actions in courts attempting to chill free speech, it is called a "SLAPP" - a "Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation".  In numerous articles we have contended that Halbig's lawsuits are SLAPP suits. 

California has very strict laws against SLAPP type actions. Florida legislation barring SLAPP was signed into law last month.  One can't help but wonder if Halbig's suits  had anything to do with Florida's brand new law; it seems certainly aimed straight at Wolfgang.

And now the rest of the story...

Wolfgang Halbig raised tens of thousands of donor dollars promising to sue various government entities related to the Sandy Hook tragedy; however, when the time came to produce something substantive, Halbig's ego took control he filed suit against small blogs that "dared" to discuss him in a less than favorable light; he sued bloggers for their blog posts and for parody photos.  He sued bloggers that hurt his feelings.  His lawsuit in fact claims "hurt feelings" in pleading.  

Halbig even sued a blogger over this parody photo:

Absurd lawsuit, right?

As Americans, we are allowed to discuss Halbig, whether he likes it or not.   As filed in the California case, Halbig is a public figure in regards to Sandy Hook. He speaks widely in the press and he raises money through public campaigns; he is thus subject to public discussion.  We are allowed to parody him. We are allowed to discuss him. We are allowed to disagree with him.

Halbig's attorney's did not even attempt to deny Halbig was a public figure; that is now on record.

 Discussion of public matters and public figures related to public matters is at the very heart of free speech; speech on the very subject Halbig speaks in the press about;  the free speech Halbig hoped, in vain, to chill.  The United States Supreme Court has ruled that discussion of people like Halbig  and of issues like Sandy Hook is PROTECTED.

Furthermore, Halbig speaks publicly AND raises money spouting absurd vast government and general populace conspiracies involving multiple agencies and entire towns; his ideas offend the decency of ordinary reasonable people.

If it is even possible to legally defame Halbig, one would have to try very hard. It is Sandy Hook Facts stated position that Halbig is slander-proof because Halbig's OWN statements in the press and his published beliefs are literally so disgusting and vile, nothing that could be said of Halbig by someone else could lower his reputation. His reputation is already in the "Mudd", by his own statements and actions.

Therefore, when Halbig attempted to  use the vast power of the state to attempt to attack this blog, we did not back down.  We stood up to the bullying tactics of Halbig and his combined team of Florida and California attorneys and filed an action to stop him in his tracks.  We argued his action was a violation of our free speech rights.  We prevailed against them all!

Hoaxers who value their free speech should be very pleased that Halbig's attempt to assault the Constitution was defeated.

In the case, Halbig attempted a last minute legal shuck and jive by attempting to dismiss the action, hoping to thwart the obvious and impending ruling of the court in favor of this blog and substantial monetary award.  We objected to Halbig's maneuver and the court continued the matter for one month, giving Halbig one last chance to make a sensible case.

Halbig failed.  Miserably.  Really, Halbig had no chance. He was facing freedom; the Red, White, and Blue.  Today is a great victory for all Americans.

It is not over.  Halbig's legal assault on free speech continues, as does a concurrent massive investigation into Halbig past.  Halbig is facing substantially more legal troubles, and none of them will help him "investigate" Sandy Hook.   More legal actions are being planned; however, some will be undertaken based on how Halbig chooses to proceed. At least two legal teams are preparing to pounce in Florida.  More will be divulged on Halbig and the actions against him, very soon.

Today's loss followed Halbig's crushing defeat at the conclusion of his FOIA Hearings.   Halbig is burning a lot of donor money and causing trouble for a lot of people; but the reality is his actions are destined to failure; the one left footing the bill for those failures will be Wolfgang Halbig.

Halbig has thirty days to appeal the order of the court; however, the only person who could possibly advise Halbig to do that would be his own attorney's and their desire to milk more fees out of Halbig on lost causes.   That happens to Halbig, a lot.

California Courts do not tolerate SLAPP stuff, and would doubtless award us more money on appeal. The wise thing to do would be for Halbig to STOP going after bloggers, his hurt feelings, and free speech, and instead focus his vast resources on things like FOIA and Sandy Hook.

Other stuff...

Unfortunately for Wolfgang, two reputable funding sites, GoFundMe and Paypal, have cancelled Sandy Hook Justice accounts for unspecified reasons. It is speculated neither company appreciated Halbig attempting to raise money using Sandy Hook conspiracy theories; who can really blame them?  I mean really, Hoaxer theories are nauseating, false, and idiotic.

Not one single hoaxer has produced even one single piece of evidence of Hoax. Ever. Not one.  

You can check out Keith's latest video for some new insight into Halbig:

On a much more serious note, Halbig's behavior is getting more worrisome.  In addition to promising to spend every penny of his retirement in another meritless action; his absurd and false claim that the Dash Cams do not have time stamps,  Halbig is incessantly "tweeting", calling for the destruction of Toyota Dealerships and Service Centers.  It is not clear exactly what Toyota did do Halbig to reap his ire. 

People on Google Plus and Facebook are wondering, how long until Halbig self-destructs completely?   

When Halbig is correct in FOIA, even we have supported his right to that information (for example, we believed Halbig was entitled to the Hochsprung emails once he properly narrowed the request to an intelligible request).

 We are an investigation blog looking into Sandy Hook and the invention of Sandy Hook Hoax by less than honorable people.  Lately, we have focused on Halbig, because focus tends to occur when Halbig SLAPPs you with an idiotic lawsuit.   You came to OUR house Halbig, we didn't come to yours.  In any event, Sandy Hook Facts stands ready to fight for our rights, if Halbig's sharks or other hoaxers try again.   As we told Halbig's attorney, there will be no settlement! So don't come back, Ever.  On the legal front, we don't bluff, as Dryden and Halbig have learned.



Anonymous said...

BOOM! goes the dynamite!

Anonymous said...

Another 'Victory' for Hollywood Halbig.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha.. I mean is there more that needs to be said? Great job..

Paul Alcohol said...

Anybody else want to photshop BigHal's head on a baby? Halbig needs to see a mental health specialist. As a human - and in spite of my discontent for this moron - I am actually concerned he may need medication. But until he goes completely off the rails ... I suppose more memes are in order.

Anonymous said...

Yes!!!! please excuse my profanity - but - this fat f*ck deserves everything he gets!! he's a pig who should be made an example of. leading an harassment campaign against the bereaved parents of slain children? does it get any lower than that? what a lowlife piece of sh*t!! i hope he does the world a favor and blows his own brains out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

for paul http://i.imgur.com/ROmS1aY.jpg

Anonymous said...

Please help clarify one item -- the dash cam time-stamps. A friend forwarded me a video of Wolfie and his lawyer in the police office watching the dash cam footage, and there is no time-stamp on the video they are watching. And his attorney emailed me in response to a question I had, telling me there were no time-stamps on the footage they received. Is there any definitive proof that the dash cam footage has time stamps?

Also, is Wolfie going to post all the emails and work orders he got from the defendants at the FOIA hearing???

X-Ray Ultra said...

congrats, this brought a big smile to my face.

Unknown said...

You know what I find hilarious......the fact that probably most of the 23K he lost to bloggers who were the ones calling him out on his BS, was money his moron followers donated to him to 'break the case wide open' ...stunningly poetic. Congratz to you guys lol

SandyHookFacts.com said...

Thanks XRay!

SandyHookFacts.com said...

<< As to this post above >>Please help clarify one item -- the dash cam time-stamps. A friend forwarded me a video of Wolfie and his lawyer in the police office watching the dash cam footage, and there is no time-stamp on the video they are watching. And his attorney emailed me in response to a question I had, telling me there were no time-stamps on the footage they received. Is there any definitive proof that the dash cam footage has time stamps?

Also, is Wolfie going to post all the emails and work orders he got from the defendants at the FOIA hearing??<<

I have the same Dash Cam DVDs as Halbig, including the Sinko one. The Time stamps are enabled using the closed caption feature (this is not Alien Roswell technology here, right click the damn thing and select enable closed caption.)

However, since the DVDs were provided from Newtown... perhaps that not enough for the wild eyed ... we have independent verification from Wolfgang's OWN tech guy, Thomas Lapp who tested a COPY of Halbig's DVD that Halbig made for him.. as we reported here: http://sandyhookanalysis.blogspot.com/2015/08/foia-ruling-appeal-filed-versus-sandy.html

In other words, Halbig is misleading people on this, since even his own Tech guy/former Admin posted his findings.

Yes, he is bold faced lying... his Dash Cams ARE imbedded with Time Stamps.

I have no idea when, if ever, Halbig will release anything. He doest release what his donors pay him to get, in my experience.

Anonymous said...

Sandy hook fags. No one died at Sandy Hook.

Dawn said...

This is so good to hear. It made me sick to my stomach that he had the nerve to sue people for speaking poorly about him when he has vilified grieving families time and time again. But is there any reprieve for them??? They have had to deal with catastrophic loss and try to ignore these lunatics....it is good to know he isn't getting away with it.

BUHZUZU said...

I agree Halbig should not have filed this action. That said, I back him on exposing SH for the elaborate charade it most certainly was. Unless he dies he won'y stop his investigation, and YES, there is plenty of evidence suggesting the event was indeed staged... same goes for the most recent "shootings". Sooner or later someone is going to admit participation as a paid "crisis actor" and when that day arrives, I'll be dancing in the street as will thousands of the so-called "truthers"...!

1776blues said...

@BUHZUZU..... Don't hold your breath. Since the Sandy Hook hoax crew came out I've seen people come out and pretty much claim everything is a hoax. They've targeted the JFK assassination as a hoax, also claimed no one died on 911, and the latest old but new claim is the earth is flat. These three claims will hurt the truth movement, if they already haven't.

Everyone who believes that SH is a hoax are all banking on someone will talk and to them I say don't hold your breath.

If the hoaxer crowd can't see how this everything is a hoax movement makes legitimate truthers look like tin foil hat wearing goof balls then they may very well be part of a movement that wants to stop people from asking questions or seeking truth. Some may very well work for Big Pharma.

Halbig is a fraud and even Dr K at nodisinfo.com has called him out. Btw, Dr K believes as you do that SH is a hoax.

Unknown said...

Congrats on winning the suit. Did you collect the award? Have always thought it was easier to win these suits than to collect the damages.

@BUHZUZU "legitimate truthers"? Is there such an animal?