Saturday, August 1, 2015

Another Hoaxer found guilty of harassing grieving families

Those of us familiar with the tactics of Sandy Hook Hoaxers and their harassment of families are not surprised to learn of the actions of Chris Spivey; and we bask in the glow of at the latest criminal conviction of a "Hoaxer".  Many more Hoaxers require legal attention.

Convicted Hoaxer Chris Spivey
Chris Spivey is exactly what we have come to expect from most Hoaxers.

First, realize most Hoaxers are a vile, dangerous ultra-fringe darker element of Conspiracy Theorist. Setting Hoaxers apart from the casual "watch Bigfoot or JFK special on TV" group is the Hoaxer belief that the government is coming to put them in FEMA camps and the families of murdered victims are "in on it" and thus as a part of government plots to take guns, a Jewish banker plot, a evil Obama/Bush plan (or some other paranoid conspiracy de jour).   Hoaxers can often be found debating that the Bloody Boston Bombing photos are staged by people in skull baseball caps or arguing that Earth is flat (no doubt another Obama/Bush plot to make us think we are on a round planet).  And yes, I said flat Earth.

Hoaxers are well known for believing children are government agents or 'subservients' subject to gag orders as part of world wide conspiracy and cover-up.  These "government agent children" are those dastardly crisis actors that play the "deceased kids".  You will usually find them singing at the Super Bowl, so the hoaxers say:

 Hoaxers are thus able to rationalize harassing and cyber stalking the families.  After all, reasons the clouded Hoaxer, as part of the nefarious plot (you know, pretending to be dead and all), these grieving families deserve to be harassed, threatened, and stalked. The families deserve to see their little children's names and memories dragged through the mud throughout the internet.   Hyperbole? Exaggeration?  The evidence speaks for itself.

Chris Spivey is a hoaxer. In fact, he is a Sandy Hook Hoaxer.  However, he is not convicted of harassing Sandy Hook families, but for harassing the family of the soldier, Lee Rigby.

Chris Spivey, like most Hoaxers absurdly espouses most major tragediea are "hoaxes" (hence the hoaxer name) Including Rigby's murder. Spivey is classic paranoid Alex Jones drone that believes he is the  "The Resistance!" and innocent women and children he selected to harass are really enemy a
agents of the government. 

Tough guy  Spivey went after the family, including grandmother of murdered of Lee Rigby.  Brittain did not put up with it. Thankfully, he will pay the price.  United States prosecutors should take note.

In the United States we have faced the continuing onslaught of Hoax conspiracy theorists; experienced the pain of their propensity to harass innocent families; their desire to re-victimize victims of high profile tragedies, or anyone else they imagine are "government shills and agents".  Like a pack of wild animals. the hoaxer chooses the weakest and most   vulnerable in society to prey upon. is one organization hoping to develop itself to where it can help protect victims of high profile crimes by use of the civil courts; however, federal prosecutions of these Hoaxers would be optimal.

Here is a brief overview of some well known incidents:

The convicts:
Sandy Hook Hoaxers who have face the justice system over their criminal deeds related to Sandy Hook include Jonathan Reich, Andrew Truelove, Timothy Rogalski.

The murderers:
Sandy Hook Hoaxers that have gone on killing sprees include Jerad Miller and Brent Cole.

The dangerous:
Hoaxers that have threatened to kill parents of victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy include
Andrew Vaessen and a hoaxer who goes by the name of "Carl Marks"; both of whom prowl for victims to harass even today:

The warned:
Several conspiracy theorists that have been warned over their Sandy Hook Hoax related "activities", including Tony Mead and Wolfgang Halbig.

Warning to stay away from St. Rose of Lima School and Parish

Newtown Police Dept. Report

Newtown Police Dept. Report

The fugitive:
Using the moniker "Jeff Dryden", this Sandy Hook Hoax Group leader, on behalf of the group, has harassed, threatened,  stolen identities, stolen intellectual property, impersonated, and attempted or threatened to hack numerous people surrounding the event and should be considered extremely dangerous. He is currently arrestable in California for numerous related offenses and is the subject of a restraining order:

The absurd:
William Shanley was arrested for his "late night activities" not related to Sandy Hook:

However, he has also filed his third frivolous lawsuit against media seeking in excess of a five trillion dollars:

There are recent indications from the Federal Court that they will soon dismiss Shanley's ridiculous  case because the Judge terminated Shanley's request to proceed in forma pauperous (i.e. free)

Other important and timely information :

 St. Rose of Lima 911 call:

Wolfgang Halbig's dark tantrum

The Graves


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Another delusional piece of excrement who thought he was smarter than he actually was, gets a swirly in the bowl of reality. He had it coming...just as the Hoaxers have it coming.