Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Recap - 18 Months of Sandy Hook Research

Sandy Hook Facts is proud to present highlights of 18 Months of Sandy Hook research.

This is a recap of our in depth analysis of the tragedy that occurred December 14, 2012.  Subsequent to the shooting, a small internet community of conspiracy theorists known as Sandy Hook Hoaxers sprang up.

Presently, that the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory community is, in general, led by Wolfgang W. Halbig, via his fundraising organization "Sandy Hook Justice".

Sandy Hook Fact's researched both; the factual events of that day and the subsequent creation of  the so-called "Sandy Hook Hoax".

A few Sandy Hook Facts world exclusives

The shooters house goes down, first in the world to break the news and show a photo:

Dash Cams
Sandy Hook Facts obtained  several Newtown Police Dash Cams and released them; a world wide exclusive.


St. Rose of Lima 911 Tapes
What happened at St. Rose of Lima on June 2, 2015 when several hoaxers went to the school?  This is a question that deserves and answer.

Victims and impact

Sandy Hook Facts has presented exclusive interviews with victims of school shootings and explored the very somber aspect of being involved in not only a tragic shooting, but what turns out to be historical national tragedy.

Few of use can bear to face the though of losing a child, but imagine losing a child and be thronged by international press?  How would you react? You really don't know unless you have been there; and very few in this world have been there.

Lenny Pozner has been there and in: "Setting the record straight"- The father of six-year old Noah Pozner, killed during the Sandy Hook Shooting allowed SandyHook Facts to publish his story


Lenny Pozner also authored the article "Our Grief Denied, theTwisted Cruelty of Sandy Hook Hoaxers." This letter went viral in main stream press when The Hartford Courant featured it as an article. http://www.courant.com/opinion/op-ed/hc-op-commentary-pozner-sandy-hook-newtown-hoax-07-20140725-story.html

Amanda Stair Duran - "A Survivors story."  Ms. Duran was in the library during the Columbine Shooting in 1999 and tells Sandy Hook Facts the side of the story main stream media refused to print.

Standing with Honr - Sandy Hook Facts introduces an organization stepping up to advocate for victims of violent crime who are re-victimized by Hoaxers.

Shooting Analysis
Sandy Hook Facts has several exclusive research projects.  In February 2014 we completed our initial research into the 6,000 page final report, including ballistic analysis, and presented our findings.  SHF was first to show, step by step exactly how the shooter entered Sandy Hook Elementary School armed with an AR-15 and fired 154 rounds from the rifle in two different classrooms full of first graders, in total killing 6 educators, wounding 2 others, and killing twenty first graders, in less than ten minutes.  The video is titled : Video- Sandy Hook - The Deadliest Minute

"You have a 98% accuracy rate" - Sandy Hook First Responder.

Full analysis-
Part 1 - The shooters gear

Part 2 - The animal attacks

Part 3 - The Deadliest  Minute

The evacuation -

A look into the mind of the shooter. Sandy Hook Facts analysis into the mind of Sandy Hook's shooter was subsequently affirmed by Connecticut's report.


Sandy Hook Facts has not only debunked the Sandy Hook Conspiracy theorists, we proved they have blatantly fabricated what they call "evidence"to trick gullible Youtube viewers into believing Sandy Hook was an hoax fabricated by the government, claiming all the victims and parents were "crisis actors"'.   Several hoaxers also uses this "evidence" to raise money.

Hoaxers caught fabricating emails:

The Hoaxer's primary piece of "evidence" of Hoax - The Check-in sign Debunked

Hoaxer's evidence: Christmas Trees- Debunked

Firehouse Debunked

Exif Data Debunked

Wolfgang Halbig - Sandy Hook Justice

Wolfgang Halbig leads the Hoax Community with his fundraising organization and he raises tens off thousands of dollars. During internationally broadcast interviews, he makes fact claims, and people rely on these claims when they donate money.  How does Halbig's claims stand up to scrutiny?

Wolfgang in his own words - Wolfgang's Sandy Hook Hoax

Wolfgang responds to Sandy Hook Facts

Wolfgang's Epic Tantrum turns Evil

Other Hoaxer videos 

Grave Stalking

Cyber Stalking


Anonymous said...

It will be 3 years in December and not one single issue raised by the Hoaxers has been proved factually correct. NOT ONE. Furthermore, almost all of their objections have been shown to be either their misunderstanding of fact or just plain nonsense.

Give up.

Anonymous said...

I'm not pointing fingers and my mind is not made up yet, but respectfully I ask this question: in the video "the deadliest minute" they claim the report had over 100 5.56mm casings in the 2 rooms. How is this possible when it's been confirmed the rifle never left the trunk of the car?

SandyHookFacts.com said...

Likely because you dont know what you are talking about because you have not done even a entry level amount of research.

Anonymous said...

way to not answer the question about 100 casings. Or you can't so you lash out.

SandyHookFacts.com said...

No, you dont have your facts straight. Get your facts straight. You can refer to any number of blogs and videos of mine if you need your facts straightened out.

ausador said...

The rifle was found in the school near the body of the shooter. The weapon recovered from the car was a shotgun. News media reports in the first days following the shooting often contained inaccurate information from nameless "sources". Reports that a "rifle" was recovered from the trunk are wrong. Most probably because the Russian made semi-auto shotgun does look a lot like a typical assualt rifle.

SandyHookFacts.com said...

Thank you.correct