Sunday, February 25, 2018

Jim Fetzer's hoax on hoaxers cost James Tracy his FAU Career

When James Tracy didn't divulge he "co-authored" Fetzer's for profit book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook", FAU had sufficient cause to terminate.
It is ironic that Jim Fetzer is, once again, at the heart of taking down a "truther".

As was widely reported in mainstream press, James Tracy lost his bid to pretend he was fired over free speech. 

The jury found that James Tracy was fired over insubordination.

What James Tracy has been hiding from his followers is that it was Jim Fetzer that cost him his job!

Those of us who know hoaxers like James Tracy know how vile they are, so frankly, I think FAU simply didn't want him around.  Who would? He should have been terminated because he should not be allowed to spread his filth as "education".  Nonetheless, when Tracy gave FAU legal cause to terminate (Tracy refused to comply with his contractual agreement), they jumped on the chance to give him the boot!  

At this time, Tracy is seeking to overturn the jury verdict. His Sandy Hook  hoaxer attorney Louis Leo filed motions begging the judge to disregard the jury and rule for James Tracy because the jury "ignored" the evidence.

It was shown at trial the FAU was considering terminating Tracy before the Sun Sentinel article about Tracy's attacks on the Pozner family.  

 At trial, FAU proved Tracy  was fired for his rank insubordination because Tracy omitted material facts in disclosures Tracy was contractually obligated to file.

This big nail in the Tracy's career coffin? 

James Tracy refused to divulge the fact he authored Memory Hole Blog and co-authored Fetzer's "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook" book.  

Here is the relevant page from FAU's response. FAU specifically notes he was given an extension to December 14, 2015 to file his disclosures.  When Tracy did file the disclosures, he omitted his authorship of "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook".

Jim Fetzer went around collecting debunked articles to assimilate into a "book" co-authored by numerous "professors and scholars".   Fetzer then pocketed the cash for himself, laughing all the way to the bank.   Jim Fetzer's hoax on the hoaxers, pretending a bunch of "scholars got together and co-wrote a book" cost James Tracy his job!  

When James Tracy didn't divulge he "co-authored" the for profit book "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook", FAU had sufficient cause to terminate.

FAU is currently seeking costs, seeking over $43,000 in costs including "$69.96" for purchasing copies of "Nobody Died at Sandy Hook".

Jim Fetzer's book has not only been debunked, but it has been proven to fraudulently edited and filled with intentional disinformation. 


Anonymous said...

Jim Fetzer has always been a slime-ball making money off of this garbage. Whenever people present him evidence that his arguments are complete trash, he goes into full attack mode. He always has to remind us that he's got 35 years teaching logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning. Why don't any of his arguments give evidence of that teaching? He STILL insists that they "rearranged the children to get a better shot" in the Hicks photo. He literally has to be blind to not see that they are different children.

Chuck said...

Fetzer also believes (or perhaps pretends to believe) that the Twin Towers were turned into nanodust by a space beam. The truther movement is riddled with whackos like Jim Fetzer and Judy Wood. Glad you continue to expose these people posing as serious investigators.

Anonymous said...

Luckily Fetzer is nearly 80, in bad shape, and will likely expire within a few years, but there are plenty of others like him much younger. There's not many people in the world that I hope expire quickly but he may be one. Watching him nearly pop blood vessels on every show he's on is sort of funny though.