Friday, February 16, 2018

Phillip Craigie Professor Doom - Sandy Hook Hoax Leader going to prison for violent robbery

Sandy Hook Facts is attempting to obtain more information about the violent attempted murder  perpetrated by Sandy Hook Hoax leader "Professor Doom"; known in "real life" as Phillip Craigie. Obviously, Doom is no Professor, but he is a career criminal.

 What is known about the latest crime of Doom is what is in this article:

Montana Armed Robbery and Attempted Murder by Hoaxer Phillip Craigie Professor Doom
According to the article:
(T)he Great Falls police responded to a stabbing at Park Manor on September 25.
Police obtained security footage, which showed another man identified as Samuel Darling leaving Park Manor with the victim.
The victim was ambushed in the alley and the footage shows Phillip Craigie wielding a knife.
Craigie's wife Samantha was identified as driving a vehicle into the alley during the assault.
According to the plea agreement, the state will recommend 15 years to the Montana State Prison with five suspended.

More details of the Craigie's knife ambush are found in an article by the Great Falls Tribute:

According to court documents, Craigie waited outside a downtown apartment building on Sept. 25 while another man, Sam Darling, led the victim outside. Surveillance footage from the apartment building reportedly shows Darling, a co-defendant in the case, watch Craigie ambush and stab the victim five times before stepping back inside the apartment building.
Craigie reportedly fled on a bicycle and was not found for nearly two weeks. Officers with Great Falls Police Department's Patrol and Investigations Bureau took him into custody Oct. 6.

Doom was well known for issuing death threats

Craigie is just another to whom authorities turned a blind eye.  His threats were reported numerous times; however, no action was ever taken.

Listen to Doom attempt to threaten and intimidate Sandy Hook parent Lenny Pozner.

More threats - this time with "Spitfire"...
Doom threatened to go on a killing rampage, going after everyone on his "scrub list". Doom's co-host, Eric Wilkinson, sickeningly laughs it up calling it "the purge" and appearing to encourage it.

To say that these are two very violent and scary Sandy Hook Hoaxers is an understatement.  Unlike Wilkinson, I find nothing funny about Professor Doom's threats about his intent as to a "scrub list".  I doubt the man Craigie stabbed nearly to death is laughing about Craigie's propensity, either.

Life Sentence - Armed Robber - Three Striker
Professor Doom was given a life sentence in California based on California's Three Strikes law; however, he was released early due to prison reform. California's "prison reform" continues to this day, loosing numerous dangerous people back onto the streets.  While Craigie was a violent felon and career criminal who committed armed robbery; one of his felonies, Auto theft, his "third strike" was later considered to be "non violent" and, thus, Craigie was released from prison after 10 years. Craigie, of course, leaves California to avoid his third strike here.

Craigie's most violent known felony was an attempted to rob an elderly man with a shotgun.  When the victim had no money, Craigie kidnapped him and locked him in a shed.   All of this was well known to his hoaxer partners, as Doom himself showed the documents in a video and openly discussed his crimes once he was "doxed" as a career criminal.

In my files somewhere is a recording of Craigie boasting something to the effect of "If I threaten you with a shotgun, you know I'll do it". This, to my recollection, was said to a live chat of his fellow hoaxers.

Phillip Craigie - Independent Media Solidarity 
Craigie is closely linked to Wolfgang Halbig, Tony Mead, and other top ranked hoaxers, Including Independent Media Solidarity. Some of these links were discussed here:

  Craigie as "Professor Doom" was one of the "experts" used in the hoaxer tripe called "We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook". Professor Doom claimed "legal expertise".  Of course, his only real "expertise" was filing a complaint that he was deprived of "toilet paper" for a whole day!  It was obviously dismissed by the courts as frivolous nonsense.

  Doom's segment was quickly debunked by Sandy Hook Hoax Debunker  Samuel Spieltens.

Phillip Craigie - Nazi Low Rider
In addition to being a wild eyed conspiracy theorist and a violent felon, Craigie is also a card carrying member of the Nazi Low Riders. Doubtless, he joined in prison. However, even after release he flew their banner.  His email address speaks for itself:

Phillip Craigie's email adress is
NLR is obviously Nazi Low Rider and the 88 refers to "HH" or "Heil Hitler". His antisemetic rants can be found throughout the internet.

Pete Santilli and Phillip Craigie.. and the Bundy's
Doom teamed with Santilli to spread propaganda during the Bundy takeover of Malheur.  Here is a video of "final four" occupier David Fry addressing Professor Doom.  Craigie often encouraged people to arm up and go to Oregon.

Professor Doom attacks CW Wade
Craigie often attacked and trolled Sandy Hook Facts and CW Wade. Here are a few examplies

He made several videos about or directed to Sandy Hook Facts; however, the most enjoyable was when the unhinged Craigie accused Sandy Hook Facts of using ducks to prove pre-knowledge of the Umpqua - Oregon shooting.

"Inner Circle" and/or Sandy Hook Hoax leaders doin' hard time

Professor Doom aka Phillip Craigie - Robbery and Battery - currently in prison in Montana
Justin Woolie aka Justin Hess - Murder  - currently in prison in Cobb County, Georgia
Fisher of Men aka Bryce Cuellar - Threat to use biological toxin (terrorims) Currently in Prison in nevada
Scotty Walker aka Jonathan Reich - Harassment, released
Marc Watson - Child porn - Currently in prison in United Kingdom; however, he is soon to be loosed on society again.


Unknown said...

Notice my name has NO criminal charges attached to it, nor do I have ANY history of violence. The "purge" he mentioned, was the calling out of known liars on youtube, not physically hurting anyone. I have not spoke with Doom in over a year. This association you are attpting to create is complete lies. If my name is not IMMEDIATELY removed from this article, I will be contacting my attorney for slander & liable. said...

Note: The audio of Eric and Craigie’s “purge” discussion is not working. Will fix shortly. said...

Nice try, whomever you may be. The words speak for themselves and no one need to feign stupidity to appease your embarrassment. Why dont you make up for it and issue apologies to all the families your hoaxer lies have harmed... whoever you may be. The last person who attempted to violate my free speech (Wolfgang) Owes me $25,000. The recording is fixed. You are documented. said...

Nice try, whomever you may be. The words speak for themselves and no one need to feign stupidity to appease your embarrassment. Why dont you make up for it and issue apologies to all the families your hoaxer lies have harmed... whoever you may be. The last person who attempted to violate my free speech (Wolfgang) Owes me $25,000. The recording is fixed. You are documented.

Unknown said...

Wow, I knew these hoaxers are moral scum but did not realize how criminal they are, as well.

I hope this Nazi creep never sees the outside of a prison again. He is an anti social Sickie, just the sort attracted to this kind of ugly madness.