Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hoaxer Justin Woolee Justin Hess - Premeditated Murder

Hoaxer Justin Woolee Justin Hess - Premeditated Murder

UPDATE 12/23/16 - Woman called 911 on Hess the day beforeOn Thursday, a woman who wants to remain nameless, said she too called 911 the day before Newson did. She said she was outside at a local daycare when she claimed Hess began to follow her, first on foot.
"I was at the school trying to get in a door and he was at a door trying to get in also," the woman said.
The school was locked and the woman said she knew she had to get away from Hess when he started telling her that he was, "the chosen one."
"I turned the corner and I ran to my car," she said.

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As covered in my first blog on the, well known gun nut and Sandy Hook hoaxer / truther has been arrested for double murder.

Hess had a long history of threatening commentary, such as claiming he was going to "vote from the rooftop" because the election was "rigged" for Hillary Clinton.

Hess was also a radical alt-right gun hoaxer truther and suffered from obvious mental illness.  Hess was on my radar as a possible hoaxer who would turn into a shooter/killer; as a result, I subscribed to him and kept tabs on him.  Many others felt the same way. Several called him "Justin Adam Lanza Wooley".

A recent Youtuber commented "I'm surprised he killed his mom. I thought he was going to blow up a building like Timothy McVey".

I second that.  Hess was a ticking time bomb and authorities ignored it.

Hess' recent posts and videos clearly indicate that he was likely planning his killing spree that left two dead, including his own mother.

Justin Hess is a Sandy Hook Hoaxer
I've been asked if there is a direct link from Justin Hess / Justin Woolee to Sandy Hook Hoaxers. Justin was a "auto hoaxer"; believing just about every mass shooting was a hoax and every conspiracy published on Youtube. One of Justin's wild-eyed claim to "Sandy Hook Hoaxer fame" was wide spread distribution of the Debunked Hoaxer meme that Sandy Hook parent David Wheeler played an FBI Sniper.   Here are a few screen shots of Justin Woolee's video being shared around the internet.  Woolee deleted all of the videos on his main channel; except a select few. This video was among those deleted.

A friend of Justin Hess is posting that Hess developed a drug problem; methamphetamine to be exact.   This makes sense, considering his "Faces of Meth" mug shot.  Note the newly developed pitting on his face. Many drug addicts develop that from picking at their face during their drug induced haze.

Justin Woolee's last days:

As to Premeditated murder; I highly suspect Justin Woolee had been planning going out in a "blaze of glory" and / or killing people for the past several weeks.  Here are some posts Wooley made:
and here:

Additionally, Hess deleted his entire library of videos except a few very uncharacteristic videos within the past few weeks. You can find his main channel here.

The Address Hess gives is his home address; the address where he killed his mother.

Wooley also made this creepy video.  Apparently, I was one of the few to download this video.

Justin Wooley / Justin Hess 911 Call

Booking document  from Cobb County Sheriff:


Anonymous said...

Yeaup, this is the type of deluded paranoid who likes to strap on his side arm, while inside his house, casually walk by the mirror and quickly look at his reflection to see how tough he looks. Sadly, there are many, many more to worry about.

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU FOR COMPILING FACTS ON THIS GANG OF THUG HOAXERS. WE HAD THE SAME TYPE. BUT NOT KIND, HOOLIGAN HOAXERISM/SCAMMING& GOING ON OVER THERE IN UK WITH FAKE SRA CLAIMS IN LONDON BY CRIMINAL ELEMENTS ABUSING THEIR OWN KIDS TO GET CLICKS ON YT. (aka Fake News) DESPICABLE Shocking Tragedy in Newtown and then HARASSMENT OF INNOCENT VICTIM'S of horrrific crimes by making Outlandish Claims Immediately available to Millions of Gullible, Crazy, Paranoid and Violent People on-line. Fake News Incites On-line psychos to troll for kicks on Mental Defectives like that Hess guy for example. His meltdown over time was witnessed like UK perps'. A Couple People were sectioned/Jailed/Orders in UK for Vile hoaxing smearing a WHOLE Community. Most recently an American named Rupert Quintance IV from VA., Alex Jones Lover and "contest" winner on SEVEN Counts of harassment!! The ugly American to be sure. LOL There should be a law that these nuts only get so many "police contacts" and "CALLS" before Cops can have them Sectioned or DECIDE to ignore them Calling their Offices! Why do you think Hess' activity was "Ignored" completely by Local and Fed. Police?? Did I misunderstand your emphasis? Sorry in advance and Keep up the good work! Happy New Year C.W.