Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sandy Hook Hoax Hoaxers threaten to stab UCC Hero Chris Mintz

The stalking of the victims of the Umpqua Community College school shooting by Sandy Hook Hoax Hoaxer conspiracy theorists is in full swing, and they wasted no time threatening to stab hero Chris Mintz. reports that Hoaxer Kelly A. Hunter, in what appears to be a delusional schizophrenic rant concerting the Umpqua Shooting, states:

"I want to stab Chris and make him have
some more wounds we can really see."
-Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theorist

This is a small taste of things to come and authorities should take the necessary protections because this group has harassed, threatened, attacked, and killed in the past and they are very serious in their paranoia and violent disposition.  Furthermore, most are heavily armed.

This is the same group of people that created the Sandy Hook conspiracy video that UCC lead investigator, Sheriff John Hanlin, promoted from his facebook.

The Sandy Hook Hoaxers offer many examples that would give reasonable cause to be concerned, such as this message sent to a parent of a slain six-year old Sandy Hook student.   victims of the UCC shooting might take notice, because the hoaxers are coming.

Hoaxer Jerrod Miller when on a rampage that left three people, including two police officers, dead. Miller and his wife Amanda killed themselves, bringing the death toll to 5.

Prominent Sandy Hook Hoax group member Ryan Ehlis killed his 5 week old daughter by shooting her with a shotgun as she slept. He escaped prison or the death penalty by claiming his medication is wrong. He currently spouts delusional paranoid rants, declaring nearly every shooting a government hoax, is angered by  "chemtrails", brags about his extensive fire arms collection, and promotes drug use. 

Ryan provides his expertise on gunshot victims:


Anonymous said...

All these basement-dwelling idiots think they have everything figured out, everything to plug into their hoaxer puzzle. None of them, however, do any actual ground research. They make claims about victims, their families, their friends...all without actually having first-hand account or statements from those people...all without learning these children actually died that day.

When did it become OK to accuse parents of a child of lying about that child's death because they didn't make a photo of the dead child available?

Fact is, NONE of these are hoaxes or fakes...the delusional just claim so many of them are, that they have become conditioned to believing they are all fakes based on that fact-less assumption.

Anonymous said...

Its it any coincidence that the people perpetuating these lies also have strong gun-rights opinions?

Let's be clear - it is the anti-gun lobby that is morally responsible for the threats and harraasment against mass-shooting victims.

Anonymous said...

Sandy Hook is classified. The powers that be have gone to great lengths to redact and withhold all evidence which makes ground research very difficult said...

Sandy Hook Is not classified peabrain.