Monday, July 13, 2015

Sandy Hook Facts will not release Sandy Hook clean-up contract andcompletion invoices

As discussed with several confidants, Sandy Hook Facts has come into possession of copies of the original work orders and completion invoices for the clean up of Sandy Hook Elementary School.  These documents were not released with the final report.

For nearly two years, the issue of the biological clean-up has been brought up by hoaxers as they presumed the answer to the question "Who cleaned up [Sandy Hook Elementary school]?" might provide them, at long last, their first piece of evidence of hoax. Sandy Hook Facts debunked them last year, answering the question and proving that answer using research from the final report.  Clean Harbors, a biological clean up company, cleaned up SHE.

Wolfgang still asks the question, Fetzer was unable to grasp the answer.  One hoaxer even threatened a Judy Wood-esque Qui Tam lawsuit over the clean up.  

It has long been the policy of Sandy Hook Facts to release the documents we obtain in the interest of public knowledge.  First and foremost, this site is for investigation, not "debunking".

The reality is, there is not a lot left to be researched into the Sandy Hook Tragedy and there is nothing left to debunk of the hoaxer invented "Sandy Hook Hoax".  In fact, the last five or six "bombshell" pieces of hoaxer "evidence" have turned out to literally be fabricated fraud.  An example of this fraud is when Sandy Hook Hoax Group manipulated an email from Flex-Fit Corporation. Hoax Group was caught red faced and red handed when the vice president of the company spoke out against Hoax Groups fraud.

More recently, Hoaxers were caught lying about the identity of a Connecticut State Police Sergeant. 

 Hoaxers go beyond getting debunked, they get proven to be fakes and frauds every time they piece together their drivel.

Therefore, at some point it, it seems there must be a line that shouldn't be crossed just to prove hoaxer craziness.  The pain that the documents I've obtained could cause outweighs their "debunk value".  Is there anything really new in the documents? No, other than details that are unnecessary to investigation.   The documents prove Clean Harbors did in fact do the clean up, exactly as stated in the final report and they were paid for their work.  The invoices show a horrific job in the aftermath of a horrific tragedy.

If at some point hoaxers get the documents and release true copies, the documents will affirm what Sandy Hook Facts and the Final Report contend, Clean Harbors did the work. If the hoaxers cut bait and release fabricated documents, we have original copies in reserve to refute.

For me and some others who have seen these documents, perhaps it's a matter of "be careful of what you ask for."

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