Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sandy Hook Hoax Cache Date Debunked

"We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook" is debunked again.  For this episode,  the Google and Bing cache date tripe is debunked by Samuel Spieltens in this masterful piece. 

Unfortunately for the hoaxers, the Arlington (Ohio!) High School (Red Devils) is not "in on" the vast government conspiracy, as they absurdly allege.  Most rational people would not be surprised to learn that; but for those who blindly follow hoaxers, that issue is put to rest.

This video also shows how hoaxers attempt to hide any evidence which refutes their claims.

From the video:

Cache timestamps don't work the way hoaxers think they do. The latest from 13 Incredibly Stupid Things in "We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook"

Jeremy on SpireCMS:
Jeremy on SpireCMS part II:
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Is this High School part of a "Uber Government Conspiracy"
as alleged by Hoaxers?  Sam answers!

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