Wednesday, January 28, 2015

William Shanley's Lawsuit DISMISSED

 William Shanley's "Sandy Hook Hoax" lawsuit vs
Bee, Courant, New York Times et al is DISMISSED
"frivolous and no plausible grounds for relief...."

Without motion, hearing, or requiring an answer of the defendants, the federal court has summarily dismissed one of the two "trillion dollar" Shanley lawsuits.   I will post a blog update when I get the documents for the second dismissal; anticipated as coming soon.

The lawsuit discussed here:

Shanley is still sitting in jail on felony charges:

The dismissed case (Case No 3:14-cv-01881 JAM) was filed December 17, 2014.  The lawsuit sought in excess of 5 billion dollars and included defendants Shannon Hicks, The Bee, New York Times, and the Hartford Courant, among others and alleged vast government conspiracy citing and Wolfgang Halbig and James Fetzer as his experts.

The action was predictably dismissed as frivolous and failure to state a claim. In closing, the court wrote:

"In short, plaintiff’s claims are frivolous and furnish no plausible or conceivable grounds for relief. Accordingly, the complaint is DISMISSED pursuant to 28 U.S.C. § 1915(e)(2)(B). Plaintiff’s motion to proceed in forma pauperis (Doc. #2) and motion to participate in electronic filing (Doc. #5) are DENIED as moot in light of the dismissal of this action."

I will update this post with a link to the full order of the court as soon as the pdf host is finished with maintenance.  There is also a second order that I am trying to get my hands on.

Full PDF:

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