Friday, January 16, 2015

William Shanley Jailed for Felony Assault on Public Safety Official

*Update: See also: Shanley's Lawsuit Dismissed!

Published conspiracy theorist William Shanley, of New London, Connecticut, caused a stir in the "conspiracy theorist" world when he filed federal lawsuits seeking a trillion dollars in damages alleging Sandy Hook was a hoax and the media coverage complicit and fraudulent.  Shanley filed his lawsuits "pro se" (without an attorney) and the suits contain irrational wild speculation and cite Jim Fetzer and Wolfgang Halbig as his experts; their writings as his evidence. can now confirm Shanley has been arrested on multiple charges including felony attempted assault on a public safety official/EMT.

 Shanley's pending lawsuit was covered in detail on this blog: 

Court Records
Court records indicate the following charges

StatuteDescriptionClassTypeOccOffense Date


53a-167aINTERFERE WITH OFFCR/RESISTINGAMisdemeanor112/31/2014

53a-181BREACH OF PEACE 2ND DEGBMisdemeanor112/31/2014

Records indicate Shanley was arrested on December 31, 2014 by the New London Police Department and further indicate his next hearing is set for February 4, 2015. 

Court Records also indicate other cases where Shanley was convicted of misdemeanor Breach of Peace on September 12, 2011 as well as listing several other unspecified criminal cases:

Other Docket Numbers#: L18WMV020210678S
Other Docket Numbers#: L18WCR020109363S
Other Docket Numbers#: L18WCR020109362S

 While these criminal cases would not likely have a direct effect on his trillion dollar lawsuit against the media organizations, I have already opined that the cases is a text book non-suit and will be dismissed without leave to amend at the outset because they fail to state a valid cause of action.


Anonymous said...

William Shanley's background:

So we are to believe that a scrawny looking 63 year old guy "assaulted a police officer" in today's Amerika? Could there be another motive here, such as intimidation?

CW Wade said...

Why would anyone need to intimidate him? Neither his lawsuit nor his "no money" system represents any sort of threat to "the establishment" .. if I was to read between the lines, especially considering his rants of late, I'd guess he had a little mental episode then assaulted the medical professions trying to help him.

Anonymous said...

Shanley is a nutjob, to be sure. And the lawsuit is a waste of everyones time. But pretty sure this WAS a staged event and action should be taken of some kind.

Anonymous said...

Shanley has been an obvious loon from the get-go. It tells you a everything you need to know about Professor Fetzer and Professor Tracy that they found him so persuasive.

Anonymous said...

I appears as is WS is a participant in an obvious set-up to discredit Awake Non-Sheeple

Anonymous said...

Right, it's obvious that the government put those words in his mouth and had already given him a prior. Obvious

Nancy's Pet Falcon said...

Great work Wade. I am so glad you are keeping a watchful eye out for The Republic! Is that a real mugshot? Where did you get from? It looks like Shanley is in a silk kimono. Was he arrested in a gay Japanese bath!
Seriously, where did you get it? It's not on the CT Dept of Corrections site...although it is listed for December 31, 2014...not 2012..and since you screwed the pooch on that one cowboy, you might want to change the next hearing to February 4, 2015. Tsk, tsk!
Hey, since we are talking about felons, when is David A. Bryson's next scheduled sentencing? Since you seem to have inside info, that would be appreciated. Thanks ahead of time. I look forward to getting more answers from you in the future concerning these pesky grave stalking hoaxers.

Anonymous said...

That No Money video he made was insane. Still, the banksters are a major problem for the world.

Anonymous said...

Why does his mug shot, look more like an action shot, LMAO!!!!

William Brandon Shanley said...

See this for US Court of Appeals motion including court exhibits: Will Shanley said...

Thanks for the uodate! I am monitoring your appeal and will cover it in my blog when it is dismissed for failing to state a plausible case for recovery as a pauper case.

William Brandon Shanley said...

Attorney will be appointed. See private attorney general to benefit public. said...

I already know it will be summarily dismissed with prejudice.. no lawyer.. no hearing .. just waiting on Judge order