Sunday, January 4, 2015

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook - EXIF Date Data Debunked

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook - EXIF Date Data Debunked
Sandy Hook Hoax - EXIF Date Data Debunked
QK Ultra Debunked

This video debunks the Hoaxer claims that Newtown Bee's EXIF Data is evidence of pre-planning and hoax.

In "We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook", Conspiracy Theorist "QK Ultra"  downloaded a Newtown Bee video created and uploaded to Youtube on December 14, 2012 and discovered that the EXIF Data showed a creation date of December 13, 2012.

Without doing any further fact checking or investigation, Hoaxers have declared this a marquee piece of the "evidence."

When subjected to fact checking, the Hoaxer claim that the EXIF data of videos downloaded off of youtube did not stand up to close scrutiny; as is the case with every Hoaxer Claim.

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook is debunked, again.


Anonymous said...

what happened to your youtube channel?

CW Wade said...

My channel thrives. Thanks for asking!

ScottAnthony said...

Where is the "debunking" part of this article? Not trying to be snide... I just don't see where the EXIF is actually "debunked." It was my understanding that the EXIF was confirmed as 12/13/2012. Can you add to the article how this was declared as false? Thanks... -SA

CW Wade said...

It's a Video