Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Negative Reaction to inevitable Sandy Hook Lawsuits

If you have been following the news and social media responses to the news of the lawsuits  filed by the estates of Noah Pozner and Jessie Lewis, two victims at the Sandy Hook massacre, you are now seeing some of the anticipated negative fall-out.

WTNH is carrying some of the reaction here:

I provided my review of the lawsuit here:

The lawsuit is powerful in presentation and outlines the statutes and duties governing the operation of school in this post-Columbine world and alleging very specific breaches of those statutory duties; the heart of a Negligence Per Se type action.

What good are statewide safety procedures if  the facilities do not have the capability to comply?

This is the crux of the question at hand.

 The answer may best be provided by insurance companies and their requirements upon facilities to obtain insurance at reasonable rates. Insurance companies nationwide will take notice of this action and this could result in a national good.

Isn't this preferred to more unfunded mandates pass by legislatures?  I would say so. 

Newtown should not take this lawsuit personal.  This lawsuit is necessary brave step to take this question to the next level; preventing tragedies like this in the future.  Newtown is simply the government entity that must be the defendant because this tragedy did happen there.


Anonymous said...

They didnt even list the correct names of the officals directly being mentioned in this lawsuit. Or get the right state, in one persons case. Are you kidding me? What are you smoking?

CW Wade said...

It wont matter as that can be fixed. There is a reason for it but it wouldn't be appropriate to divulge it; in any event, from a legal perspective it's a small issue that can and will be amended.

Anonymous said...

This lawsuit ISN'T about money, it's about affecting change...change that has the potential to save other children's lives by forcing the state and schools to make school less vulnerable to these kinds of attacks.