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Sandy Hook Hoax Group Stalks Stay Family Funeral Service - Houston, Texas

A member of Sandy Hook Hoax group ratcheted up the pursuit of Cassidy Stay, the brave sole survivor of the Houston Massacre. A massacre that left the fifteen year old girl's mother, father, and four siblings dead; shot execution style in the head. Ron Haskel, the child's "ex" uncle has been charged with the slayings.

While Sandy Hook Hoax Group has no facts at their disposal with which to conduct critical analysis, they have set about to demonize and stalk the young girl in thousands of posts; members repeatedly posting disgusting photos and commentary, as seen below.

As readers know, Sandy Hook Hoax is a group operated by Tony Mead, Eric Pearson, and a third, nameless Canadian who uses multiple fake names and male and female "fake" accounts, including names such as "swan"  and "Craving Morehead".  Reportedly, Swan/Craving MoreHead uses those accounts to attempt to avoid Canadian Authorities and Canada's very strict stalking and defamation laws.  I have documented Sandy Hook Hoax's proclivities on this blog many times before, most recently when Sandy Hook Hoax  supported Susan Stanton's desire to go to Newtown and dig up Daniel Barden's grave by publishing her article.

The Sandy Hook Hoax Group is a closed and closely monitored group that strictly enforces a group think atmosphere by banning anyone who does support their conspiratorial view point or any in way goes against their ideals.   For example, any member who dared speak out against the Stay family stalking was ridiculed and banned.   This is one such example of ensuring everyone is on board with the group 'activities':

Apparently emboldened by the paranoid group think atmosphere, Houston resident Asia Payne decided she would attend the Stay family viewing and memorial service and report back to the group, much to the giddy like pleasure of the group. Apparently children's funerals are something they relish, as they prepared "popcorn".

Asia Payne's quest began, excitedly asking "Who are we stalking?".  Shortly thereafter, she announced the answer to her own question. Asia had picked out her "purtiest dress" to attend the viewing of the Stay Family.

Surprisingly, Asia did go to the Stay family service. An abbreviated version of the commentary is here; full version below. It should be noted that Asia Payne has deactivated her account at this time; thus her comments are no longer available in the group.

At the service, Asia Payne announced she had "hugged her" (Cassidy).  Asia then returned to her seat and announced she was "sitting there shaking with anger", a statement that should send a chill down anyone's spine.  Luckily Asia cell phone died and she decided to leave, without letting her anger take control of her or taking her anger out on anyone in attendance of the solemn occasion.

Here are some of the comments:

Notes, Stalking Commentary, and Images:

Full Version of the Stay Service:

Here are three pdf downloads of their comments (as of 7-15-14):

Asia Payne's Facebook before she deactivated it
Thanks, Satan!
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  • Karla Kelly Hartman That's not the devil horns, it's ASL for "love"... just sayin".
  • Ryan Carr Yes, ILY Satan 
  • Deborah Thornton “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” The signs of Satanism, Pedophilia, Incest and all sorts of human degeneration are now seen everywhere in the USA. “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law” is the self-serving motto. The goal is to socially re-engineer humanity to self-serve itself thus destroying the higher centers of their brain and the consciousness that helps them evolve. This is an excerpt from the Satanic Bible: Horned hand or mano cornuted: This gesture is the Satanic salute, a sign of recognition and allegiance between members of Satanist or other unholy group.
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  • Deborah Thornton I'm not a religious person but this is no joke. These people believe in casting spells and worshipping evil which is what her statement about loving Harry Potter was all about. It's all about their sick agenda.
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  • James Clark there their they're .... one symbol can have multiple meanings. I seriously doubt it means "I love you". I don't trust Cassidy and her papaw. I doubt her family is dead either. The uncle in the courtroom hearing appeared drugged and disoriented, did anyone else notice that?
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  • Deborah Thornton No ange.. does not mean I love you... that symbol for satan has been around long before the long has the I love you deaf hand sign been around? ask yourself that question..
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  • Aimee White My God! Watch this Bitch on NBC with Matt Lauer. I know people that lost children, and she's simply defying anyone that I've met that has lost a CHILD not just 3 children! This looks and sounds like one of the Sandy Hoax parents
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  • Aimee White Oh, and she doesn't forget to mention the Fund Raising names in this interview without being prompted, just like Sandy Hoax parents
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  • Stephen Dickerson lookie there's a fingertip bandage LMAO
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  • Stephen Dickerson they had to put something on that amputation. I suppose now the story is they reattached her fingertip.
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  • Pamela Jane Damn that' "rapid tissue regrowth disease" didn't get to her finger in time. I don't know much about guns, but wouldn't her finger get blown to multiple pieces not just into two.
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  • Elisa McCarthy I was looking into that Jody Dellinger guy that Asia mentioned last night. He is running the Gofundme page and was seen at the visitation very close to Cassidy at all times and apparently he is a retired Navy chief and his background includes being a damage control instructor/trainer. I just thought that was an interesting, uncommon background and I'm not sure exactly what his ties to the Stay family are.
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  • Stephen Dickerson again, you have a small caliber bullet that ricochets off her fingertip, but causes the rest of the victims to be closed caskets. Right. Uh huh.
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  • Elisa McCarthy And I'm wondering what kind of bullet just grazes your head but like Stephen said, caused everyone else to be closed casket? And what are the odds of it barely getting your finger and ricocheting and barely getting your head as well? Not buying it.
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  • Aimee White Case Closed! 100% proof that nobody died, and nobody got hurt at Houston Hoax!
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  • Cynthia Marie Yeah.... What it's Really about..
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  • James Clark Are they going to have a funeral, bury 6 empty caskets into 6 empty plots? And more fake (non-existent) tears with Kassidy putting on a sad but I'm still smiling mourning show?
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  • Stephen Dickerson So they would have us to believe that while aiming a pistol at the back of her head he didn't notice her hands were untied? BS.
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  • Caroline Bogart Doubters who believe she's flashing ILY rather than Hail Satan. Is she deaf? Does she expect her audience is deaf?
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