Friday, July 25, 2014

Our Grief Denied: The Twisted Cruelty Of Sandy Hook Hoaxers

Our Grief Denied:
The Twisted Cruelty Of Sandy Hook Hoaxers

This is an excerpt from the latest Hartford Courant Article:,0,6429493.story

Among their most active leaders is Tony Mead, apparently a resident of Florida. For several months, this serial cyber stalker has hosted a Facebook page where he has amassed a cult following of like-minded hoaxers who ravenously feed off each other's paranoia and hatred for anyone who was affected by the Sandy Hook tragedy.

This is not a place where meaningful discussions are held or investigative inquiries are made. This is a place where strategies are plotted against grieving relatives and children's identities are stolen and exploited to fulfill a twisted fantasy.

Mead's contempt for the slain children is evidenced by the image that graces his Facebook page: A pale-white little girl with dark rings around her eyes. She is dirty, as if she has just crawled from the grave. A filthy forefinger is pressed against her pursed lips. Her devious grin implying that she is an undead or zombie child who is keeping a deadly secret from the gullible masses.

 Please visit the Courant for the full article,0,6429493.story

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