Thursday, May 15, 2014

Noah Pozner Medical Exam Released
Lenny Pozner, father of Noah Pozner, has done a remarkable thing. I must tell you today I am sad of heart having reviewed these documents.

Lenny has released the first page of the  written report by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. The details are horrific.

The report shows he was found Supine in Classroom 8.  As you may or may not know, the bodies of the children had been removed from the restroom where they huddled by  an EMT of over 30 years experience, as he checked them for signs of life.

I explained in my video, they were Triaged using a "SMART" tagging system and each victim received four assessments including EKG.    This report shows the EKG tabs still affixed.

Wolfgang and Sandy Hoaxers have claimed ad nauseum that no EMS were allowed in. This report affirms my assertion to the contrary, in fact, a paramedic determined death, just as I have explained in the past. 

Death was determined by Paramedics, as it shows in this report.  I have explained this fact to Wolfgang, hoaxers, and the community on the radio and in video.  Paramedics absolutely can perform a presumption of death and they did so with Sandy Hook victims under the direction of Dr. Broderick of Danbury Hospital.

This is not an "I told you so" to hoaxers. This is a "Get your facts right"; stop spreading misinformation and lies.  While this document is new because in the report, it is redacted, the information is not. I have explained it all before because the information is in the report.

The document is signed as certified by Louis Ramaldi, on 12-15-12.

The document explains what Noah was wearing; and I recall Dr. Carver when he stated: "They were wearing kid stuff".  They were indeed. Noah was wearing a red and black "Batman" sweatshirt.

I mention that today, because today I am saddened reading it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, there are 19 other parents of first graders who all have similar documents regarding the children they buried.  I ask you to look at Sandy Hook, starting with a bunch of dead children and educators and work your way out. It makes it much clearer; makes it easier to work through the bad information in the press, lies by hoaxers, and perhaps let you glimpse at the grief these parents felt.

Thank you Lenny for standing up and being counted. For being willing to lay it all on the line. For helping dispel the invented event "Sandy Hoax" and allowing us an unredacted glimpse into the tragedy that befell Sandy Hook Elementary School on 12-14-12.

CW Wade
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pomeroo said...

The Sandy Hook conspiracy ghouls demonstrate the depths of depravity to which human minds untrammeled by reason, logic, or decency can sink. They promote their deranged fantasies secure in the knowledge that normal people will recoil at the sheer evil on display and refuse to engage them.

Evil MUST be confronted. For a day's pay, any low low-rent private investigator could dispel the lies of conspiracists. Whenever Fetzer and his ilk venture into the light, they must be asked to produce evidence that a single murdered child is still alive or never existed.

Fight them! Expose them! Truth matters!