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Researchers Guide to the Sandy Hook Final report

Researchers Guide to the Sandy Hook Final report

Welcome to my Researchers Guide to the Sandy Hook Evidence.

I decided to share my "Cliff Notes" version of the Sandy Hook Reports. At this time I am publishing my notes for Books 1-9.  This will help you track down the reports you might be interested in.

Books 1-9 zip is here

Forensic interviews of the numerous witnesses and responders are mostly found in Books 5 and 6.

The Final Report and Appendix can be found here:
The Reports may be downloaded here:

My catalog does NOT include all reports.  It is the reports that I felt could contain relevent research material as I went through them.

Reports of little or no evidential value are generally not cataloged here.  At times I do not reference the document number; merely mentioning the data contained within a report of the book.

The brief descriptions given for each document are not for analysis but rather to ascertain what info in in the reports for research purposes.  Each Book is separated by section.

Format is as follows:
Document Number (a pdf document in the zip file) - Brief notes on contents

For reference purposes, I include some of my own notes or references in brackets - { } or ( ).

See my "Notes of abbreviations" at the end of the post for a key to the abbreviations I use.

Book 1
Reports by each officer as to death notification made to the family of each victim.
Individual reports concerning the return of property and effects of the victims to the families and other relevant property returns.
Reports concerning other meetings or onsite visits with families of the victims.

263454 The Final Report itself

Book 2 - Evidence reports

 Misc reports/action/CAD reports not cataloged
Injury report - teacher
Consent to search SHES
Hospital lockdown/stand down reports
Personnal property and mail screening reports
Counselor/Consulation mental health
--- all docs now listed

2135-Victim photo report 2 child victims
2380 school drawings library

3262- Call Service Report
4165- School PA All call
6246 staff accountibility
6263 Student Staff Count 489/91   -9 staff absent

8191- School Floor plan
13032 psych consultation Balboni
14533 69 pages of personnal property recovered and dispo
38557 hosp lockdown
41867 143561  Mail screenings from Adam Lanza 3 addresses
51517 Newtown Ofc Side Jobs -sinko
64228- Affidavit concerning paramedic and ambulance personnel that transported female victim deceased to Danbury Hospital.
69163 - six boxes of letters given to Peter Lanza
73008 Newtown 911 Call Service Log
74667 Supp - monitor - camera
84963 Trooper One aerial photo report
85131 Chalk hill meeting 3/13
109810 property return nil
99411  crime scene entry log
140460 Peter Lanza fireworks
143439 Guns ammo weight report
14356  mail screenings
151503 Gun purchase report Enfield 10-09-10 / savage 10-26-11; ATF legal purchase Nancy Lanza p1-4
152008 School Messenger reports
155856 Officer Call Signs
157593  mvr - nil
159702 Weapon report
  • $195+75 Savage
  • $400 Mini 14 sold Nancy Mar 10 to bidder
  • Mar 28 2011 Bushmaster $1164.94
  • Guns,etc Adam" note
  • Sale of Firearms report Jan 5 2012 Sold Glock 20SF 10 mm SMA461 $638.05
  • Winning bid of shotgun Saiga 12 $999
  • 20 round high cap drum for shotgun $224.99
163329  special duty constuction  jeney rosado
171468 Adam Lanza GPS report -Detailed with map
173520  Newtown PD Mtg Library
174181 Peter Lanza illegal fireworks
186518 FBI - shooter acted alone
182743 Police summary of FBI Interviews recd FOIA
189263 - Command post setup
193912  teachers  nil
194623 Yogananda Meehan Full Photo report
195358  Yogananda photos

198358 Yogananda Photos 12-14-12 - post search
198985 Aftermath Specialists - Clean up of Yogananda; turned over to Peter Lanza via Risk Control Private security.
206061  CI  nil
216359 report mtg re release rm 9 911 call
220671  case book nil
250882 911 call summaries

256555 Juvi victims transported to hospital 1218 in back of Ford Explorer; blood drip p3-4
257142 parents stuff still car, wants back
257202 Business Camera Canvass
257980 Roig missing cell phone
258008  SH Emergency response plan
258093 Victim injured foot in hospital (k teacher?)
258918  property from class -nil
259447 questionaire  nil
259462 consent to search she
259480 NEXGEN Cad
260162 Ambulance response log:
  • 0942- Unit: NEWTA2 Paramedic Robert Velleteri w/Marty Folan and John Burke ALS -female juvi ALS
  • 0945 Unit: NEWA3 - Paramedic Daniel Bradley w/Kenneth Lerman and Laurie Lerman
  • Natalie Hammond and Juvi male (ALS) to Danbury Hosp.
  • 1048 Femalie Bridgeport Hosp. BLS
  • 1356 Unit A325 Yogananda St DOA
Book 3 - Evidence Reports
-Misc reports not cataloged
-Authorization to return clothing of deceased children to families
-Dash cam Lt Davis 053 CTREG 138UTZ, BLUMENTHAL 686UTZ
-Chapman car 18 /misc dash cam reports not catalogs
--1.   Injury report - instep left foot large laceration.
--1-   Media report note 357 (#33) "security system" - 4 cars dvd (see 43870 PD vid)
2286 Extensive report from party friend of Nancy Lanza past 2 years
5383 Dicks sporting goods video - seized 12-14-11 @1115
17739 Consent to search yogananda by Ryan executor of estate
25726 Evidence report - Yogananda
51552 Nancy Cell phone report
51670 GPS report
51741 Hammond Gunshot report
54837 Blumenthals timeline

55705 Dash Cam Report LT Davis
  • 0947 parent in handcuffs
    0954 Ofc Chapman carrying victim asst by Lt Vanghele toward triage
    0956 TFC McGeever Carrying victim toward fire house
    0957 Ofc Scott Smith carrying Child survivor (rm 8?)
    0958 TFC Kick Driving Hammond to triage
    0959 Teachers running
    1001 Rick Thorne in handcuffs
    1002 Room 5 Class (Amy Taylor) by TFC Bennechi to Det VanNess
    1005 More students
    1005 Teacher w/shot (K1)
    1011 Children
    1020 Cafeteria workers
    1207 Search for Roigs phone
56732 Dash Cam footage TFC McGeever - time line of children exiting
66891  66962 List of dash cams
139508 Thorne's 911 call analysis - gun shot sounds  Ginsberg
111580 Analysis of Nancy Lanza phone

248797 Injury report (k1) p1-2

256286 Evidence from hospital including Hammonds injuries

256315 Hammonds Statement male dark hat mask; 100's rounds in 10-15 rd bursts. 7-8 breaks in shooting. Bullet holes in shoes.
---2 other deceased child victims from hosp.
---Hosp personnel named who confirmed death of both children.

257506 Home made video tapes of children escaping SHES 1005- 1100
258876 parent walk through of scene p2-5
258895 shooter blood sample from carpet piece p1

BOOK 4 -Evidence Reports
Misc uncatalogged evidence reports
Report re gunshot analysis from 911 calls   Ginsberg
Misc SW reports of no research value

--1--   Report re receipt psych reports of Adam Lanza
6561  Ryan computer search

1105 mis evidence reports
76719 Adams evidence from Guns and Gaming Room / book list.
79290 Lt. George Sinko's construction gig - Dash Cam -- left assignment @ 11:16.
79302 Newtown PD Video
79318 Dash Cam time line - Ofc. Seabrook 95 Car 13 .. title "Car 13 Chapman 098"
  • 0942.47 - Seabrook arrives
    0946.52 Sgt Cario arrives
    0948 parent in custody
    0959.01 Hammond via cruiser
    100705 teacher /gunshot victim
    1010 children exiting
79319 Bahamonde Timeline Dashcam
    79326 Timeline Dashcam - Ofc Chapman 98 car 18
    • Arrive - 93913 Vanghele 94237 95835 Sgt Odonnell arr
      1002 Vanglele, Cario w/child victim to triage
      1006, 1007, 1008, 1015, 1018, 1033, 1033 children exiting
      1025 Vanghele w/Roigs class
      dash cam time confirmed w/PD disp
    79319 Bahamonde S4 Car 9
    • 1002.10 child victim to triage
      Children exiting 1007, 1008 1015 1025 (roig) 1033.09 1033.44 

    104246 Dicks Sporting good report w/photos
    118128 exhibits obtained (nil info)
    152887 Transcript of K1's 911 call (foot injury)
    151485 Weapons report w/purchase dates p1, p4-5
    151496 Weapons report - Yogananda
    154319 Ginsberg proposal to perf audio analysis
    154399 Transcript of Secretary 911 call
    154439 Transcript of R9  911 call
    155237 Seized evidence report - bloody pics, arms stuff, journals, "C138"
    155346 Transcript of Thorne's 911 call
    156882 Transcript of CSP Radio
    159759 160731 175007 msc ginsberg
    171246 FBI - lanza electonic stuff turned over
    175096 Ginsberg Gunshot Analysis
    177420 Garmin Nav - 200
    177484  List of Adam docs seized
    179599 dash cam time discrepencies.. 10s - 1m21s off (davis)
    179629 Newtown Police transcript
    180670 Book of granny
    182028 Ginsberg Gunshot Analysis
    182444 return of vehicles
    182743 All FBI reports RE FOIA p1-103
    183916 Review of Docs from Peter Lanza
    184096 - Timeline of SHES incident
    180431 180467 184213 Yogan home tele report Nancy Tele
    190163 Report of theater - Re GPS Adam there early morning;
    • Per witness Corey Davidson, Supervisor, Adam at theater almost every weekend past 4 years playing DDR. from 6-11
      2nd Witness - Apr 2011 -witness Darren Price called him "DDR guy"; others had to put a token on the game just to get a turn. WOuld play from 2-6 for 4rs; sometimes with 2 others.
      Aug 2011 would play Fri - Sun 8-10 hrs. Shotoer finally told him his first name.
      Feb 2012 . same clothes, gray hoodie and slacks; more antisocial.
      last interaction - Aug or Sep 2012
    194593 Yogananda Mincey SW Return

    194599 Search warrant return Nancy, Adam Docs p -1-10
    194603 Search warrant return Yogananda Elec Devices
    194691 Review of Electronic Devices

    • Smigglesnsuch
      Instant Message: The Stranger, Smiggles
      gaming homosexual fantasy
    • Nancy folder, saiga 12, sales info
      Shooters External HD- Hundreds book marks firearms, military, mass murder, mass murder killing sprees, ammo, firearms
      Bucky Brightaner folder - hamsters
      Combat arms screen shots - 172
      Images of shooter holding guns to his head
      Videos of shooter playing DDR
      5 second video "postal" children being shot.
      Texts: weapons and magazine capacity
      catalog of firearms
      PBear, pedophile stuff, profiles, euro movie of man/boy love
      Rampage - Mass murder spreadsheet
      Baby attack story
      Screenplay - 10 y;/o boy & 30 y/o man
      ColGam01 - mass murder spreadsheet
      "me" 8 page doc of shooters views
      umm - marriage is abusive and negative
      My Pics: images of mass murders in categories by number killed
    215670 Supplement report - SW Nexon (Combat Arms ) accounts KAYNBRED, MG14c (note: clan)
    215694 Supplemental Report SW Blizzard (WoW) - shooters Username "blarvink"
    215728 Supp report SW Google -shooters email addresses:
    215730 Supp Report SW Google (info was gleaned fro Nexon)
    220671 Casebooks to SA
    222716 Evidence list
    228924 list of video games
    224813 320 GB External HD
    227767 Blood spatter /DNA report
    227971 227835 Electronic Evidence turned over to FBI
    228924 Gaming Console Report
    240678 Blizzard Entertainment SW Return report
    240708 240684 240671 Nexon - World of Warcraft SW Return reports
    244701 nil
    Book 5  - Forensic Reports of Witnesses
    Note: Reports by witness that are of little research value, such as "hearing popping over loudspeaker" and then hiding and being rescued are usually not cataloged.

    Room 10 Children: Survivors of Room 10
    PD = Taken to Newtown PD in minivan by parent who saw them running down the street.
    House = went to Gene Rosen's house; FH fire house
    6847, supplemental 2nd report - email from parent
    177428 Female child, PD, army guy bazooka
    180063 male child, PD, get to back of room, saw tall skinny, green army hat and camo, bazooka
    198959 male child, PD, saw "everything" bad man, army clothes with a bazooka shooting everyone in class. saw teacher, 2 students get shot dead, shooter shot at him but missed; saw Hochsprung dead
    198970 male, FH, green hat and clothes, big gun, shooting very fast, saw principal w/blood - saw lots of shooting
    256448 male child, PD - bazooka, camo
    258277 male child, House, army green pants brown jacket

    7407 Girl, mostly redacted (could be R8 girl)

    Relevant Teacher Reports:1418 2033 teacher home sick /absent
    2095 teacher who broke out windows and escaped
    --1, 1404 2171 2195 2281 2298 hid or huddled
    2236 heard male put gun down
    2254 saw legs, gun on floor Room (10?) during evac

    5444- ran away
    5509, 91247 Roig
    5524 Newtown School worker R9
    6254, 104089, 249481 - R9 teacher
    6329 teacher who hid in bathroom w/1 student
    6422 hundred shots, huddled in corner w/kids
    6441 teacher who climbed out window and ran away
    7937, 39308 School secretary - shooter, glasses, soft rim hat
    8101 2nd interview of probably secretary who may have set PA system.
    11964, 12200, 40126, 256315, 260314 Hammond
    19296 - probable staff interview. heard shooter talking. thought shooter in soto's first
    33302 saw two students and a teacher put in ambulance, helped evacs
    34897 other teachers climbed out window, left her alone .. found her students at FH
    39513 saw Rousseau close the door from across the hall
    38575 2nd interview of Room 9 staff person; heard (Room 9 survivor) girl say she is all alone.
    39326, 38650, 40231, 89715 2nd int Rm 9
    40013, 51508, 257217258013 -K1 injured
    256630 Nurse
    257144 Re: press/nancy lanza
    258279 was with male parent
    Relevant student:
    96528, heard shooter talking, saw dead boy, blood, girl covered in blood at fh (room 8?) hid in bathroom u/k room

    2195 poss sh em/pkg lot no info
    3250 bus driver (w/ Rosen -ie unnamed neighbor who took kids in house) 4 to Gene  5 up road
    63270, 104263 Thorne, in custody in a cruiser

    Relevant Parent Reports:
    1629 parent of survivor, mostly redacted.
    2296 appears to be parent of Gene child
    3341, 9062 - dumpster
    5519 - parent who left - times discussed 931 932 934; "65 y/o man" in dark clothing
    6236 - signed in @ 930
    6299 Room 9 Parent (911 caller)
    8244, 39484 {2nd} saw guy in east hallway after shooting started in waist length coat, saw hochspring exit Room 9, heard shots
    14498 male parent who was cuffed
    91354, 101180 - took 5 R10 survivors to police station (they had run 1/2 mile)
    163580 saw Ofc carrying boy to ambulance, saw kids running

    Book 6 -Responder's Forensic Statements

    Many documents are not included.  For example, an EMT who stood in the parking lot and did little relevent to an investigation of the incident might not be added to the catalog. However, an officer that made an Active Shooter entry or responder that treated victims is closely catalogged.

    --1 -Sgt David Kullgren Active Shooter; heard shots, saw kids running ("this is it") approached as shots rang out; cleared school, saw victims hall, shooter R10 deceased, checked victims R8 and R10 checked pulses
    black bdu; beige vest; 3 hg; mag clips taped; paramedic arrived to examine victis. State police major crime staff arrived.
    1113 Det Rachel Van Ness - evacs
    1362 TFC Joseph Bukowsky; childen already evac'ing @ 10 when he arrived. Checked woods and perim.
    2060 Lt Vanghele:
    •  Dumpster, talked Penna re rifle in trunk (OOO?), hallway bodies, active formation, custodian 1/2 down hall, thought they were first in, yelled at R8 girl to ("get back in the classroom").  , girl "I want to go home" Observed troopers come in trhough front broken window.   Bodies hall way.  Ran with Chapman with bloody girl (deceased at hospital) through parking lot "come on sweetie come on sweetie".  Run towards ambulance parked in back lot of SH FH.

      Came back by golf cart;  Observed Sgt Cario carry  boy (deceased at hospital) out and put him on ground asking for ambulance, put boy in back of his Explorer.  drove w/boy in back to arriving 2nd ambulance at FH. Boy was  drawing in air.

      Went back, saw shooter deceased in fetal position, he was cuffed, asked who shot him, was told shooter shot himself, seemed to have body size of 12 y/o , tshirt green vest, green or black pants on. glock . saw assault weapon. Thinks he saw 4 other bodies in that room. saw an "adult child" combination.

      Walked into room with Sgt Cario, at first thought no casualties, then saw a massive pile of bodies in the room. Wondered how suspect had time to kill them all and then stack them. Thought 15 bodies. Two adults were near the entrance. All other bodies in at the entrance or in the bathroom. Bodies stacked 2-3 high.  Sgt Cario was EMT.
      Cario started to pull the bodies out to open floor and check for life. Injuries were obviously fatal. Figured out the children were packed in there like sardines when killed. Describes scene in detail.  Was clear no one was alive.
      Saw Chief of Police.  Show room.  No onw alive.
      Rescues Roig class.  .. moves  cabinet to get to door. (see roig statement re pulling bookshelf)..detail account of Roig rescue including evac
      Confront man in area, had app on his phone, came to check it out.
      Ran last name Lanza, had HS officer Flynn check Newtown HS database. sent officers to Yogananda
    2090 DEEP Ofc Paul Hilli - evacs.

    2101 Ofc William Hull - car w/ pass door open, Dumpster. Saw Vanghele carry small child to ambulance, Hammonds, saw Ofc Penna secure long rifle  to trunk of black Honda and close door.
    pass door open.  Posted to yogananda

    2113 Matthew Cassevechia Director EMS.  Tactical Paramedic Operator 2006, Fed LEO Train Ctr.  Met with cario; arrive 10 am.  Highest Med Authority On Scene.    Set up phone contact with Dr. Broderic ME Control Phys at Danbury.  Cario esecorded Cassevechia, Reed (Tac Medic), and Bernie Meehan to soon.  Horrific scene;  children with horrific injuries.
    Victims formally traiged using the SMART Triage Program. 4 assessments done.

    2134 emt Chelsea Fowler - saw wounded teacher .. set up triage

    2358 Paramedic Supervisor John Reed (licensed since 1992) Tactical Paramedic Operator - arrived, geared up with vest, saw Hallstead, Cassevechia, Cario grabbed gear went in building.  Immed .223, assessed victims, shooter w/rifle 15' away, w/permission of Dr Pat Broderick authorized checking of obvious nonlife sustainable head wounds with cardiac machines.   R8, R10 with cardiac machines. triage tagged.  EKS attached to triage tags.

    3242 TFC Kenneth Christianson - Roig cell phone stuff

    8850 Water Co Capt Cedergren -saw victims, rescued those locked in library,

    6484 State wide narcotics task force - 8 officers named.  Active shooter; evacs - children and adults running at entered.  Students exiting SE corner by room 42

    7290 Master Sgt now lt Michael Davis   Troop A - XO- First groups in, active shooter formed up hall, Room 9, Hall, alarmed cuz R9 reported mask, shooter in R10 had no mask, multiple child casualties
    attempted to set up staging by radio; radio did not word. Ordered amb to base of drive way far enough not to be in danger.  Cario brought injured female. Other wounded to Lts vehicle. Taken to staging.  Concerned about amount of people in building order perimeter set up.

    7591 - TFC Micahel Mudry- active shooter, hall, room 10, shooter in green bdu pants, lifeless children, saw adult female face down on child trying to shield child, R8 vics, evac'd children

    8959 Trp Dawn Taylor evacs

    11235 TFC William Blumenthal (Registered nurse)- dropped shot gun round, entered lobby through front glass, active shooter, smell powder and blood checked pile of bodies rR8. Checked victims in R10 w/para. Noted shooter not wearing mask had jammed pistol

    12879 SGT Brent Aiken - spoke w/ R8 survivor as dad was cleaning blood off of her. worked in FH w/parents children

    11399 TFC Matthew Bell - Active shooter formation, R10 & R8 lifeless children, large amounts of blood. shooter R10, green BDU style pants, white tshirt, vest. every one in two rooms deceased. some children had their back packs on as they were shot., several mags in hallway, Evac, Rescue Roig, easel by deceased in hall to shield Roigs students. all deceased

    17426 TFC John McGeever, entered through shot front glass. First responder. Took Room 8 survivor covered in blood non injured handed her over to ambulance personnel, saw both dead children carried out; Hammonds wheeled out, Room 8(third room) several bodies down, used connector door (to room 6), rescue K1 w/injured teacher. guarded R10, saw green van leaking fluid, had been shot

    18286 Sgt David Wagner - saw vics in classrooms. canvassed area.

    19274 Laure Veillette, EMT who treated Hammond and boy (deceased at hosp). cleaned up significant amount of blood from ambulance after hosp.

    19275 Bernie Mehaan Paramedic doing pronouncement of death at SHES. paramedic since 84. R10 had only 1 child without a head wound. but that student was deceased.  Shooter; checked hall vics, expired.

    19631 SgCP Joseph Roden - Active shooter, hall, 12-15 children in a mass of bodies and two adults in room8, R10 shooter , Newtown pd Said they handcuffed shooter, 2 deceased females and multiple deceased children. Evacs

    19903 TFC Edward Benecchi - Active shooter, Hall; deceased multiple gun shots to torso, R10, Covered EMT TrP Dragon as Dragon checked vic. deceased shooter and children. evac's, R8 piled up with wounds inconsistent with life. searches and more Evacs then deployed his k9, searched woods. apex glass

     19772 Sgt Joseph Salmeri; first resp; FH; evacs; id of deceased. radios didnt work in building. Drove Richard Thorne to family cad times inacc

    20805 Trb Jessica Colburn - active shooter; deceased adults and blood spatter.   evac, work FH

    24911 Trp Andrew Datrenya III saw ofc carry deceased girl, saw hammonds, saw boy loaded into suv then evacs. Reenter/clearing .. 2 deceased in hall. Roig from "closet"; second door, decased shooter bleeding heavily; 4-5 dead children, 2 dead adults. next room pile of dead children. Paramedics entering. guarded room w/most children. Perimeter search; checked reporters in woods w/deeps officers. Reporter in woods.

    25074 LT Michael R Hofbauer Newtown PD Active shooter - entered lobby and opened door for him. 2 deceased in hall. Saw newtown pd w/young girl (redacted) presumed rm 8 survivor. Saw boy on top of pile Room 8. Past room 10 active shooter saw decease male with SIGSW. Saw vics in r10 and r8. worked scene all weekend.  All vics presumed/pronounced
    In office when sec/nurse came out. Relays nurses statement (consistent).  Presumed deceased.. so bodys not ouched.

    26724 Sgt William Cario: (EMT 32 years per statement - per look up since 1955) - graphic account of scene
    • Active shooter entry; two dead in hall; shooter had ducked into a classroom on left; volley of gun fire; "been quiet" about 5 min. Hallway was multiple gsw. Believes R12 unoccupied; Entered Room 9; Entered R10 running. Saw shooter impression, suicide . R10 dead female (Soto?). A number of child victims.  Triaged R10 quickly.  Some injuries were inconsisten with lift, others took longer.

      States Katrenya radio shooter down. Entered room 8; 2 adult females dead near door of closet; then realized pile of dead children with horrific injuries. Impression was killed elsewhere and piled there. Stepped out of Room 8, evacuations ongoing. Returned to room 9; treated injured (Hammond). Told shooter had mask. Boy victim from Room 8 put into Vangheli's SUV. Boy was breathing and had pulse but grave and unresponsive. Advised EMT may be as many as 20 injured; had 3 injured only 2 ambulances. Put boy in ambulance with (Hammond) Remembers as he got back in SUV with Vangheli that he had blood on his gloves.

      Returned to R8 to check for survivors. Saw boy on top of pile.  Two adults outside. Realized was a pile of dead children. Guerra took photos of him checking the children w/phone but photos not clear. Site of dead children unimaginable w/horrific injuries. Called out, no one answers. Pulled children out one by one placed bodies on floor aisle of classroom. Stopped when had 3 children left on floor. Kept getting confused and could not count all the victims beyond "teens".

      Ordered cars to transport wounded, could not allow ambulances in.  Went to R9 because others dead.  Concern Hammond stated shooter had mask.

      R12 noises, moved book case and Roig rescue. After rescue realized short covered w/blood from Room8. Didn’t want others to see so broke away. Cleaned his uniform. Paramedics told him they needed to go in there. Realized he needed a death pronouncement for those presumed dead.  Choose senior paramedics who could tactically handle it. Told Cassavehcia will be worst day of his life. Escorted Cassavechia, Meehan, and Reed, all senior response personnel. Officers assigned to escort them. Continued to clear.
    27906 RSGT Adam P Wagnblas - Active Shooter/Dumpster Evac;; observed numerous dead adults and children down. Stood in front of bodies in hall while evac. Posted to hall during evac. Observed pile of children R8. Observed adult face down with small child in arms.

    27950 TRP Anthony Cipriano Entered through broken front glass, two dead in hallway, 1st door locked, saw Cario carry lifeless child, entered second door (R10) several small children, two adults deceased, 1 was shooter. R8, children on floor deceased, ) evacs all live parties. Escorted paramedic meehan then went to pkg lot

    28037-Supplement Ofc William Chapman, arrived, hear firing. Then heard 4-5 rifle, then 1 pistol report. thought shots were from exterior.

    28219 Trp Laurence Green saw evacs shortly after 10 am; clear team w/k9. Two deceased in hall; evacs; glass co cell search

    28227 PD Jason Flynn (Newtown HS Resource officer) locked down hs, responded, obsevered susp veh doors open, observed several deceased, attempt to ID suspect.  Afer exis, obsvd officers  w/2 males at gun point in woods.  CT and NY Guy.

    29067 LT Michael Perry "Make sure you have your raid gear on"? Observed unconscious girl carried by uniformed officer. Point of active shooter. 2 deceased in hall. Lifeless bleeding from several locations. Observed 12shell. Male deceased GSW to head. Lobby, several casings, blood trail through door. evacs. ID of principal. Escort of nurse and secretary "close eyes". School office and ID.

    29085 Ofc LIam Seabrook traffic stop, then response active shooter, janitor, checked roof. 20 dead kids in two front class rooms; shooter, ar 15 w double taped mag. Another classroom, boy by door face up shot in chest. Pile of bodies near a closet. 2 adult bodies huddled over the students. multiple GSW. Checked outside w/ k9 . went to woods, confronted two guys in jeep w/binocs then 2 more in woods. 2 in woods were reporters.

    30931 Sgt Michael Odonnell. Entered school lobby through doors; observed Cario carrying boy. Arranged transport ("Get your cruiser get your cruiser"). Hallway, 2 dead from multiple GSW. first room door closed so went to second room. Several dead children and adults. Male shooter down w/black bdu cargo pants. Olive drab green vest. Drop holster and handgun Sig in left pocket and dark sneakers, fingerless gloves. Lying in pool of blood. Entered next door on hallway through open door and observed pile of dead child victims in front left corner of room. Cario began to pull children out and check signs of life, laying the children out on floor. Searches and Evacs.
    Newtown officer stated Lanza recognized as someone who worked for school. Observed Meehan and Cassvecchia triaging children in rooms. Car and guns came back to Lanza. Remained in Lobby w/command staff., Roig cell phone search, phone at nearby glass company. Assisted in morgue setup. Cleared at 0200.

    35715 John McClusky; was working side job as disp, never went inside school
    XXXXX report number u/kt RTPR Josef Duva Entered lobby through main door. Two dead in hall., R12, cleared as empty. R10 shooter in pool of blood. BDU pants and vest. AR15 lying near Dead female holding a child. Told to start evacs. Evacs.

    35861 Det Joudy clarifies type of date (year was mistyped as 2013) by Mudry

    38691 Felicia Figrol w/k9 tracked from sweat shirts to front door.

     39267 RTPR Josef Duva Active shooter, hall bodies, shooter BDU Pants vest ear plugs, R10 bodies  Evacs

    40345 Ofc Heibeck - Spoke w/ arrested male in brown jacked.  followed lights and sirens

    40403 Redding PD  Chief Fuchs report  ID of vics w/Major Hyatt.

    40428 TFC Michael Mudry male in brown w/no reason to be there.

    41707 TFC Christopher Kick Entered school through broken glass. Deceased females in hall. "Establish four corner perimeter". Janitor. Gave med kit to Cario. Hammonds evac. Helped Cario carry deceased boy. Entered class w multiple deceased. Cario began moving victims triage them. Cleared school finding teachers and children hidden. Assistend Newtown officer on verge of fainting. When leaving observed blood in his car and on his computer from Female victim.

    43911 Capt Jose Rios male parent from Kehoe (likely Chris Manfredonia)

    44171 Sgt Aaron Bahamonde Dumpster parents; Active shooter entry with Penna and Vangele. Haze and smell of gun powers. Two lifeless in hall in pool of blood. Janitor. Room 8 survivor girl "want to go home" - Vanghele to girl "get back into the room".  Advised on Radio bodies, told them no about ambulance.s.   Adv Shooter in play ground. Obs male in custody. Reenter and clear school. Observed shooter down.  ESU arrived took tactical command.
    Saw Rios w/ male perceived as shooter due to wardrobe demeanor (likley Manfredonia

    47345 Ofc Scott Smith Arrived; heard 5 shots from front of school. Dumpster; black car w/door open and two sweat shirts; presumed 2 shooters. Active shooter w/Chapman. Entered from front door. 2 deceased in hall. Small room; recognized Natalie Hammond. Male in black deceased GSW to head in classroom. Radiod "suspect down". Still blood dripping from suspects nose. Observed what appeared to be more than 10 children throughout the calls. Located male and female child inside the bathroom. Located female child with pulse. Chapman carried girl out w/pulse. Removed both children from bathroom. Checked roof.

    72966 K9 unit head - Dennis Bradshaw; trail of blood and 556 rounds outside

    73537 TFC Patrick Dragon EMT #90-1046 (verified issued 1990) -Poss- Active shooter through front door of lobby; 2 deceased in hall who he checked vitals; Both pulseless. R10, shooter in dark clothing. GSW to head. Several deceased children. R9 to aid wounded (Hammond); Obs officer running with child in arms. Evac R9; crying wanting to leave. Report of child alive in R8. Pile of children in R8 and adult. Multiple GSW to wall. Obs little boy on side w/eyes closed. Ran out of school with little boy put him on ground. W/Cario took boy to ambulance. Spoke to little boy. Returned and reentered lobby through window.. exiting children told to close eyes. Clear and evac

    85751 Ofc William Chapman  evaluated deceased in R10 then went to R8. Checked teacher by window (SOTO) ; then child under legs of circular table. Carried girl to ambulance.

    93048 TFC Carlo Guerra Active shooter through NE Corner, evacs starting w/r2, clearing rooms using internal doors. Thought (R8) corner has red paint and pile of laundry; realized was blood and pile of bodies. was requested by another officer to take photos (see cario) prior to checking for survivors. Exited to lobby, obs shooter deceased in classroom. Cleared library, evacs
    Lt Col Coronoa setting up command post.

    93087 TFC Ken Cournoyer active shooter, R10 deceased shooter; obsvd multiple vic in R8, R10. Wounded in K1. clear and evacs  Lt Col Corona tried to get the first resp to do notifications

    95772 Family Liason report/assignments by Capt Dale Hourigan
     Majoy Hyatt and Mclean  Set up command operations.   Major Meraviglia took command of crime scene, Major Mclean oversee all other operations, scene including yogandana.Liason to victims families. Major Hyatt command post  at FH /Families.  Mostly redacted list of victim and liason.  9 day operational period for command post.

    Created folders with photos, descriptions to ID victims in Temp Morgue tent.

    100210 Det Jason Frank; Civilian clothes, unarmed; Borrowed Penna's rifle. Saw deceased females; layed easel to block view because children coming down the hall started screaming. Teacher saw him in civilian clothes and fell to her face frightened, twice. Doors began opening at once, 50, 60 , 70 children went down west corridor to lobby and out. found teacher shot in foot (K1). Little boy in doorway of classroom (r8); shooter in door way of next classroom (r10)

    122964 TFC Faughnan Supplemental  Active shooter numerous deceased in classrooms, 2 adults in hallway; shooter.  Evacs. Had master key. Yogananda

    122995 -- State Police Tactical Unit reports. 56 pages "SWAT". - several inaccuracies
    • Observed Dead bodies, children, adults multiple GSW - p5
      Gunman p5 - rifle appeared to have a malfunction - bold out of battery
      Numerous written reports re: SHES and Yogananda - breaching and clearing
      Yogananda w/nancy lanza deceased p45-50 Paramedic Dennis Posila made presumption of death at 1425, listing of personnel, scene description
      151276 (Incorrect) Narrative of Adam Lanza Actions for ATF
      {Note: says shot principal after exiting Admin which does not match Hammonds statement.}
      {says entered Room 8 first, which does not match casing evidence}
      {says then Room 10, which does not match casing evidence.}
      {Says retreated back in and killed self after obs Newtown PD, does not match casing evidence/mags in hall.}
    151276 151496 sloppy ATF narrative (am I surprised? no)  note states lanza entered room 8 first, then room 10 (they are wrong).   Investigated 87 FFLS re sales transfers of fire arms and ammo to Lanza Residence 
      167449 PO Luke Ramirez Active shooter entry lobby doors; 2 deceased in hall. Deceased shooter and several children. Evac and clear- saw Rios w/parent (Manfredonia)

      172105 TFC Paul Lukienchuk;
      • Off duty; lives near SHES and FD. Heard reports like firecrackers. Two distinct vollys of 40-50 muffled reports. Thought was neighbor who often sets off fire crackers but sounded diff. Respond. Dumpster. Saw 2 girls, 2 boys. 1 girl blood splattered (likely R8 girl). Checked her for injuries. Boy said girl ok "got stuff on her". Penna said 2 shooters 1 down in classroom. 2 adult deceased in hall, easel. R10, shooter, GSW to head. Molle vest that held gas. Dark tactical clothing. Glock w/jam. Appeared age of HS student. Looked gaunt and anorexic. Observed 3-4 children no signs of life. AR15 appeared jammed. Charging handle fully back. No mag in rifle. R8 w/female teacher appearing to craddle or protect. Horrific scene. Stopped counting casualties. R6 and R4 empty. Retraced by to R8 then R10 rechecking for life. Then evact other children. Returned home change bloody clothes then interviews at PD.

      177428 Report on R10 survivors taken to PD, R10 survivor info, brought in at  0956.  Suspect brought in at 1152
      177508 Seabrook re AR15
      183975 - Chapman- 2nd interview
      188531 - Cheif Kehoe, redacted

      6/6/14 review to here

      251204 TFC Christopher Zullo Active shooter/entered lobby through broken window. 2 deceased in hall. R10/ deceased male in black and black boots and green pants. Evac.

      251430 Trp Ryan Slaiby Off duty w/shotgun - his interview of teacher. Her and several climbed out window and escaped. subway

      256435 Kenneth Lerman, EMT who transported Hammond and little boy to Danbury Hosp
      2564636, 256439, 256473 responders in triage area, tx of 1 patient, etc

      256482 Chief Bill Halstead SH Volv FDept
      256486 EMS Capt Karin Halstead - tx 1 wounded,
      257225 Ofc Bart Borancaitis  scribed names at front door all day
      257324 DEEP Sgt Christopher Dwyer - two bodies in hall

      258086 Ofc Leonard Penna active shooter w/Bahamonde and Vanghele. Saw susp on ground "believes" handcuff.  Initial belief chapman or smith shot him but did not hear gun shots. Susp vehicle and 2 jackets. Front passenger door open.   Radio disp re suspect vehicle. Enter through boiler. female down in hall in pool of blood. Entered (R8) female girl wanted to go home. Observed multiple bodies on ground. Girl was only one alive. R10 suspect and multiple victims deceased. Back to R8 grabbed girls arm, was covered w/ blood. Went to suspect vehicle. Observed long gun on floor of back seat. Found key on front passenger seat. Secured gun in trunk and locked car. Dumpster. Gave his M4 to Det Frank. Checked vehicles, found vehicles shot.

      258158 William Chapman (see also his supplementals) heard dshots. Active shooter w/Smith and Kullgren. Continued to hear rifle fire. Dumpster . entered through lobby. two deceased in hall. R9, Hammond. Across hall; (R10) glock and deceased shooter. Dark clothing and tactical vest. Nonresponsive w/head trauma and pooling blood. Staements on other vics is redacted. AR15 far from shooter. R8 pile of dead children . Horrific scene. Staff was laying over dead children to protect them. Checked victims in Room 10 for life. Found girl (under table) only injury REDACTED. (see Coroner list, presumed neck shot) . Carried her out ran to FH with her, checking pulse. Civilians screaming for ambulance. Returned to school and active shooter/evac. Evac got faster and faster. Then back to a classroom (evac Roig).

      258272 Cathryn Dahlmeyer EMT - Lives near SHES. Heard gunshots. Chapman kneeling with female shooting vic across knee. Child had sustained multiple GSW. Est age 6-8 treated her to hosp

      260187 Ofc Michael McGowan - arrived, rear at Crestwood/fence. heard shots. Male running down side of building; ordered guy to ground.turned him over to Chief Kehoe. Entered fence. Ran back, Kullgren cuffing male - likely Manfredonia. Active shooter w/Seabrook. Began to clear classrooms. Handcuffed janitor. 2 females deceased in hall. Doors opened and numerous students and children exited. Saw pile of nonmoving severely wounded children on ground. Got weak in the knees. Resp to 36 Yogananda.
      260197 DEEP Ofc Keith Williams s/w corner of school grounds, 2 pieces of cut chain on the ground next a glove pouch.
      260224 Monroe PD K9 Ofc Jeffrey Loomis. Pouch near fence.

      Book 7 - Misc Reports/Witnesses
      2286, 30249, 196017, 253797 Nancy's friends
      2357 Witness R10 survivors running.
      3101 Nancy Landa friend who said nancy did not want to be home at time of shooting; foreshadowing even. Nancy shooting; weapons.
      See also Re nancy friends: 104306
      07882, 11403 Report Lanza at HS before shooting
      3260, 3302, 6405, 256780, 256598 Adam Lanza friends/tech club
      4051 Adam's teacher, knew it was Adam and not Ryan. Adam was anti-social. Very intelligent. Never wanted to participate in anything. Did not believe parents were upfront. Adam would write stories, 10 pages obsessing on battles, war, and destruction. Adams level of violence was disturbing; took it to principal. So violent it could not be shared. made adam rewrite; rewrote beautiful poem. Peter present in tears.

      6579 Interview Peter Lanza Re guns. Adam stopped communicating with him 2010. Never gave Adam or Nancy guns. Adam had 2 long rifles at range. Stated owned 45 and .223. Could not remember .45. Nancy Sold .223 (see Mini14). Thinks he sold .45. took Adam shooting several times in Monroe CT prior to 2011. Would rent gun for Adam to shot. He kept unused ammo. Adam has Aspergers. Adam hated photos. Stopped HS after 9th grade. Developed OCD. Stated Aspergers don't lie or curse and tend to be honest. Was close to brother until 2001. Liked online gaming; world of war craft. Felt pressue w/ crowds. Had bankers box of adam docs.
      See also: 11401, 69210 (car was Adam's -) Also Prisoner claims friend knew of Adams plan. Peter never heard of the guy.

      17485, 17458 Yale APRN Kathleen Koenig re Adam - dx Autism Spectrum disorder w/OCD, light sensitivity; 20 sock changes per day; same clothes. Nancy non compliant with Tx recs
      18285 Adam's prof; Adam went on a "libertarain McVeigh" type tyrade re the gov going off gold standard.

      18334 Dr Robert King, MD; Adam had profound Autism Spetrum Disorder w/rigidity, isolation and lack o f comprehension of ordinary social interaction and communications.
      29051 Nancy told him Adam hacked gov puter and FBI came to house.
      29167 Christian Hansen; Fairfield County Indoor Range 86-2010. Taught NRA safety to Nancy and Adam. They shot a few times. Records destroyed in a fire.
      29945, 30141 Landscaper
      41832 weird guy in SHES on 12-13-12
      91417 Adam's hair dresser
      94250, 94282, 94299 Neighbor didn’t know Adam

      109542, 109765 Adam's DDR/Theater Friend, mother not rational, chimp society. Discussed pedophilia. Liked 1980/1990 psych thriller type films like Henry, The Thing, Invasion of Body Snatchers. Formatted computer to "keep of grid", wide range of knowledge of old horror flicks, straight to vhs type flicks
      159791, 159951, 160023 Firearms purchases
      179957, 180016 Theater witnesses, photo, gave Adam $20, had to unplug game to get him to leave
      181975 Nancy's dress maker/uncooperative
      182743 FBI reports
      194470, 232922, 201300 Big book of granny, HS friend of Adam. teacher
      222826 Gun range sign in
      257146 Eugene Rosen
      257351 Lifelong friend of Nancy; Adam despondent, not left room in 3 months; nancy had to cater to every need. Only communicated w/adam by email. Adam no emotional connection to nancy. Adam said would not care if something bad happened. Disliked xmas. Did not agree with Nancy on guns or Adam's violent video games.
      257436 Civilian video of SHES w/iphone inc Det Lukienchuk
      257998 Nancy's brother
      258015 Nancy' friend; Nancy wanted to get rid of the firearms
      260339 Dr Fox
      235748 Adam's acquaintance; though Adam would do shooting with smile on his face; Adam threatened to bomb her; knew it wasn’t Ryan, knew it was Adam (news reports)
      223756 Adam's teacher

      Book 8 - Misc Reports
      1444, 6410, 6199, 54069 (jonathan reich) State police chasing comments/conspiracy made on internet/email/fb/youtbue that have nothing to do with shooting
      1409 No conservatorships filed by Nancy
      1489, 51594 Anonymous "Will kill myself on friday it will make news be watching 9 am)
      2232, 184081 Dicks sporting goods
      6416 Irate parent re bussing
      11281, 11366, 39713, 85896 Peter Lanza stuff

      11437, 18360, 72287, 85188, 89559, 90344, 144690, 134780, 174173, 184051, 195363, 196019, 257214, 258063, 259578, 260188 odd reports/kooks
      13039, 259452 Gun sales reports- all weapons
      14429 person named Adam wanted to rent room, went loopy on phone, not adam per 16519
      23365, 39290 Hum
      31719 Nancy is biological mother of adam
      50704 Car at HS was not adam's - HS Surveillance tape
      84714 Dr Begg Report
      89804, 96012, SHES report 12-12/13
      116176 Evidence report video game/gun cleaning stuff
      156981, 187734 Adam Autopsy stuff
      179815 Dr King
      179889 School Psych Dr Ridley .. Adam superior language skills and weaknesses
      183424 Floor plan SHES 2009
      188555 Ryan Lanza details of arrest dropped to knees, "Please don't kill me it was my brother he killed my mom too". (had been notified by Peter) cried and rambled on .. another officer has different but similar quote Ryan made at arrest.
      230019 Prelim ID Of shooter by ESU
      258266 Dog alert at fenceline
      2599526 SW Return Adams writings

      Book 9 Autopsy reports. 95% redacted.

      Notes on abbreviations and presumptions made when abbreviation is mentioned:
      .223 = S&B 5.56x45 rounds /casings found on scene. Most responders used .223 in their reports to refer to the 5.56 rounds at the scene. The difference between the two rounds is irrelevent and Adam's Bushmaster could have fire either caliber of round. Note, while several officers reported seeing mags and casings, I did not usually list in catalog.
      Active shooter - Active shooter formation/entry into SHES by officers. First responding officers into school.
      Adam is Adam Lanza DOB 4-22-92, unless otherwise mentioned. Police reports refer to him as "shooter". Terms interchangeable here.
      DDR - Dance Dance Revolution - a video game
      DEEP - Agency that sent police officers to scene
      Dumpster - References the two parents who walked up to the school, retreated hearing gun shots, and then hid by the dumpster near the school and called 911 several times.
      Evac - The entire process of clearing rooms and evacuating children out of the school house
      FH - Firehouse by SHES
      Hall - location of Hochsprung and Sherlach, deceased, in hallway of multiple gunshot wounds (GSW).
      Hammond - Lead Teacher/Asst Princ shot by shooter twice, hand and thigh. Hid, in room 9 until rescued
      K1 - Room 1 where a kindergarten teacher sustained minor laceration to foot from gunfire and made 911 call.
      Ofc Newtown PD Officer
      R8 - Room 8 where several children and teacher were killed as they huddled in a bathroom and were found in a pile of bodies
      R8 girl - Girl, sole survivor of Room 8, found standing in the room, uninjured and covered in blood.
      R9 - Room 9; conference room of teachers and 1 parent who made extensive 911 call. Hammond refuge there after being shot. Hochsprung and Sherlach exited from there and were shot and killed.
      R10 - Room 10 - Soto's classroom were several children and adults were killed. Adam Lanza committed suicide there.
      Secretary = School secretary in office; made 911 call from Nurses office. Saw shooter shooting
      Roig - Roig, teacher Room 12. Refers to her report of hiding in restroom and subsequent rescue, inclusive of all details and her students.
      SHES Sandy Hook Elementary School
      SW - Search Warrant
      TFC - Trooper First Class - CT State Police
      Thorne = Rick Thorne, SHES Janitor who made 911 call
      Trp - CT State Police Trooper

      Honda vin: 2HGFA I F51 AH542299  2010 Honda Civic  872 YBO   - Final Reort 263454

      This is more documents from the report

       Researchers Guide to Evidence

      Auto reports/survey, property reports 
      2023 2036 digital photo reports
      , misc ballistics reports
      2035 3 veh w/bullet strikes
       13113, 19254, 39793 Decon of victims clohes/return to fams/drying vic clothes
      18466  Casings summary map
      19311 19319 19371 19954 63176 63174 63177 Vehicle Surveys 
      25303 Guerra cell pics (6)
      25242 b/w cell phone pics adam lanza deceased/weapons 
      30920 Victim lists .. mostly redact
      41169 vehicle list 
      45841  63167  63173  Lanza Honda 
      45968, 45980 Post mortem exam photo report
      45958 Photo report Adam autopsy 
      50860 Room 10 window bullet strikes
      63183 63179  List of those present/evidence at autopsies 
      101146 Coroners list of vics and their wounds 
      101811 Evidence seized report shes 
      118939 Personnel processing scene; Main report w/report guide 60p
      122048 shooters cloting 
      144718 Autopsy bullet frag reports
      122616 Supp DNA 
      124235 DNA Honda and SHE guns 

      146699 DNA - inc Nancy dna on sweat jacket
      146708 firearms report 
      146690, 166546 DNA report weapons - adam ID'd
      187029 walkey photo report
      187030 photo report shooters clothes 
      235016 Bullet/round mapping