Sunday, February 16, 2014

Adam Lanza - Smiggles the Mass Murder Expert & Pedophile

I've taken down my video "Adam Lanza: Mind of a Mass Murder Expert" because it stinks.  I thought was really good! The reaction was not positive so I dumped it. The reason was simple; I have no real experience that would allow me the ability to properly to analyze and present this guy; I guess I'll stick with other stuff stuff.  To me, I've seen that he is a pedophile that liked little boys and was completely obsessed with Mass Murder; ranking mass murderes by number of kills; and absolutely loved Mass Murders... can i prove that? I obviously don't have the skills so I will claim it as my right to say it :)

On a real personal level I've seen what I need to see as to what a truely disgusting individual Adam Lanza really was. 

Right now, its up to the people who want to know to ferret it out ... or wait until someone more qualified than me; with some guts, puts together a good show on him. "Raising Adam Lanza" is garbage and doesn't scratch the surface.  It is my opinion Lanza is by far the most troubling mass killer of them all and his sickening motive obvious.

Those inclined to start trying to look into Lanza's motive and mind set I recommend these sites:

The Final Report touches on Smiggles and is of course the starting place.
CT State Police Final Report

The Conneticut State Police ignored the online Columbine Forum; they did not have a search warrant listed for the site. That's lame of them.  
but the site is down now.

The guy who broke the Lanza/Smiggles/Anarchy radio call has  a great blog on Lanza:

Since the site is down, Goolge cache is helpful for searching "Smiggles.

My technique to to use Firefox plugin "CacheIt" do the google search, right click /CacheIt! and read the thread.

There is probably an easier way; but I'm not sure how to do it.

With as weird as Sandy Hook has been, I guess I shoudn't be suprised to see that Adam Lanza posted side by side to Columbine Library survivor Amanda  Stair-Duran at  .. her posts are as Yumeko-Chan.

While my video didn't cover this, I will also say when looking through Lanza's web posts that he sometimes posted as "Guest" and had at least one other name he responded with; so I would just say watch closely.  I seemed to feel like I could tell when he was posting with another name or as Guest because of his pattern of writing.

I'm fairly sure it will be down soon anyway as word spreads; however, luckily I ran across this link, a blogger is archiving Smiggles. From what I can tell, the blog doesn't have everything from the original site. The "big stuff "is there though and its probably a good work in progress.

The press is really behind the 8-ball on Sandy Hook since Day 1.  Really amazing. They should all be ashamed of themselves for their filty reporting job and the disservice that they did on this one.


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