Monday, March 5, 2018

Robert Ussery Side Thorn ARRESTED - Armed Truther Arrested for THREATS TO VICTIM

Robert Ussery aka Side Thorn and Jodie Mann aka Conspiracy Granny have been arrested for threatening the pastor of the Pastor of the Sutherland Springs Baptist Church!   Reportedly, he also threatened deputies on scene and resisted arrest!

Raging Truther Threatens Pastor of Sutherland Springs Baptist Church!
*Caught on Film by a News Crew*

We await the release of this extraordinary footage!

Note: This information is breaking. I will update this blog post as I get information.

Sandy Hook Facts was the first to report Robert Ussery has been finally arrested!

3/6/18: PM Update - Robert Ussery and Jodie Mann have bonded out. All affected parties are advised to use all due caution.  

3/6/18 Update and Correction:  As of 5:00 am, Ussery is facing charges of Resist Arrest, Transport?, Criminal Trespass, Terroristic Threats, Possession of Marijuana

Jodi Mann is charged with Resist Arrest, Transport? Criminal Trespass

There are no charges related to carrying a firearm. Since that information comes from a resident with knowledge of the incident so I will leave it as it is for now. It is very likely that if Ussery was armed, it was, legal in Texas.

3/6/18 Update and correction: According to a viewer, the Texas Rangers are claiming there was no firearm found. This information apparently stemmed from the fact the FBI and BATF are involved in someway.

3/5/18 Update! Multiple charges! 
I have received word that there were possibly six charges, including terroristic threats,  and resisting arrest!

File photo from Prior Arrest
I spoke with the Wilson County Sheriff's Department and they could not provide details because he had just been booked, recommending I call back on Tuesday. Online inmate information confirms they are both currently in custody.

A resident reports that Robert Ussery and Jodie Mann were at the Baptist Church when Ussery began threatening the Pastor and on scene deputies.

Robert Ussery  reportedly threatened to hang the pastor!
Robert Ussery, in the past, has threatened to hang Sandy Hook Facts!

Robert Ussery is closely affiliated with and supported by Sandy Hook Hoax group. Just like Hoax group, he is a rabid "auto hoaxer" that declares nearly every high profile shooting a "hoax" perpetrated by the government to take "their guns".  The irony, of course, is that they make the argument that the government needs to take their guns. The Sandy Hook Hoaxer prove themselves to be quite unstable, repeatedly.

Robert Ussery has also been Promoted by Alex Jones. Here is a screen capture of Infowars "reporter" Owen Shroyer recommending Side Thorn.

The flyer that Alex Jones' Infowars is promoting is Side Thorn's fake over of $100,000 if you "prove one death".

Sandy Hook Facts was first to claim the reward, providing Side Thorn with every document he requested.  Lenny Pozner claimed the reward.  At least two other families have attempted to claim the reward.  All have been met with the same threats and vitriol.  Here is Side Thorns threat to murder me, in response to my claiming of the reward.

Side Thorn reward claimed blogs:

Credit for the news tip goes to Michael Rezneki.  Check out his channel on Youtube! Michael Rezneki Trolling For Truth -

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Anonymous said...

The conspiracy idiots keep saying that the documents are fake, but yet they don't have any evidence to back any of that up. The documents like death certificates has never been PROVEN to be fake. They just do not like evidence and facts that doesn't support his pathetic hoax theory. Tony Mead is the typical delusional conspiracy idiot who want to believe what he want to believe and deny all of the evidence that doesn't go his way.