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James Tracy's attorney Louis Leo IV cyberbullying Sandy Hook families

"Twenty first graders and six teachers were slaughtered at Sandy Hook elementary, and Louis Leo IV, as an officer of Florida courts, mocks them and targets their parents with cyberbullying."

We really need to talk about Louis Leo IV because he is out of control.

    Leo is waging a campaign of cyberbullying against Sandy Hook families.  The main target of his ire is Lenny Pozner.  Lenny's son Noah was shot and killed at Sandy Hook.    Leo went so far as to spam the SandyHookFacts facebook page challenging Lenny to "sue him" for defamation over Leo's disgusting comments.  Leo, in school yard bully fashion, vows to "waive service of process" and is willing to go "straight to deposition".

The Magic Deposition Theory

      Wolfgang Halbig began this "deposition" nonsense years ago when he invented what I'll call the "Magic Deposition Theory".   The tale Wolfgang has woven many times goes something like this:

If you give Wolfgang lots of money, he will get Sandy Hook residents in a deposition.  When they "raise their right hand", Wolfgang will, in heroic Tom Cruise vs. Jack Nicholson fashion, get a Sandy Hook parent to admit their child was fake/illusion/hoax/etc.  Don't laugh, because Wolfgang has pocketed about $200,000 with the Magic Deposition Theory.

Hoaxers really became desperate to depose Lenny Pozner when they thought they could film it;  undoubtedly so they can feed their Youtube conspiracy channels and rack up the monetized hits.

The magic deposition theory is just one of many whoppers of Wolfgang. Here is another

Louis Leo IV lashes out at the press after his court loss

Louis Leo IV and Wolfgang behind the scenes chatter

According to a source close to Leo, Louis Leo IV is in behind the scenes communication with Wolfgang Halbig.    That is really no surprise, but it could serve to show where Leo is getting some of the false claims he spreads.

Louis Leo, blocked by Lenny, continues his unwanted contacts

Lately, Leo has been targeting Sandy Hoo parent Lenny Pozner to such an extent, Lenny has had to block Leo on social media!

    Leo is apparently unwilling to accept being blocked so he decided he would press his trolling by pretending was Lenny.  In this way Leo could circumvent Lenny's blocks and use as a third party method to cyberbully and troll Sandy Hook families.

    Alternatively, Leo really did believe he had found another way to make unwanted contacts towards Lenny.  Either way, it is very unprofessional conduct for an attorney and, if found to be cyberstalking or harassment, is illegal in Florida.

CW Wade calls out Louis Leo IV for his cyber bullying

So who is Attorney Louis Leo IV?
Florida Bar Association profile

    Florida Attorney Louis Leo IV came to conspiracy theorist prominence as the attorney of James Tracy, the "terminated in disgrace" Florida Atlantic University professor.  Tracy was terminated by FAU when Tracy allowed his obsession with Sandy Hook conspiracy theory to interfere with his job duties and contractual agreements.  The extreme embarrassment Tracy's unsupported, irrational, illogical, conspiracy theories brought on the university certainly didn't win him any favors, either.

    Leo represented Tracy in a failed attempt win back Tracy's job.   The jury listened to weeks of evidence but only took a couple of hours to rule against the conspiracy theorist duo.
Now it seems Louis Leo IV just can't let the trial go!
He is targeting the obsession of his client.

Leo and Tracy all smiles after epic loss

  FAU lawyers state that, even with his job on the line, James Tracy was more focused on Lenny Pozner than doing his job!  You can watch the interview here:

   Now it appears Leo has developed the same problem as his client, an obsession with degrading and attacking Sandy Hook families with a special obsession for Lenny Pozner.

Louis Leo IV: Conduct very unbecoming

  Since the trial loss, Louis Leo IV has shed any facade of normalcy and has "come out of the closet" as unabashed full fledged wide-eyed Sandy Hook hoaxer.

    Twenty first graders and six teachers were slaughtered at Sandy Hook elementary, and Louis Leo IV, as an officer of Florida courts, mocks them and targets their parents with cyberbullying.

    Louis Leo IV's disgusting public commentary is harming families and degrades thousands, including children, parents, educators, and sworn professionals.  His post-trial conduct has brought great discredit to himself and the legal profession, indeed to the very Bar he represents and the court that recognizes him as an officer.

Is Louis Leo IV mentally unfit?

I think Louis Leo's post on his various social media feeds demonstrate a complete disconnect with reality. His level of paranoia is off the charts.  I doubt there is a single conspiracy theory he doesn't believe. If society was  protecting itself properly, he would be checked to see if he was mentally fit to own a firearm or drive a vehicle; let alone be allowed to represent clients as an attorney.

  How many extreme alt-right conspiracy theorist have to go off the deep end and start shooting before we take a good look at mental health? How long do we ignore social media posts?  Their social media posts are a key to their mental health, and it's time we take note.

Directly Defaming Sandy Hook Parents

In this post, Louis Leo posts memes that falsely accuse Sandy Hook parent David Wheeler of being a "Sandy Hook Hoax Actor" who played a "Fake Cop" or fake "FBI agent.  He challenges "Debunk this". Of course, the meme has already been debunked long ago; in fact, we even know the name of the FBI Special Agent in the photos.


Debunking Leo's memes with facts does nothing to stop his vicious online trolling and cyberbullying.  Nor do facts appear to guide him to rational, logical reasoning.

The video his meme advertises, "We need to talk about Sandy Hook" was written, in part, by racist self avowed card carrying nazi's, one of whom is on his way to prison for stabbing a man multiple times during a robbery.

The video has also been thoroughly debunked.

Conspiracy Theorists violence is rampant

  Society is in dark times of the conspiracy theorist. Gone are the days of innocent bigfoot watching or scouring the Zepruder film for "Black dog man"; these are the days of the alt-right hoaxer. Many are violent, antiAmerican, racist, terrorist supporting thugs who dream about going on rampages.  Sandy Hook hoaxers lead the charge of conspiracy theorist violence,  murdering peoplestabbing peoplethreatening to attack parents and children they consider "crisis actors"threatening Pastors who lost their children, and engaging in pedophilia.   The list of violence perpetrated by alt-right conspiracy theorists could go on for an entire blog unto itself.    It really is time we start looking at their mental health.  Many are advertising their beliefs and intent on social media. It's time to stop ignoring it.

Just plain evil and cruel
Screen shot of Louis Leo IV's school yard bully taunts.  This post was flagged by Facebook as spam.

The original challenge post from Leo's facebook is here:

Louis Leo IV's hoax, pretending he thinks Sandy Hook Facts is "Lenny".   Apprently, everyone is  Lenny to Louis Leo IV.  

Leo is obviously an experienced an online troll.  When I challenged Louis Leo IV to debunk my certified Death Certificates, he refused to address facts.  Instead, he threatened a "lulzsuit".  A "lulzsuit" is a method online trolls use to intimidate others from their free speech.   You will find most Sandy Hook hoaxers hate free speech almost as much as they hate families of murdered children.  

Leo's buddy Wolfgang Halbig has attempted to sue me before to chill my free speech.  Wolfgang  now owes me, counting interest, over $25,000. I doubt Leo wants to be next, but if he does, I stand ready to defend my First Amendment right.   It is laughable that Leo pretends to be a "free speech warrior" and then makes such threats.

Lets look at more of Leo's taunts and irrational online bullying.

Despite the fact he doesn't have a single court admissible piece of evidence of hoax, he makes absurd conclusions.   Leo certainly could not support his conclusory, illogical accusations within the "rules of evidence".

Leo also attacks the first responders. Here Leo references the false and debunked claim of Wolfgang Halbig that "no EMT's or Paramedics" were allowed into Sandy Hook.  

The First Responders have sworn statements in the Final Report; yet, without a bit of real evidence,  Leo makes are direct accusations of crimes:

An even more disgusting false claim by Leo:

False, defamatory, illogical

Leo's post above contains the categorically false claim that "no bodies were rushed out".  Leo, in plain language is lying; he is hoaxing his thousands of followers with false information.

 The Sandy Hook Final Report discusses in detail the wounded who were rushed to Danbury Hospital. Two six year old children, that Leo appears to mock incessantly, succumbed to their gunshot wounds after being "rushed out for dispatch".  SandyHookFacts has researched and presented this issue in detail, including showing one such wounded child being carried out of the school, as captured and documented in the report and verified with two separate independent sources, Police Dash Cam and Press photos.  You can watch it here:

Sandy Hook, The Deadliest Minute: Fallen Angel

Leo has no interest in facts, only in intentionally spreading his false information to hurt, bully, and harm. He dismisses any information that does not fit within his narrative.

As shown here:

Undebunkable proof of Death has been provided:

Leo cannot debunk real facts and analysis. He is not a real seeker of truth or facts. But he is a online troll and bully spreading hurtful, horrible, and false commentary.

If you would like to file a complaint with the Florida Bar Association, the form is here:

If you can stand more analysis of Leo's bullying, keep reading.

While Leo knows nothing of thier family or their sorrow, he does know how to torment:

False Hoaxer Claim: "Sandy Hook families make millions"
Contrary to the false narrative hoaxers spread, Sandy Hook parents never received some windfall amount of cash after the shooting and they certainly do not make "millions in donations".  Yes, there are a couple of Sandy Hook parents that have turned their sorrow into successful charities; these parents are the exception, not the rule.  Even they are accountable with public records documenting the expenses of their organizations.  The fact is, most parents of slain Sandy Hook children  struggle and many make must less now than before the shooting.

Big money to nationwide charities, donations to the town itself, or government funding to build a new  school does not "trickle down" to the parents that lost loved ones that day.  In fact, most fundraising using the names of Sandy Hook victims never goes to those families at all. It goes to whoever is raising the funds.

This is common sense to all but Leo and his ilk.

Lawsuit vs Halbig

Lenny Pozner's HONR has not even raised enough funds to cover half of the fees associated with the lawsuit versus Wolfgang Halbig.   The money simply was not there.   Suing every tin foil hat
wearing hoaxer that shoots off their mouths is not possible.    HONR is now a 501c non-profit, so if you want to donate to sue Leo or other hoaxers, I'm sure HONR would appreciate it.   Until then, Lenny must just take the bullying and tormenting by Leo for what it is, online trolling, and deal with the hoaxers outside of the courtroom, as Lenny has done for years.

Defaming the families, responders, and Newtown community 

Louis Leo IV claims Sandy Hook was "fake.
Louis Leo IV claims Sandy hook was a "hoax"

Several posts shown here prove Leo, without equivocation, claims Sandy Hook was "fake" or a "hoax".  He falsely and without rational basis makes the claim that "No one died".  Arguably, he makes these false claims to induce People to donate to his client, James Tracy and his behind the scenes friend, Wolfgang Halbig.  Both of Tracy and Wolfgong actively grift for donations from the online conspiracy theorists. 

As Leo is fully aware, there is not, in existence, a single piece of court admissible evidence that "Sandy Hook was hoax".  Leo could never overcome the presumptions the courts would recognize in regards to the certified government documents. In fact, it's likely the court would grant outright Judicial Notice to the facts of  the Sandy Hook shooting itself exactly as it was reported in the final report in any defamation suit

In contrast, the Final Report has been released by Connecticut and Death Certificates are publicly available.  Leo has been challenged to debunk the death certificate. He has cowarded away from that challenge, thus far.

Since Leo forgot how the jury treated James Tracy and himself, allow me to express the Federal Court's feelings on hoaxers merely alleging "conspiracy of epic proportion" without rational evidence.    Here is a snippet of the Federal ruling crushing Judy Wood's 911 suit

The take away from Leo's false claim are defamatory

    Leo's statement as unequivocal fact that "no one died" carries with it allegations or innuendo of criminal conduct by the families and Newtown community.  Leo is saying that every Sandy Hook family is lying about the loss of their loved one.  Every police officer, detective, and investigator from numerous local, state, and federal police agencies, were lying and conspiring about their response, subsequent investigation, and written reports and affadavits.

   Leo must, therefore hold that every child who claims to have lost a friend, classmate, teacher, brother, or sister  is lying.

   Leo is also, by default, accusing every medical examiner, paramedic, EMT, doctor, nurse, and funeral director who treated patients or dealt with bodies of being liars and conspirators.

   Every teacher, school board member, and school district staff member, from Janitors and bus drivers to the top of the Newtown School District and everyone in between were and continue to lie and conspire to lie about the school itself and the loss of colleagues and students. Leo must claim every attorney and Judge who has reviewed the evidence in the case is lying. 

All of these thousands of people are in a grand conspiracy together, and not one person has even hinted at "hoax", yet Leo pretends he has evidence enough to make accusations.

Of course, When Leo himself is actually challenged, he does what hoaxers do. He lies, he "hoaxes". Here he claims he never said "no one died".

   Louis Leo IV is not just defaming a few, he is literally impugning the integrity of countless  families, children, working peeople, law enforcement and medical professionals in the Newtown area.  Every therapist treating PTSD.  Everyone, to Leo, tens of thousands of People, have banded to gether, and Leo accusing these inncent people of horrible crimes.

Leo also claims the funerals were fake.

 It's obvious Leo is defaming thousands of people with a broadly painted brush and doing so in a harmful, abusive, and bullying manner.

Leo has no evidence of hoax 

    Here, Louis Leo IV calls Sandy Hook a hoax and pretends he doesnt watch Alex Jones and that he figured it out all "by himself".  He even thinks calling the murder of twenty first graders a  "hoax" while mocking families is "common sense". 

  For an attorney to engage is such abhorrent public commentary demonstrates Leo may well have mental illness or defact such that he cannot rationally decipher reality from fantasy.

 Louis Leo IV is trolling families who lost children by claiming they are crisis actors.

    Leo should be held to the standard of an attorney. Florida should demand Leo present court admissible evidence of hoax or Leo's sanity itself should be questioned in addition to his ability to practice law.

   But the question is, can he be sued? Perhaps.  I'm sure a plaintiff can be found if any lawyer would be willing to take this on on contingency or pro bono basis. 

More of Louis Leo IV horrible, harmful, hateful, violence inspiring, bullying, defamatory commentary.

Here, Leo accuses the families and children of "Fraud and treason".   I'm surprised Leo doesn't call for their "hanging" next.


Chuck said...

Leo has a sick and twisted mind that I do not believe can be tamed by reality or common sense. And he’s certainly not alone. Over the past 20 years, Jones has trained an army of minions who are vulnerable to conspiracism, which I believe is a mental disorder. Anarchist type personalities who have a severe distrust of authority are prone to the paranoia Jones provokes. He’s a master. And though Jones has admitted in court that he’s an entertainer playing a role, his followers are far more devout. They aren’t aware that his CT cottage industry is nothing short of a cash cow.

I think Leo actually believes what he’s Tweeting. Sadly, It doesn’t appear to be an act. And the more pushback he receives, the more unhinged he seems to become. Yes, he appears crazy by all normal standards of protocol, and in a sense he is, but I believe he’s acting rationally based upon his presuppositions that Sandy Hook was used as a pretense for national disarmament. Every time there is a mass shooting, though it is proven that these massacres are not in fact on the rise, the immediate cry is gun-control. And that fuels the fires of folks like Leo. So, don’t be surprised if more extremists are not born with every tragedy, especially when the gun-control cry creciendos to a fever pitch. This will only seve to feed their paranoia. They can’t seem to discern the difference between manufacturing a tragedy and using it to further an agenda.

The truly pathetic part is that the victim’s families are being used like a political football. I can’t even imagine how it would feel to have lost a child and then get stalked and mocked. Those families are living a nightmare that seems to have no end. Conspiracism has descended to a new low not seen in my lifetime. And I see no end in sight.

Thanks for the excellent, detailed apologetic. Keep up the pressure. I pray one day soon these families can rest In the peace they deserve.

Anonymous said...

Why do they think anybody who disagrees with them is Lenny Pozner?

Anonymous said...

Hoaxer called me Lenny too on YouTube when defending Sandy Hook LOL!