Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wolfgang Halbig Accidentally DEBUNKS Sandy Hook Hoax in Unsolicited email to Sandy Hook parent

On 5/25/17 at a court hearing, Wolfgang Halbig had the audacity to stand before a Judge and complain about Lenny Pozner sending him emails.  Wolfgang's crew recorded the hearing and it can be heard here:

Once you fully grasp realize that Wolfgang Halbig is willing to complain  to a Florida Judge that Lenny Pozner is "emailing me every day", when the reality is, Wolfgang Halbig is the one doing the emailing, then you start to grasp what I have been exposing about Wolfgang Halbig for many years.

No, I'm not denying that Lenny has responded to Wolfgang's unsolicited, rude, libelous, and accusatory emails and told him to take a leap on a few occasions; who wouldn't?

Since I get these emails forwarded to me often, I think I will start to publicly document his countless contacts of this Sandy Hook parent.  Next time Halbig complains to the Judge, it will be plainly obvious what is going on.

That said, today's episode of "Wolfgang Halbig emails Lenny Pozner hoaxer nonsense" - Issue 1- is fairly funny because it debunks TWO hoaxer memes Wolfgang Halbig has personally helped spread:

The "Check-In Sign" - an exclusive debunk by Sandy Hook Facts in 2014- debunked ad nauseum here and here.  Wolfgang Halbig desperately spread this meme:

The 26 Christmas trees - a meme still spread by Sandy Hook Hoax Group to this day, long after sound debunking - such as on blog and Video - and by Mike F.  Hoaxers falsely claim there were 26 Christmas trees pre-placed at the fire house, one for each victim.

Sandy Hook Hoax Group spreading the lie in Jan 2017:

OK, without further ado, Wolfgang, Take it away! Debunk the yourself and the other Hoaxers!

Also, please note Wolfgang is communicating with Able1212. There is an active police investigation into harassing phone calls by Newtown police Able1212- a fact he admits himself. Able is also raising money to sue Connecticut.  We've seen Halbig hand in hand with people down this road before and its not hard to guess where Able is going to land.

I'm going to show the photo of Wolfgang's "Blind CC" email to Lenny Pozner, then the full sized photo.

Full size clear photo, that completely debunks Sandy Hook Hoax memes used to fund raise to this very day:

Link to original photo: (Credit CT Post)

Halbig's Debunk #1 - You will note there are dozens of Christmas trees as the firehouse.  The Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire Dept. has held an annual Christmas trees sale for about fifteen years;  a sale held to this very day!
The hoaxers created their meme by blurring a photo to cover up the number of trees really there.

Halbig's Debunk #2 - No Check-In sign - every hoaxer out there spread this lie. Hoaxers would have you believe the sign was there when the shooting was reported.  The truth is, the sign was delivered in the late evening of the 14th or early morning of the 15th to help control the massive influx of press.  Several signs where sent through coordination with Connecticut's Department of Homeland Security, pursuant to Connecticut MCI protocol.
Hoaxers simply lie and say the sign was present the morning of the 14th.  As shown here:

The sign was not there even into the evening of December 14th.  And it was not there on Wolfgang's Debunking Photo:

Thanks for the Debunk of Sandy Hook Hoax by Wolfgang Halbig!

You might want to stop sending unwanted emails to Sandy Hook families, especially if they libel, harass, or are otherwise beyond the pale by innuendo.  And especially when you are complaining in open court to a Judge.  Just a tip!



Anonymous said...

what was this email about? It says "clear no wires helicopter view" huh? said...

when I wrote this I wasn't sure but since Halbig sent out another email to the parent-seem that they might be actually be claiming that the fire department "scene" was set up exactly perfectly on two different days except one day they can't see the extension cord . . therefore he has a extension cord lawsuit so send him. money... doubtless his cult will ohh ahh and send him cash.