Sunday, January 1, 2017

Sandy Hook Hoaxer Trial Updates

"Reich is still showing as having no motions filed by his public defender. This would seem to indicate that hoaxer leaders Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead still have not helped Jonathan Reich, despite raising nearly $100,000 promising to help Reich with his case." -

Let's do a brief update on the hoaxers on trial or in the court system.

Hoaxers have presented ZERO evidence of hoax.
First, my challenge still stands unanswered. With so many hoaxers facing the court system, as listed below, I challenged all hoaxer conspiracy theorists to present even one court admissible piece of evidence of hoax to help all their pals facing the court system.  I was nice enough to allow them to provide evidence of hoax of any mass shooting in the USA.

The challenge was nearly rhetorical.  I am fully aware hoaxers do not have a single piece of court admissible evidence of hoax, despite their years of digging. That is amazing considering they contend tens of thousands of people are "in on it".

Their photoshopped memes, looped videos, and outright lies have no factual foundation and thus would be flatly rejected in court.

To date, not a single hoaxer or hoaxer leader, to include Jim Fetzer, Wolfgang Halbig, Jim Fetzer, or James Tracy, has stepped up and provided even one piece of court admissible evidence of hoax that could help themselves or their followers in court.

Let that sink in. Some of the biggest names in Hoaxerism have active cases; not one piece of evidence has been present.   James Tracy, Jonathan Reich, Wolfgang Halbig - where is the evidence of hoax?

Do you know that when I beat Wolfgang Halbig in court to the tune of about $25,000, he provided zero evidence of hoax.

Where is the evidence, hoaxers?

Now the update.

James Tracy - yet another amended complaint filed.
Is the third time a charm for James Tracy and his dismissed lawsuit versus Florida Atlantic University (FAU)? We shall see. is reporting Tracy has filed yet another Federal complaint against the University.  A Federal Judge is giving Tracy and his equally kooky (not to mention inept)  attorney, Louis Leo IV, one last chance to file a complaint that actually passes muster and spells out a cause of action against FAU. At 56 pages, I would doubt the complaint meets the judicial challenge. Doubtless Leo rambled on with more wild-eyed conspiracy and fantasy.  Frankly, I'm not willing to spend the $6.00 to download the document at this point.  I would love to read the complaint, if someone gets it.

Jonathan Reich - Fighting Extradition
Criminal Case: I have it from a very good source that Jonathan Reich is sitting in jail just to fight extradition to Connecticut.

What for? Reich is sitting on Riker's Island prison longer than he the sentence he could possibly get if if convicted in Connecticut.   Does that make any sense?

I know for a fact that many in Connecticut are very happy to see Reich getting time in New York Riker's Island; nonetheless, this case really has me scratching my head.

Laughably,, a fake blog that pretends to report on "Hartford Corruption and Reich's case", still has not been updated since Reich's arrest.  I think we all know why, don't we?

Reich is still showing as having no motions filed and a public defender. This would seem to indicate that hoaxer leaders Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead still have not  helped Jonathan Reich, despite raising nearly $100,000, in large measure promising to help Reich with his case.

Reich's next extradition hearing is January 17.

Reich vs -  Reich's doomed lawsuit still drags on with no real end in sight.  The case has zero chance of success, by my estimation.  The next court date is set for February 6, 2017, unless dismissed by the Judge.

No cases, no writs, no assistance from Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead and their  $100,000 in donations.

As of January 1, 2017, Wolfgang Halbig and Tony Mead have apparently done nothing to assist Reich with his incarceration.

Justin Hess Justin Woolee - Murder Trial
Despite reports of numerous fruitless FOIA requests, SHF has little new to report at this time. Hoaxer friends are reporting he is in the Cobb County Jail infirmary.  Cobb County Court does not have public records available online for this case. Fulton County (Sandy Springs), where Justin reportedly murdered William Haynes, a beloved music teacher, has not yet filed charges.  Haynes was laid to rest Dec. 27.
Hess' next court date is January 10, 2017.

Mainstream press, at this point, is completely ignoring the reality of the rabid conspiracy theorist and gun nut, Justin Hess.

Lucy Richards

A trial date has been set for Hoaxer Lucy Richards - January 30, 2017.

You may listen to the calls she is alleged to have made here:

Lenny Pozner vs Wolfgang Halbig

As reported on this blog, Wolfgang Halbig is currently attempting use the case to bully the Sandy Hook parent into giving him more dox information. Halbig is also refusing to answer discovery himself.

The court failed to notice Plaintiff of a hearing resulting in the court denying Pozners's initial motion to compel discovery.   Pozner has filed a renewed motion to compel discovery and for sanctions based on Halbig's continued  refusal to answer discovery.

Wolfgang Halbig also filed into the case nonsensical items such a citizen's complaint versus the Lake County Sheriff.  The complaint is a rambling diatribe of paranoid wackiness that has nothing to do with Pozner's case.  Pozner is moving to strike Halbig's nonsense.

Wolfgang Halbig and the Freedom of Information appeal-
The Connecticuct Department of Emergency Services and Public Services (State Police) and Wolfgang Halbig have filed an appeal of the Freedom of Information Commission ruling. The ruling ordered the State Police to release the Dash Cams and ruled that Halbig was not entitled to seized officer witness statements of Newtown Police.  The appeal is in it's earliest stages and there is nothing new to report.

L. Kay Wilson is working very hard for Wolfgang Halbig, despite the fact he appears to be publicly humiliating her fairly regularly, going so far as to even claim he "does not trust her" and that she is "compromised".


Jeff said...

Kay Wilson knows easy money when she sees it.
She may be a terrible lawyer, but she ain't stupid.
Halbig's checks are clearing.

How'd you like to be his wife?
Watching him piss away their life's savings PLUS the hundred thousand dollars in donations?

Anonymous said...

I think, however, his wife believes this BULSH, also. The "tard" runs deep in that relationship.