Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wolfgang Halbiig Sandy Hook Lawsuit sues bloggers has confirmed that conspiracy  theorist Wolfgang Halbig's "bring the government to it's knees game changer" lawsuit targets the blogger for libel.  Many are aware Wolfgang Halbig raised nearly $50,000 claiming he was filing a lawsuit that would bring Connecticut officials into deposition where they would "raise their right hands" about Sandy Hook.

At the end of the day, not a single person remotely affiliated with the Sandy Hook shooting or subsequent police investigation is named in Halbig's case.  

Instead, Halbig filed seeking Government protection from, among other things, bloggers superimposing Halbig's head on a "grossly obese body". Halbig specifically prays the court silence that content by ordering it removed from the face of the internet.

Free speech and public figure parody seems lost Halbig's financial backers.  

Infowars and Memory Hole Blog have both come out as huge supporters of this Florida Circuit Court case.

Orlando attorney Cynthia Conlin represents Halbig in Halbig's well financed new "quest" where hoaxers hope to bring Halbig's detractors to their knees, even at the expense of chilling the First Amendment.   

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Anonymous said...

So could Halbig be in it just for the money?